Wednesday, 2009-09-23

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jibotjonsson is Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student & Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student. He blogs @ & Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student. He sometimes updates his web page @ & A Swedish lawyer who works for CC Sweden and has a blog -@ & a Swedish lawyer working for CC Sweden and blogging @- & a Swedish lawyer working for CC Sweden and blogging @@ http://www.cyberla00:33
jibotrobmyers is Rob Myers and going to talk about freedom. Ignore him.00:33
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jibotmeteorswarm is a swarm of meteors. and Alec Story and president of Cornell Free Culture and needs ideas for fall recruitment00:41
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JontaI've tried to find out how to correctly give credit to an artist on jamendo, but haven't found a way. Is there something really obvious I've missed?12:17
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JontaSeems mentioning name of artist, and probably also track. But jamendo informing about this in the FAQ or similar would have been a huge help. is better on that.12:47
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern15:38
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jibotjgay is
jgayI don't really do many GNU speaking engagements ... maybe I should start doing that.15:41
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nkinkadeJED3: Are you in the office?15:55
JED3no, about to head in though15:55
JED3^ nkinkade15:56
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:46
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nathanynkinkade: ping17:15
nkinkadenathany: Hi,17:15
nathanyso i'm going to order a drive to transfer a bunch of data from S3 with the intent of putting it into our backup machine eventually17:15
nkinkadenathany: ??17:16
nkinkadeI'm glad about that, though.17:16
nathanywe're going to send it to Amazon to export our i. logs for analysis17:16
nkinkadeS3 has been worrying me for some time.17:16
nathanyso we'll use it for that first, then for backup17:16
nathanyworrying because?17:16
nkinkadeCost is one thing, maybe the main thing.17:16
nkinkadeIt's only going to increase more and more and more and more and more.17:17
nathanyright... well this won't make you feel better, then, because it's not that we're moving away, just getting data out :)17:17
nkinkadeEventually it will reach ridiculous proportions and be essentially useless to use to have terabytes and terabytes of data costing us tons of money.17:17
nathany(although maybe it will lead to some other analysis strategy)17:17
nkinkadeI watch about 1 to 2 GB of data go up there every single day.17:17
nathanyi'm leaning towards a SATA drive + an e-SATA enclosure for it...17:18
nkinkadeOur bill is already starting to become non-trivial.17:18
nathanydoes that sound sane to you (as opposed to just a retail eSATA device)17:18
nkinkadeI guess I don't even know what eSATA is.17:18
nkinkadeOh, external.17:19
nkinkadenathany: I think that sounds more flexible.17:19
nkinkadeGet an enclosure that supports 3 or 4 drives, but only buy 1 drive.17:19
nkinkadeWell, in any case, let this chat serve as another mention on my part of how our use of S3 isn't cost-effective, in my view.  I've mentioned it before, but here it is again.17:20
nathanyso noted17:22
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mecredisnkinkade: I'm getting an "error socket is not conncted" error when trying to connect adium to our XMP17:49
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nkinkademecredis: I see you connected.17:50
mecredisthat's in gmail17:50
mecredisdo I have to disconnect?17:50
nkinkademecredis: The account I see you under is fred@CC.org17:50
mecredisinside the google apps17:50
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mecredisdo I have to log off from that in order to get in17:51
nkinkademecredis: Oh.17:51
mecredison adium17:51
mecredisI'll try17:51
nkinkademecredis: Perhaps, try it.17:51
akozakmaybe try forcing it to use ssl?17:51
nkinkadeI'll be back in about 30.  Going to grab  bite to eat for lunch.17:52
mecredisah, had to add as the server17:55
JED3mecredis: any word back from IA?17:55
mecredisI'll ping them again17:55
JED3okay, thx17:55
mecredishow's the citation coming along?17:55
JED3still in the research phase17:56
JED3right now, I'm exploring options for our screenshot feature17:56
mecrediswhat are you thinking?17:56
JED3well, right now the best solution appears to be Qt libraries17:57
mecredisthe firefox + pearl crescent seemed pretty heavyweight17:57
JED3yes, the Qt is significantly lighter than that, but still clunky imo17:58
mecredishrm yeah18:00
mecredisI see it used so frequently18:00
mecredis(the feature, not any particular library)18:00
mecredisI'm curious if Qt is the standard18:00
JED3yeah, its not rare to see this functionality across the web, but my suspicion is that they are generated using a few common services18:03
JED3PageGlimpse, Alexa, etc to name a view18:03
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JED3we will need to engineer this functionality ourselves so our project will scale both technically and financially18:04
JED3akozak: khtml2png works nicely but requires KDE18:04
akozakthe whole thing?18:04
JED3the goal is to find something that requires the least overhead as possible (no X server, or KDE instance, etc)18:05
akozakthat has to exist somewhere18:05
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mralexnkinkade: is the Donate Now link from personal campaign pages going to link to /donate, or to OneClick w/ js popup?18:41
nkinkademralex: It'll go to /donate at which point there is supposed to be some magic PHP to capture the PCP id and then pass that on to OneClick w/js popup.18:42
mralexnkinkade: got it18:43
nkinkadeWe were going to go directly to OneClick, but it wasn't clear how we'd handle premiums, tshirts sizes, and all the rest from there so we decided to just divert them to /donate.18:44
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mralexif we didn't care about non-js fallback, the js popup could handle adding the pcp id all on its own, sans php. assuming the pcp id is a querystring for /donate.18:49
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons19:14
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern19:31
akozaknathany: The DiscoverEd FAQ doesn't explicitly recommend either the DCT, cc, or xhtml namespace. should we advocate for anything in that area, e.g. consistent namespace usage or does it really not matter at all?19:35
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akozaknathany: doesn't seem like they are mapped together either, maybe because there are subtle differences between them.19:36
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paroneayeanathany: are we doing the devcall?20:01
paroneayeaoh, that's in half an hour, eh20:03
paroneayeamy bad20:03
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paroneayeanathany: also, I'm not sure I understand what you found backward here:20:15
paroneayeaIn add it looks like you're running the translation before you add the dc:title assertion.  That seems backwards to me20:15
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nathanyakozak: i don't understand what you mean by "mapped together"20:19
nathanyusing the same namespaces absolutely matters for RDFa encoding20:19
JED3akozak: btw, I borrowed your Semantic Web book, I hope you don't mind ;)20:20
nathanyparoneayea: It looked like you were looking for assertions to translate before you added the dc:title with lang="i18n"20:20
akozakJED3: no problem20:20
nathany(where the dc:title[i18n] is the thing you wanted to translate20:21
paroneayea    <dc:title xml:lang="i18n">${}</dc:title>20:21
paroneayeathat doesn't get translated, I think?20:21
paroneayeathat's based off of the changes you requested20:21
nathanyparoneayea: it doesn't *get* translated, but it drives translation, right?20:21
nathanyso you look for assertions with lang=i18n and translate them into each language20:22
akozaknathany: I guess I'm asking if it's policy not to recommend one namespace over the other, at least in terms of license?20:22
nathanyoh, you're referring to license20:22
akozakor lang20:22
nathanylang isn't duplicated amongst them20:23
akozakwell there's xml:lang and DCT:language20:23
nkinkadenathany: Did you receive my messages re: S3 and i.CC moving from a5 to a8?20:23
nathanyxhtml:license is recommended for specifying license in [X]HTML20:23
nkinkadeAre we doing our sync meeting today?20:23
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nathanywrt language, "it depends" (maybe)... I'd need to look at specific examples20:24
nathanynkinkade: yes, 5 min?20:24
nathanynkinkade: yes, I received the messages20:24
akozaknathany: I'm just working on our "step-by-step" guide for ideal resource markup for discovered20:24
akozakand it's based on the FAQ20:24
paroneayeaI think I may be confused.  no, that line, lang="i18n" isn't really driving the translations in that process20:24
nathanywhich FAQ, akozak?20:24
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akozakI guess that's not an FAQ20:25
nathanyparoneayea: i forget, which python file is the translation function in?20:25 _set_translations20:25
paroneayeais what does all the translations20:25
nathanylet me look @ that20:25
paroneayeawhich is called by add20:25
nathanyakozak: we should probably do some mapping of the license assertions20:26
paroneayeaso, it was already doing that, but then you mentioned that you wanted the ${} assertion added.  I did so, but I'm still not entirely sure I understood how it was going to be used, but I assumed it was something down the line that I hadn't caught yet20:26
nathanybut the step by step should just specify RDFa20:26
paroneayeaer, that I didn't understand yet20:26
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akozaknathany: so it should recommend RDFa without going into namespaces?20:27
nathanyakozak: no, i was saying RDFa vs. the sub-optimal Atom example on that page20:27
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nathanyparoneayea: i see, one second, let me look at something else...20:28
nathanyparoneayea: ok, so _set_translations is a little more specific than I was thinking20:28
nathanysorry I didn't read it correctly yesterday morning20:29
nathanyinstead of saying str_id = country.id20:29
nathanyi was thinking you'd do:20:29
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akozaknathany: would you be able to give a quick review to this doc when it's done?20:29
nathanyfor str_id in graph.objects((subject, None), lang='i18n'):20:30
nathanyso that you find all objects where the predicate has a language of i18n20:30
nathanyand translate each of those using the value of the object as the str_id20:30
nathanyakozak: yes, I demand to :)20:30
nathanyparoneayea: does that make sense?20:30
nathanyJED3: nkinkade: paroneayea: tech sync call on conf line?20:31
nathanyakozak: i'm happy to review a draft as well20:32
akozaknathany: ok, will send soon20:33
paroneayeayeah, calling20:33
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern21:16
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sparrDo any existing implementations of XMP that support CC licensing look for two licenses?  That is, two copies of any of the license-specific XMP tags, such as COPYRIGHT or CONTACT?21:50
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JED3nathany & paroneayea do you guys use a post-checkout hook in git to remove pyc files? For instance say you have "*.pyc if you have a folder containing python modules and their corresponding byte-compiled files, and you checkout to a branch that does not contain the same21:54
JED3whoops, prematurely sent21:55
JED3nevermind that21:57
paroneayeaJED3: add to .gitignore:21:57
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JED3well thats the problem21:57
paroneayeain whatever project you're working on21:57
JED3here i guess i should finish that question then21:57
paroneayeaiirc python checks to see if the *.pyc files match the .py files?21:57
paroneayeayes, sorry, will let you finish :)21:58
JED3or instance say you have "*.pyc" in your ignore list, and you have a folder containing python modules and the byte-compiled files, then you checkout to a branch that does not contain the same folder (package), those pyc files are left in your working tree21:59
paroneayeaah I see22:00
paroneayeayes in that case I don't know :)22:00
JED3and as a result the package folder will sit there in your tree22:00
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paroneayeaJED3: okay yes, that looks like it would be pretty annoying22:12
paroneayeahow often do you encounter this problem though?22:12
JED3all the time22:12
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JED3right now I'm seeing it with a django project, you branch and create a couple app's then checkout to another branch and those app folders will appear in the tree22:14
Bo3Bo3I need Chk cc Plz22:16
paroneayeaBo3Bo3: check /title22:16
mralexBo3Bo3: this isn't the channel you're looking for22:16
* akozak waves hand22:16
JED3paroneayea: and in the above example you could still import bar when on master22:17
Bo3Bo3i need chanel good plz dir22:17
paroneayeaBo3Bo3: on the other hand, if you'd like to help contribute to our codebase, feel free to stick around!22:18
mralexBo3Bo3: we could direct you to the FBI, but i doubt you'd appreciate that22:18
paroneayea                ,22:23
paroneayea       __  _.-"` `'-.22:23
paroneayea      /||\'._ __{}_(22:23
paroneayea      ||||  |'--.__\22:23
paroneayea      |  L.(   ^_\^22:23
paroneayea      \ .-' |   _ |22:23
paroneayea      | |   )\___/22:23
paroneayea      |  \-'`:._]22:23
paroneayea  jgs \__/;      '-.22:23
akozakhigh five!22:24
JED3paroneayea: solution = git clean -fd22:24
* JED3 kicks himself22:24
paroneayeaJED3: oh awesome, thx22:24
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greg-gnathany: you won't believe the faux pas i just made23:16
akozakhe just left23:17
greg-git is a good story23:17
akozaki wanna hear :)23:17
greg-gI used a photo of rtkim wearing a I Love To Share shirt in my presentation yesterday and today.23:18
greg-g(thats not all of the story)23:18
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greg-gyesterday it got a good reaction from the crowd as it is a pretty funny photo. Today it didn't get as good of a reaction from the crowd because A) there wasn't as many people (only 8 today vs 30 yesterday) and most importantly because I realized that B) an ex of nathany's was in the room _right before I hit the key to go to that slide_23:19
greg-gnathany knows who it is23:20
akozaki dont think ive met richard23:20
greg-ghe's cool23:20
greg-gand I don't just say that because this channel is logged and nathany is logged in :)23:20
greg-ganyways, it has been a long day, and it is time to drink a growler (with friends). have a good one, akozak23:21
akozakyou too greg-g23:21
akozak(that sounds nice)23:21
greg-g(it is)23:22
* greg-g goes23:22
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