Monday, 2009-10-05

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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern02:08
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern03:40
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paroneayeahello all!14:38
paroneayeagetting coffee, brb14:38
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jibotmecredis is Fred Benenson. He works as Creative Commons' Culture Program Associate in NYC and joined the board of SFC after starting Free Culture @ NYU & Fred Benenson. He founded Free Culture @ NYU and graduated in May of 2005. He currently lives in New York City and works as a freelance web developer and a FreeCulture activist. He may or may not be a board member of but has worked for Creative Commons and volunteered for the EFF. & Fred Benenson.14:43
mecredisahhh jibot how I love and loathe you14:44
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mecredisand so it goes.14:46
nathanymecredis: we talked to joi about getting it removed...14:46
mecredisHe said no?14:46
mecredisexecutive order?14:46
nathanyhe was amenable, i guess it hasn't happened yet?14:46
mecredishehe, not a huge thing14:46
nathanyi told jibot to forget me, which removed the massive herald14:48
mecredisah right14:48
mecredis?jibot forget mecredis14:48
mecredisor is just ?forget mecredis14:48
* mecredis slaps jibot14:48
* mecredis slips jibot some quaaludes 14:50
paroneayeamecredis: looks like you type ?forgetme14:51
jibotI've forgotten all about mecredis14:52
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jibotjgay is
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mecredispaulproteus: seems to be down15:47
paulproteusmecredis, ya, looking into it15:47
paulproteusIt's "just" heavy load15:47
mecrediswe're so popular15:47
paulproteusI'm not sure it's fco in particular; could be the other sites and services on my server.15:50
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern15:50
paulproteusFeel free to track fc.o server updates in #freeculture.16:00
greg-gwow, the git commit on Friday "[SCM] commoner / CC Network (branch webcitations)" was huge! So many "via"s16:01
paulproteus(summary: fc.o fixed)16:03
mecredisyah man, JED and nathany have been kicking ass and taking anmes16:04
nathanyit's mostly JED16:06
greg-gand yes, I still skim the commit mails ;)16:06
nathanymecredis: btw, looks like he got the updated renewal stuff out last week16:06
nathanyi think that's tons better than before16:07
nathanythanks for your help on that16:07
mecredisyeah, looks great16:08
mecredisno problem16:08
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paroneayeanathany: hum, where are the translation files stored for cc.engine?16:35
paroneayeathey aren't in cc.engine itself apparently16:35
nathanyparoneayea: in i18n16:35
paroneayeaso how are we going to resolve that in a world without svn externals? :)16:36
nathanyparoneayea: not sure yet; maybe a submodule, maybe move the i18n files into cc.engine; it's not clear to me yet16:39
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:46
paroneayeahm, k16:46
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sparrok, so what's up with jibot?18:02
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nathanymecredis: mozilla would like us to encourage people who helped with mozilla service week to report their hours18:11
nathanythink that'd be ok to Twitter?18:11
nathany"Did you help CC with Mozilla Service Week? Report your hours!"18:12
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paroneayeayay, ccteam statusnet thing is neat :)18:49
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern18:50
paroneayeanathany: is it safe to dent about my statusnet? ;p18:51
nathanyparoneayea: uh, i suppose, but it's supposed to be a private installation taking the place of emails like "working from home today"18:52
nathanynot for "real" work :)18:52
nathanyi'm going to be sending an email to cc-staff this afternoon about it18:52
paroneayeaheh, okay :)18:53
akozakoh, that is neat18:53
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akozaknathany: wonder if you could use the google api to bootstrap status info with google calendar info18:54
akozaki bet that's overkill18:54
akozakno, i know that's overkill18:54
nathanyakozak: yes :)18:54
nathany(and yes)18:54
paroneayeawe're in the future akozak, anything is possible18:55
paroneayeahave a jetpack18:55
akozakno foolin?!18:56
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern19:10
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greg-gis anyone here working with Google about their bug with CC image search where if you change the search text it removes the license filter (and is thus very confusing to the user)19:12
greg-gof course, PM if need be19:12
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JED3hmm paroneayea you around?19:25
JED3do you recall a week or two ago the problem I was describing with git clean?19:26
paroneayeaJED3: not offhand..19:26
paroneayeaI have logs though :)19:27
paroneayea<JED3> paroneayea: solution = git clean -fd19:27
paroneayea* JED3 kicks himself19:27
paroneayeaassuming that19:28
JED3yes, that one, 1 sec, i'm directing my questions to #git19:29
JED3basically i stashed some changes in a branch then checked out to another branch and ran git clean on the paths of the changes I just stashed19:31
JED3but when i checked out back into the original branch, the files affected by the git clean in the other branch have now been removed from my stash19:32
paroneayeayeah I ran into problems with git stash before19:35
paroneayeaand asked in #git19:35
paroneayeaand the response pretty much was19:35
paroneayea"well if it's something important you should check it into its own branch instead of stashing it"19:35
paroneayeawhich I thought was a stupid response19:35
nathanygreg-g: i'm putting together a bug report19:37
nathanygreg-g: oh, not about that19:37
nathanycan you email me about that so i can include it?19:37
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greg-gnathany|curry: yeah19:44
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paroneayeaJED3 or nathany: do you know where eggs are stored with buildout?20:08
paroneayeaI want to get buildout to redownload an egg but it seems it still "has" the egg somewhere20:08
paroneayeaeven if I rm -rf it in eggs/20:08
paroneayeamaybe I'm wrong20:08
paroneayeabut I think that's what's happening20:08
JED3paroneayea: can I see your recipe?20:09
paroneayeayou mean the buildout config?20:10
JED3err, yes20:11
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nathanyparoneayea: what egg is it? is there a setup.cfg file with a download directory/cache defined?20:14
nathanyparoneayea: also, the egg is defined by the presence or absence of the xyz.egg-info directory20:14
nathanyso some system packages now are considered "eggs" as well20:14
paroneayeaah, hm20:15
paroneayeaanyway, I think that's why the problem's occurring?  I can't import cc.license from cc.engine20:15
paroneayeaand previously I lacked the cc namespace declaration thingy in the cc.license setup.py20:15
paroneayeanamespace_packages = ['cc', ]20:15
paroneayeaso I added that and re-uploaded the egg20:15
paroneayeawell anyway, for whatever reason I can't import cc.license from cc.engine, though I can confirm it is on the path20:16
paroneayeaactually, nm20:17
paroneayeathat's *not* the cause :\20:17
paroneayeabecause I tried removing the eggs and it didn't find the new one again20:17
paroneayeaI figured it out20:18
paroneayeawait, maybe not :)20:18
paroneayeahold on and I'll retry some things.20:18
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greg-gnathany: re: private Awesome experiment idea21:11
nathanygreg-g: thanks :)21:11
nathanyparoneayea: sorry, didn't see your messages from an hour ago21:12
nathanydid you figure it out?21:12
paroneayeanathany: I think I did.  I think it had to do with relative imports changing in the way they work between python versions.21:12
nathanyJED3: would you object to me adding a Meta class to CommonerProfile to make it show up as User Profile in the admin?21:12
nathanyparoneayea: oh, suck21:12
JED3nathany: nope, go for it21:14
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paroneayeanathany: yikes, figured out my problem.  I still had an import for a file that I git rm'ed, but the .pyc remained :<21:46
paroneayeaactually, JED3, weren't you talking about the desire for a similar hook for switching git branches?21:46
paroneayeathat cleans up unused .pyc files21:46
JED3yes, git clean21:46
JED3but i suppose you could hook for any git action21:47
paroneayeamaybe dangerous to do it for any action I guess21:49
paroneayeamaybe something more specific like "git rm" sees if the .pyc is still there21:49
paroneayeawouldn't want to accidentally wipe new, untracked files21:49
JED3paroneayea: but if you've told git to ignore pyc files in the first place, that could be problematic21:49
paroneayeaoh right21:49
JED3that was my concern21:49
JED3git clean -fd wiped out some changsets sitting in a stash for me this morning21:50
JED3I have no idea how that could happen and haven't been able to reproduce it, but my bash_history doesn't yield any other explanations21:50
JED3completely bizarre21:50
paroneayeahere I thought I fixed it :(21:55
paroneayeaapparently there's another, unknown layer of broken21:55
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paroneayeabuildout keeps hanging with no output given as to why22:47
paroneayeaoh hm, guess I should use -v22:47
paroneayeaWe have no distributions for nose that satisfies 'nose'.22:47
JED3paroneayea: that happens to me every now and then as well22:48
paroneayeaprobably related to the site that's hosting nose being down22:48
JED3yeah, that'll cause it, plus if you are doing any SVN checkouts, buildout often will hang for me unless set verbose on22:51
paroneayeais there a way to point buildout at an egg you have at a server, or one you have locally, manually like you can with easy_install?22:51
paroneayeait seems like it won't accept eggs unless it downloads them22:52
paroneayeaoh hm22:53
paroneayeaI really wish I knew of a reliable mirror of pypi packages22:55
paroneayeawell I guess copying over the egg directory *does* work22:56
paroneayeafor some reason I thought I tried that before and it didn't with buildout22:57
paroneayeawho is dominating #cc with moron messages today22:59
paroneayeaoh yeah22:59
paroneayeait's paroneayea22:59
paroneayeaokay, and after all that, still having weird issues....22:59
paroneayeanathany or JED3, one of you have time to test running buildout on ?22:59
paroneayeasee if it fails w/ cc.license when you run ./bin/paster serve cc.engine.ini22:59
paroneayeabecause for some reason it can't import from the cc.license namespace23:00
paroneayeawhich boggles my mind.  Clearly it should be able to23:00
paroneayeaI can install cc.license from virtualenv and it works *just fine*23:00
nathanyparoneayea: one second, i'll test23:00
paroneayeanot sure why it isn't working in this buildout23:01
paroneayeanathany: thx thx23:01
paulproteusparoneayea, FWIW sometimes I get similar failures when I have a broken IPv6 setup enabled.23:02
paroneayeapaulproteus: I'm assuming you mean downloading the egg?23:03
paulproteusparoneayea, I mean hanging with no error message from buildout.23:03
paulproteusThis is because it searches PyPI for the egg name... only PyPI hangs forever due to broken v6.23:04
nathanyparoneayea: building now, please hold :)23:05
paroneayeapaulproteus: yeah in this case it wasn't pypi that was hanging, it's the site that hosts the egg23:06
paroneayeabut that's good to know23:06
* paulproteus nods23:06
nathanyparoneayea: sorry, got caught up in the nose site downtime23:12
nathanycontinuing the build23:12
paroneayeanathany: no prob23:13
nathanyparoneayea: i can't run it due to annoying librdf stuff23:15
nathanybut i think the problem is that you don't have the namespace declaration in cc/__init__.py23:16
nathanyin cc.engine23:16
nathanyparoneayea: i have to run now; does that make sense to you?23:21
paroneayeaI think so.  I don't know much about namespacing like that, but I'm assuming I can just look at other packages23:21
nathanyparoneayea: yeah; look at zope/ for any zope.* package23:21
paroneayeacool, got it23:22
nathany(or our existing cc_old/__init__.py23:22
paroneayeacool, done23:22
paroneayeathx :)23:22
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