Saturday, 2009-09-12

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pyraki have a general database architecture question:04:10
pyraki have an instapaper-like web app04:11
pyrakit uses two db tables: accounts and list items04:11
pyraklist items can be favorited by users04:11
pyrakshould that data be stored as a binary in the list item table, or a comma-separated list in the account table?04:12
pyrakie: list item with id 3 has favorite set to 104:12
pyrakvs account id 5 has favorite_list set to 3,7,1004:13
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons06:05
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OsamaKIs it possible to use a CC-BY-ND work in a collection or a presentation while not changing it?14:43
greg-gOsamaK: are you talking about an image? yes.15:02
greg-gand in general, yes, a collection is not normally considered a derivative (in the CC:BY-ND sense) that would be prohibitive15:03
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OsamaKgreg-g: So I can do what ever I wish 'around' the picture, but I shouldn't 'touch' the picture itself. right? (making a video including that picture, designing a birthday card with it)..15:57
greg-ghmmmm, saying the word video makes me hesitate15:59
greg-glet me see, one second15:59
greg-gsyncing music to a video (or image) is considered a derivative16:00
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greg-gof the music16:00
OsamaKgreg-g: what about the birthday card example?16:01
greg-gbut, I could argue that a collection of still photos shown in a time-delayed fashion (eg: a video) would be a collection instead of an adaption16:02
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greg-gI would need to see it16:02
greg-g(the birthday card)16:02
greg-g"derivatives" is a very hard thing to nail down concretely sometimes16:03
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greg-gOsamaK: if you could descibe it or give me a picture of it, that would be easier. Basically, the less you touch around the photo the better, and the less you play off the photo as well (like, matching the background of the card with the background of the photo)16:06
OsamaKgreg-g: Well, I don't have an example. But I'm trying to understand CC licenses.16:08
OsamaKgreg-g: cc website doesn't say a lot about ND license.16:08
OsamaKgreg-g: so you're saying that there is no certain definition for 'ND'?16:09
greg-gOsamaK: do you know the person who took the photo that is licensed under a -ND license? Or is there a way you might be able to find a not -ND photo to use?16:10
greg-gthere is, don't change it16:10
greg-g1.a from here:
greg-gwhen in doubt, read the license :)16:10
greg-g1.a and 1.b are the important parts for you in this case, the line between adaption and collection16:11
OsamaKgreg-g: so in the birthday card example.. Is it possible to use the photo or not? :)16:13
greg-gcould you tell me what are you planning on doing? just saying "birthday card" is kinda vague :)16:13
greg-g(note: I'm no lawyer, and don't want to me one)16:14
OsamaKgreg-g: something like this <> :)16:16
OsamaKgreg-g: the right photo is the ND work.16:16
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greg-gthe back is just some other clipart?16:16
OsamaKgreg-g: right.16:17
greg-gThen you're good16:17
greg-gbecause you are basically just printing the photo (printing isn't a derivative) on a nicely sized piece of paper16:17
greg-gI'm only careful about saying "yes" or "no" when not seeing the actual idea because sometimes people forget to share important information like "oh, I was also going to put this cool letters over the top of the photo..." :)16:18
OsamaKgreg-g: printing the letter is unacceptable, right?16:19
OsamaK*the letters16:19
OsamaKgreg-g: does CC recommend certain license for general-purpose photos?16:23
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greg-gOsamaK: officially, not really. personally, CC:BY or BY-SA16:24
greg-gthe fewer restrictions on your work the less confusion there is on how others can use it16:24
OsamaKyou're right.16:25
OsamaKthank you for your time greg-g16:25
greg-gyou're very welcome, OsamaK16:25
greg-ghave a good day, I'm going to go attack my weekend todo list16:25
paroneayeaI'm heading out to work from the library16:31
paroneayeaor maybe a coffee shop16:32
paroneayeajust not here.16:32
paroneayeatoo bad my bike is broken.  I'd have more options for cheaper.16:32
paulproteusparoneayea, You could just focus on getting said bike fixed.16:34
paroneayeapaulproteus: that's true16:49
greg-gthat is one of the things on my todo (I'm in between items right now): replace bike tire, clean/general TLC for bike17:01
paroneayeaall libraries in philadelphia are closing??17:02
greg-gthank you recession: kill off the most needed institutions first17:03
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user01Hi everyone. My question is related to content usage of sources, which have multiple authors. E.g. an Wikipedia article has sometimes about 20 authors -- if I use the article, would I have to mention ALL authors, or would it be sufficient to link to the history page of this artice or mention the article URL on Wikipedia?18:35
OsamaKuser01: In Wikipedia, it's enough to put a link to the article.18:36
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OsamaKuser01: read <>18:38
OsamaKuser01: "To re-distribute text on Wikipedia in any form, provide credit to the authors either by including a) a hyperlink (where possible) or URL to the page or pages you are re-using, b).."18:39
user01OsamaK: ok, great! :-)18:39
user01OsamaK: and a bit more general, from the CC perspective? How do I attribute sources with many/multiple authors?18:40
user01Is there a CC guideline, or can every source set its own parameters?18:41
greg-guser01: for the full legal definition of how you should attribute an auther(s), see section 4(b) here:
OsamaKuser01: <>18:42
greg-gor that :) The FAQ uses more normal language18:43
OsamaKuser01: Wikipedia specified certain way for attribution, but not all authors do that.18:43
OsamaKuser01: at the end, you have to give the credit someway18:44
user01OsamaK: thank you very much, that did help a lot! :-)18:46
OsamaKuser01: I owed CC a help to a CC user, they just helped me :)18:47
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern19:15
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paroneayeaaw mang19:31
paroneayeaI feel pretty much completely lost on these new jursidiction management tools19:31
paroneayeamaybe I should go through the tutorial for the old tools first19:31
paroneayeabefore I try to understand how they're supposed to be being refactored19:31
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