Monday, 2009-09-21

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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern01:31
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern02:51
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons03:00
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morphlesThere is one thing unclear to me, i'm developing(almost finished) a quite simple game that i'll be releasing under GPL, and i want to include some musing to be played in background, i have chosen some tracks from albums that are licensend under creative commons, but one liecense says its shair alike, other no derivative works.13:04
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morphlesnow is game using music for backround play, considered a derivative work(for me its seems not too much...), and what about share alike, ir track are licensed under share alike, but my game would be gpl (kinda naturaly) isnt there a problem?13:05
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons13:46
paroneayeamorning all14:29
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paulproteusMorning, all.15:27
paulproteusToday's a west coast timezone day for me.15:27
paroneayeapaulproteus: traveling a lot lately?15:28
paulproteusNo, just feeling tired this morning....15:28
paroneayeaoh :)15:28
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paroneayeamorphles: I don't think there'd be a problem as plenty of games already do that16:00
paroneayeamorphles: the topic of cc + interactive works came up recently... if you check the mailing lists there's some discussion, but it's not totally clear16:02
paroneayeahowever, I'd think that since even proprietary "applications" like facebook or IE can display cc based images and stuff without "linking" issues16:03
paroneayeathat probably the media licensing layer is a separate layer from the code layer16:03
nkinkadenathany: Did you already reflash the router?16:04
nkinkadeI missed the calendar item I setup.16:04
nathanynkinkade: nope16:04
nkinkadeBut I can't seem to login to the router.16:04
nathanyweird... can you log into the backup machine?16:04
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, I'm in the backup machine now trying to ssh root@
nkinkadeBut the password I've always used isn't working.16:05
nkinkadeCan you give it a shot?16:06
nkinkadenathany: Something may be wrong with the router.  I'm nearly sure I'm using the right password and that my keyboard is functional.16:12
nkinkadeIf you can't login as root either, maybe you could hard-restart it?16:12
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jibotjgay is
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nathany_nkinkade: ping16:28
nkinkadenathany: Hi.16:28
nkinkadeI gather it came back up.16:28
nathany_yeah, password still no good16:28
nkinkadenathany:  That's disappointing, and neither can I login to the backup machine.16:29
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:32
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nathany_paulproteus: ping16:34
paulproteusnathany, pong but I'm about to run out the door and be back in 50m16:35
nathany_paulproteus: quick question -- did you change the router password @ cc? (just checking)16:35
paulproteusI haven't personally, no. I haven't logged into it since April, I'm pretty sure.16:35
paulproteusI see the discussion here and it confuses me, too.16:35
paulproteusNo prob. (-:16:35
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greg-gpaulproteus: re that rss reader: looks good, I need to make a test account and see how it feels. Did you try it out yet?17:36
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nathany_greg-g: is this an alternative to GOOG Reader?17:41
greg-gnathany_: yeah, and http://fastladder.com17:44
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paulproteusgreg-g, haven't yet18:17
paulproteustty in a bit18:17
JED3anyone here have experience registering an .im tld?18:18
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greg-gmralex: A) can you view and B) if so, can you confirm that the bullets in those bullet points are too close (on top of) the image border?18:23
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mralexgreg-g: yes18:24
greg-gmralex: shall I do some funky image boarder stuff (not sure what that would be) or just force the text to start below the image?18:24
mralexgreg-g: in the image add: style="margin-right:25px;"18:25
mralexgreg-g: and it's "CC BY-NC-SA" not "CC:BY-NC-SA" ;)18:25
greg-gmralex: sweet, that works18:25
greg-gbah, fine, I'm a fan of the colon :)18:26
greg-gthanks, mralex18:27
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nathanymralex: check this out:
mralexnathany: ya, read about that  a while back. pretty neat hack.19:00
nathanyyeah, it's awesome!19:00
nathanyesp since it allows linking to a page with the lightbox open19:01
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mralexnathany: the documentation is here:
nathanycool, thanks19:04
greg-gugh, I was just given the choice at my new job: Mac or PC (and by PC they meant Windows)19:13
paroneayeagreg-g: :(19:21
paroneayeacan you reformat it? :)19:21
greg-gwell, I am going to need to be able to connect to an Exchange server for email/calendar (they disable imap/pop)19:24
greg-gso.... in light of that, Evolution doesn't sound like something I want to trust for work related things19:24
greg-gnor Outlook in Wine/Crossover19:39
greg-gI know, I'm as disappointed as you are19:39
paroneayeawell you could always run windows in a vm :)19:40
greg-gyeah, if they give me a key19:47
greg-gserial key, that is19:47
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nathanynkinkade: are you able to reach
nathany(urg, hating server beach)19:49
nkinkadenathany: I haven't checked.  Let me see.19:49
nkinkadenathany: I'm logged into a7 via SSH.19:50
nkinkadeThe wiki works, too.19:50
nkinkadenathany: Probably a result of the person who rooted the router and has hijacked DNS.19:50
nathanynkinkade: no, it appears that the IP resolves correctly19:51
nathanynkinkade: seems to have resolved itself... weird19:54
nkinkadenathany: I'd flash that router this evening, if possible.19:54
nkinkadenathany: In a pinch, that Sonciwall router is still around and should work just fine.19:55
nathanynkinkade: just sent out a notice that i'm going to do it @ 5p this evening19:57
nkinkadeI guess it could be the internal flash starting to fail.19:57
nkinkadeWe'll know soon enough if that's it.19:57
nathanynkinkade: are we going to  need to muck around with PPPoE configuration?20:00
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.20:00
nkinkadeI guess I forgot to give you those details.20:00
nkinkadeI'll reply to the email and outline what you'll need to change and where.20:01
paroneayeanathany: ping20:06
paroneayeaIf you wouldn't mind I'd appreciate a code review sometime soon :)20:07
paroneayeano need to be immediate though20:07
nathanyparoneayea: on things you've pushed?20:08
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nathanyparoneayea: will do; have a couple other things to poke first, i'll try to do it this afternoon20:08
paroneayeaI'll shoot you a tiny email with where things are at and some particular things to check20:08
nathanynkinkade: did you happen to look @ the staff call bot that barfed the traceback to webmaster?20:11
nkinkadeDid it?20:11
nkinkadeI didn't see that message, or misidentified it as something else.20:11
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nkinkadeOh, it was in my a6 tag folder.20:12
nathanynkinkade: let me know if you want me to look @ it20:13
nkinkadenathany: Sure,  another set of eyes will be better.20:14
nkinkadeIt may have to do with the fact that I deleted this coming weeks call page a couple days ago.20:14
nkinkadeI figured the script would create it if necessary ...20:15
nkinkade# Create next week's page.20:16
nkinkadeLooks like when it runs on a  given day that it will create the following weeks page in advance.20:16
nkinkadenathany: ^^20:16
nkinkadeI suspect that this will clear up if I just create the page manually and let the script update it.20:17
nathanynkinkade: try it20:17
nathanyi'm not convinced...20:17
nathany(based on the traceback)20:17
nkinkadenathany: You're right, that didn't fix it.20:19
nathanynkinkade: did you change the python interpreter when you updated the cron jobs?20:19
nathany(just curious)20:19
nkinkadenathany: No.20:19
nathanynkinkade: ok20:20
nkinkadeI didn't do anything except change the MAILTO variable.20:20
nathanynkinkade: ok, cool20:20
nkinkadenathany: Is this something you're looking into or should I keep looking?20:22
nkinkadeYou should know that I did make changes to the Python script last week.20:22
nathanynkinkade: i'm looking20:22
nathanywere those changes commited to svn?20:22
nathany(ie, can i find them in the log)20:22
nkinkadenathany: ^^20:22
nathanynkinkade: thanks20:23
nathanynkinkade: yeah, i don't think that has any impact on this20:23
nkinkadeI didn't think so, either.20:23
nathanyit's like it's finding the wrong version of a JSON library20:23
nkinkadeWhen I did the dry_run tests last week there were no problems and I got emails without a problem.20:23
nathanythis is run off a vendor branch, right?20:23
nathanydid we update from wikimedia recently?20:24
nkinkadenathany: Nope.  Though I did upgrade SMW.20:24
nathanynkinkade: shouldn't matter...20:24
nathanyi'll dig a little deeper20:24
nkinkadeI'm not aware of anything else I upgraded since last Thursday.20:25
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nathanypaulproteus: is there a way to ask dpkg when a package was installed?20:31
nathanypaulproteus: nm, i looked @ /var/log/dpkg.log.20:34
nathanynkinkade: i'm not sure why python-json is installed on that box but it's the problem20:36
nathanythe pywikimediabot expects simplejson, which has a different API20:36
nkinkadenathany: Could it come as part of pywikipedia?20:36
nathanywait, which?20:36
nkinkadeNot python-json as a package, but just the code/functionality.20:37
nathanynkinkade: ah, just figured it out a bit more20:37
nathanysomeone installed python-json (the system package)20:38
nathanywhich is masking simplejson, which is included with pywikipedia20:38
nathanyi'm going to uninstall that and send an email to webmaster + akozak20:38
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.  That would have taken me a long time to figure out, if I figured it out at all.20:40
nkinkadeI'm just somewhat relieve that it wasn't my commit that broke it. :-)20:40
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nkinkadenathany: Looks like python-json was installed by paulproteus back on Sept. 24 of last year.20:46
nkinkadeThat's the most recent Logwatch message mentioning python-json, and it will report when packages are installed, updated or removed.20:46
mralexnkinkade: updated oneclick on zupport; now handles recurring donations21:05
nkinkademralex:  Cool.  Problem is, looks like ContributionProcessor.php may not support them. :-(21:06
nkinkadeI may have to do code support for it myself.21:06
nkinkadeI don't imagine it would be all that hard.21:06
nkinkadeNot that you needed that URL, but just in case it interested you.21:08
nkinkadeI'll be testing that some more in a minute.21:08
nkinkadeBeen catching up on emails and tasks that stacked up over the weekend.21:08
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paroneayeanathany: from your doc: $ ./bin/license legalcode --list
paroneayeafor this one I'm not sure what that one's supposed to do21:54
paroneayeayou explain the expected outcome of the --add command, but still not sure I follow the --list subcommand21:55
nathanyparoneayea: it should list the URIs of cc:legalcode assertions21:55
paroneayeaah, ok21:55
nathanythose may not be complete so we may be migrating data from the templates to the RDF (ack!)21:55
paroneayeaoh I see.21:56
paroneayeathe last two lines were supposed to be output21:57
paroneayeaer, the last few uris21:57
paroneayeaokay, that makes a whole log more sense.21:57
paroneayeawhole *lot* more sense I mean21:58
JED3nathany: ping22:19
nathanyJED3: pong22:19
JED3your email is in the ADMINS tuple for cc.net22:20
nathanyoh, yeah22:20
JED3since you are on webmaster@ should i remove you from that list?22:20
nathanypull it -- webmaster is fine22:20
paulproteusnkinkade, nathany, Yay, me screwing things up by installing system Python packages |:22:20
JED3otherwise you'll get doubly spammed with the logger stuff22:20
paulproteusIt's as if I were intentionally trolling you guys.22:20
nkinkadepaulproteus: I doubt something you did one year ago is only manifesting now. :-)22:21
nathanypaulproteus: yeah, but this just became a problem22:21
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god22:32
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JED3nathany: can I kill the repo on staging with a fresh clone?22:56
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nathanyJED3: by repo you mean database?23:02
nathanyoh, you mean checkout23:02
nathanyyeah, that's fine23:02
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nathanynkinkade: for the linksys flash23:17
nathanydo i still use as the IP even though the router is @ these days?23:18
nathanyit's not clear if there should be a "substitute real IP here if you've changed it"23:18
JED3nkinkade or nathany: fine if I grant the mysql user 'commoner' full privileges?23:21
JED3on a923:21
nathanyJED3: on specific databases or on everything?23:21
JED3well it needs create database...23:22
JED3for the django test runner to work on mysql23:22
nathanygot it23:22
nathanyJED3: I'd rather not do full privileges since then it's really similar to root; how about "grant create database", followed by grant all privileges?23:22
nathany(on the specific database names)23:23
JED3nathany: is it possible to grant all priveleges for a database that doesn't exist?23:23
nathanyJED3: I believe so; those privileges are stored in another table with varchar fields23:23
JED3okay, I'll check it out23:24
nathanyif it doesn't work, your suggestion is fine, i'd just like to maintain the illusion we care about this sort of thing :)23:24
JED3:D, agreed23:24
JED3nathany: will you have a minute or two to review the new reminder templates and the logging once I get staging up and running?23:25
nathanyJED3: sure, just ping me23:26
nathanyakozak: thanks23:54
nkinkadenathany: I just got back from the store.23:58
nkinkadeThe firmware will come with the factory IP settings.23:58
nathanynkinkade: right, but when i'm tftp-ing, i'll want to tftp to the current IP, right?23:59
nkinkadenathany: I don't think so.23:59
nkinkadeI think the device falls back to some settings stored elsewhere.23:59
nathany"falls back"?23:59
nkinkadeIf you run into some big problems you can always give me a call.23:59
nathanybut i'm just booting23:59

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