Monday, 2009-09-28

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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern04:07
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paroneayeagooood morning cc14:07
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mecredisnkinkade: any idea why is unresponsive?14:45
nkinkademecredis: Because it was down for a while.14:46
mecredisthere it goes14:46
nkinkadeI rebooted about 15 or 20 minutes ago and I guess it took fsck quite a while to check the disc.14:46
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paroneayeanathany: when's good for you to talk about the cc.license + cc.engine integration?15:15
nathanyparoneayea: i'm just trying to get my email triaged now, and have a separate 9am call15:16
nathanyso either between email and that call or immediately after it15:16
nathanycan i ping you?15:16
nathany(or we can just say "after" for simplicity)15:16
paroneayeayeah sure... do so on IM though15:16
paroneayealet's do after15:16
nathanyok.. ~ 930 -- i'll ping you on IM15:17
paroneayeaI'm on my laptop, so I'm not seeing erc notifications15:17
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern15:39
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jibotjgay is
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nkinkademralex: I spoke with Melissa and we agreed that a single optout for supporters lists was adequate.17:02
nkinkadeThis makes our job easier and is a more sensible approach.17:02
mralexnkinkade: dang, i've already added the dual optout. :P17:02
nkinkadeThey don't specify which lists they don't want to be in, just whether they don't want to be in any at all.17:02
mralexbut no worries, it does make things more sensible17:02
nkinkadeOtherwise they show up in all possible lists, which at the moment is just possibly 2.17:03
nkinkademralex: I was thinking of of a variable called "sl" for supporter lists.17:04
mralexnkinkade: with a boolean value?17:04
nkinkadeIf it's set to 1, the default, then they are included, otherwise they are not included.17:04
nkinkadeOr, we could do the opposite.17:04
nkinkadeRight now I see there is a checkbox saying "Yes, I want to be in the list."17:05
mralexit sends a value if the box is unchecked17:05
nkinkadeWe could also have a checkbox not checked by default that says "Do not include me in lists."17:05
nkinkadeIt's all the same, really, just a diff. way of looking at it.17:06
nkinkademralex: What variable would you like to use and how?17:06
mralexnkinkade: i'm wondering if "Do not include me in lists" auto-unchecked, may be clearer17:12
nkinkademralex: I think so too.17:13
mralexnathany: nkinkade: re: Thermometer... it looks like the custom url we were using before to get the donations no longer works17:13
nkinkadeIt also makes more sense programatically, I think ... the presence of the value is an optout.17:13
mralexthat is,
nkinkademralex: What variable name will you use?17:14
mralexnkinkade: hah. sl works for me.17:14
nkinkadeBut sloptout is more fun.17:14
mralexor sloppy17:14
nkinkadesloppy, then?17:15
nkinkadeIf sloptout is present in the $_REQUEST, with any value, then I'll take it to mean they are opting out.17:16
nkinkadeDoes that sound okay?17:16
mralexi'll have to remember to add an array of random values to send.... :P17:16
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god17:17
nathanymralex: i think nkinkade is the one to ask about the thermometer17:19
nkinkadenathany: I don't know anything about the thermometer, but I can look into it if you want.17:20
nkinkadeDidn't Asheesh do that?17:20
nathanynkinkade: no, iirc it was a custom bit of code from civicaction that spit out contributions from [fromDate] in an HTML list17:20
nathanyI wrote a piece of Python a few years back to take that, sum it, and output it to CSS17:21
mralexand it worked last year17:21
nkinkadeWe may want to re-enable the scrolling feature of the honor roll.17:25
nkinkadeOr add a scrollbar to the list.17:26
mralexjust need to make the box overflowy-y:scroll;17:26
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paroneayeare: the latest dent, isn't cc-by-nd pretty restrictive for brushes?18:19
paroneayeaaren't they made to make derivatives from?18:19
greg-gbrushes make things, but those things are not derivatives of the brushes (otherwise, real paint brush manufacturers would have the rights over all paintings)18:22
greg-gbut yeah, restricting changes to those brushes seems kinda short-sighted as an artist will likely think to themselves " you know, this brush is almost perfect if I could only change..."18:23
paulproteus("and then they'll click the CC+ link and request extra permission")18:24
greg-g("and by doing so increase the transaction cost of encouraging creativity")18:27
nathanynkinkade: can you remind me where the backups are rooted on the backup machine?18:41
nkinkadenathany: /media18:41
nkinkademostly at /media/1TB/backups/creativecommons18:41
nathanynkinkade: thanks18:41
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern19:12
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paroneayeanathany: one thing htat doesn't matter too much this second, but since I was looking at it this morning,19:45
paroneayeayou said make librdf available "if we ask for it"...19:46
paroneayeawhat does "asking for it" imply, in this case?19:46
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nathanyparoneayea: where did i say that? (trying to remember the context)20:14
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paroneayeanathany: in an old email about license.rdf retooling... context is: 1) Make buildout build redland/librdf for us if we ask for it,20:23
paroneayeapossibly using
paroneayeaI think20:23
nathanyparoneayea: ah20:23
paroneayeaiirc the issue is that you had to have it installed on system python20:23
nathanyparoneayea: "asking for it" in this context means including it in the requires list20:24
paroneayeaah ok20:24
paroneayeawasn't sure if you meant ./bin/buildout --build_librdf or something20:25
paroneayeathat makes more sense20:25
paroneayeacool, thx :)20:25
nathanyor maybe including it in the requires list as well as including the appropriate buildout section in the list of sections to install20:25
akozaknathany: why don't we pass out cc:license from the chooser anymore (our of curiosity, just seems odd since it was part of our spec)?20:39
nathanyakozak: because there's a better option20:40
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nathanydc and xhtml are more widely used than our vocabulary and dc:license and xhtml:license have evolved to the same as cc:license20:40
akozakah, got it.20:40
nathanyno reason people should use the cc schema if they just want to specify the license of an object20:40
nkinkademralex: Okay, the sloptout thing is now working.  Just to be sure we're on the same page, the script will look for the presence of $_REQUEST['sloptout'] ... it doesn't matter what value it has, if any, only that it is present.  If present with any value they are opted out.20:52
mralexnkinkade: right. zupport/donate has sloptout support if you want to test it.20:53
nkinkademralex: Looks like you are setting "premium" to 1, but it should be the database ID of the premium.20:58
nkinkadeUnless, 1 happens to the id of the premium in question.20:58
mralexnkinkade: ahhh. thought was a boolean. maybe i misread your email documentation.20:59
nkinkadeIt's easy enough to change. :-)20:59
nkinkadeI just wanted to make it as flexible as possible.  If we change the premium in the future we don't have to touch the PHP ... and it opens the door to give the user multiple premium options.21:00
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nkinkademralex: Does the zupport form submit to the OneClickDonate on zupport of the live site?21:04
mralexnkinkade: OCD on zupport, which may be behind the times vs the live one21:04
nkinkadeIt's a little backward, but I've been using the script on the live site.21:05
mralexnkinkade: i copied whatever the latest one was so melissa could demo wihtout it breaking21:05
nkinkadeThe script on the live site goes to PayPal Sandbox which I pull down with zupport.21:05
nkinkadenathany: mralex: I'm now thinking to deploy the one-click tomorrow earlier in the day.  It took me longer than I expected to get the supporter list opt-out stuff working.  I'd rather launch earlier in the day if it's all the same to the two of you.21:09
nkinkadeI think everything is ready to go as of now, though.21:09
nkinkadeBut I could use the last few hours of this day to test a bit more and to look into this store thing.21:09
nathanynkinkade: sounds good to me21:09
mralexnkinkade: sounds fine to me. i just have to do that premiums fix, but otherwise it's good to go21:09
nkinkademralex: what will be required to launch it tomorrow?21:10
mralexnkinkade: adding the onclick="oneClick(this)" to the donate buttons ;)21:10
nkinkademralex: I'll have all the scripts in place on the live site in just a few minutes.21:11
nkinkadeThat means that to launch tomorrow will just be a matter of you pushing your stuff live, too.21:11
nkinkadeWe can coordinate tomorrow morning.21:11
mralexah crap, Choose Your Own isn't oneclick enabled21:11
nkinkadeI'll also need to setup a cronjob to start pulling in the contributions from PayPal.21:12
mralexnkinkade: is OneClickDonate.php ok with the urlencoded colon for the groups value?21:12
akozakJED3: I seem to remember you recommending a python intro to me, but I can't remember what it was called.21:14
akozakor maybe it was paulproteus21:14
* paulproteus blinks21:14
paulproteusakozak, _Think Python_ probably?21:14
akozakpaulproteus: ah, that might be it21:14
JED3agrees with paulproteus21:15
akozakthanks :)21:16
nkinkadenathany: alex: How often do you two feel is often enough for a cronjob to pull new contributions down the civi?21:17
nkinkadeI would say every hour or so, but Mel brought up the good point about the thermometer.21:17
nkinkadeEvery 30 minutes??21:17
JED3nkinkade: we do it every 5min for sending invitations to CC.net21:18
nathanynkinkade: yeah... not just the thermometer but cc network invites as well21:18
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nkinkadeEvery 5 minutes seems like a lot of calls to the PayPal API.21:18
nathanyright; JED3 is referring to polling the civi database; shall we try 30 min?21:19
JED3yeah, sorry I misread your question21:19
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nkinkadenathany: JED3: 30 minutes seems okay, but that would mean that someone could wait up to 35 minutes for an invite.  Is that acceptable?21:21
nathanynkinkade:  is the API throttled? (ie, can we only do so many calls)21:21
nathany35 min does seem... well, like more than I'd expect21:21
nkinkadenathany: I don't know that it's throttled in any way.21:21
nathanynkinkade: let's start @ 30 and see how that runs... we can tighten down to 15 if anyone complains21:22
nkinkadeLet me poke around about PayPal API limits.21:22
nathanynkinkade: great21:22
nkinkadenathany: You mentioned in your email this morning that if you added 4 tshirts to the cart that you failed to get a shipping quote.  What address were you using?  I've got 10 shirts added and it gives a quote for a Taylor St. address in SF as well as a Florida address.21:32
nathanynkinkade: i was using my home address21:36
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mralexnkinkade: fixed premium selection; and choose your own amount on oneclick.js. Just needs to be pushed out, and update the donate page links.23:32
nkinkademralex: Cool.  We can launch tomorrow morning.23:32
nkinkadeI'll get in touch with you a while after you come in.23:33
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JED3mecredis: hey still around?23:57
mecredisJED3: sort of23:59
mecrediswhats up?23:59

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