Friday, 2009-08-14

Bovinityparoneayea: do you prefer Chris or Christopher?00:03
paroneayeaBovinity: Put Christopher on the page00:03
Bovinityparoneayea: word00:03
paroneayeain real life I don't care :)00:03
pyrakbut who cares about real life?00:17
paroneayeaoh hey, that looks pretty good :)00:23
paroneayeathx Bovinity :)00:23
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sixofour__Is there a site that hosts poetry and such under CC?04:16
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thomgopen source poetry11:39
thomggoogle it11:39
thomgthere is a site11:39
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greg-gwhat the heck, I'm starting to get spam in my email address inbox14:53
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paroneayea     /\_/\16:41
paroneayea    / 0.0 \16:41
paroneayea   == _|_ == _16:41
paroneayea    /     \ / \16:41
paroneayea   | || || | /\|16:41
paroneayea  |_|_|_|_|_|16:41
paroneayeaalso, I was just looking for an excuse to paste some ascii art16:44
paroneayea     ___16:44
paroneayea    /   \16:44
paroneayea   /\___/\16:44
paroneayea  |  | |  |16:44
paroneayea  \ ^___^ /16:44
paroneayea   ------__16:44
paroneayea   _(___(__)16:44
paroneayea  (__)16:44
paroneayeahave a goomba16:44
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nathanynkinkade: ping18:03
nkinkadenathany: Hi.18:03
nathanygotta sec to chat re: ToS and PP for CCN?18:03
nkinkadeDo you want to chat here or by phone?18:03
nathanyhere is fine, I think18:03
nathanyif we need more bandwidth we'll go to phone18:04
nathanyso if I understand correctly you haven't updating the ToS or PP for CCN yet, right?18:04
nkinkadeThat's correct.18:04
nathanyare we replacing them with the "master" policies?18:04
nathany(or is that a question for DP?)18:04
nkinkadeI figured that since it all had to be concomitant with a notice displaying that you would probably handle it.18:05
nathanymakes sense18:05
nkinkadenathany: But I guess I could make the changes, tell you it was ready and then you could get the notice going.18:06
nathanynkinkade: not a big deal; are we replacing the ToS and PP with the "master" policies, or do you have amended versions that are CCN specific18:06
nathany(or should I ask DP?)18:06
greg-gakozak: hey, question on the ODEPO form. Should the "Do you want your organization to be featured?" be a yes/no checkbox? In the form it is a text entry box. The "Featured Project" property is a string. Should it be a boolean?
nkinkadenathany: Probably best to confirm with DP, but I think there is a minor change to the ToU, and then we are replacing the existing privacy policy with the new one ????18:09
nathanynkinkade: ok, i'll check with her18:09
nathanyIIRC the change you made to the local repository but did not push was just for the "effective date" in the footer18:10
nathanyfor our last revision18:10
akozakgreg-g: possibly, i don't really know why that option is in there18:10
akozakgreg-g: I'm jsut going to remove it18:10
akozakgreg-g: just had a talk with pete about cc in sakai18:11
greg-gakozak: yeah, it has been a slow going process18:12
greg-gand, just fyi, he is a very dutch kid, so his name is Piet18:12
akozakoh haha18:12
greg-ghence his height18:12
akozakhe's going to ping the devs, maybe see if they want to start looking for other devs18:13
akozakother devs to pass off the project to18:13
akozakor just get a sense of what its chances are atm18:14
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greg-gyeah, it is kinda sad how long it has been in limbo18:14
greg-goh, akozak, one more bug report :), I added a resource feed URL for Open.Michigan, but it isn't showing up on the page:
greg-gI haven't looked into this one at all, but I can if you're a bit busy18:15
akozakgreg-g: fixed18:16
akozakthanks for that greg-g, i should have tested it18:21
greg-gakozak: no worries, it is what I do :)18:21
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greg-gakozak: nkinkade: I'm trying to compare two revisions of a wiki article on opened and it is returning that 503 error. Should the same "fix" be applied to opened as was applied to
akozakgreg-g: I've already applied it.18:27
nkinkadegreg-g: I just go an SMS that OpenEd was down.18:27
greg-gakozak: oh18:28
greg-gnkinkade: eek18:28
greg-git being down might be the issue then :)18:28
akozakseems to be back18:34
paroneayeacurry @12?18:39
nkinkadegreg-g: Can you do you revision comparison again?18:45
nkinkadeI think the problem was something else.18:45
greg-gnkinkade: works nicely now, snappy18:46
nkinkadeI think the machine was just flooded with requests from some IP address.18:47
nkinkadeMaybe some rogue spider?18:47
greg-gno clue, maybe all those crazy OpenEd conference folks were hammering it ;)18:50
greg-g(doubt it)18:50
nkinkadepyrak: Were you going to roll out the links to ToU and Privacy, etc when you rolled out the latest changes?18:52
akozaknkinkade: maybe someone's trying to scrape it?18:55
akozakor was trying18:55
akozakparoneayea: will you be at the office at all next week?18:55
paroneayeaakozak: no :<18:57
paroneayeaI fly out early, early tomorrow18:57
akozakok, shucks18:57
akozakany idea when you'll come back?18:57
paroneayeawe haven't discussed that yet18:57
paroneayeaso, no18:57
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KEBA1im searching for a licence. which allows to modify the product but using another name for it.19:34
KEBA1principally a simple ND...19:34
greg-gwell, all of the CC licenses do not let people who make modifications indicate that the original author endorses their remix19:36
greg-gbut that isn't quite what you want, I'm guessing19:36
KEBA1hm no19:39
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KEBA1i mean. generally they are allowed to modify the product. but eg. if my product ist named "KEBA-foo", they arent allowed to call their remix "KEBA-foo-2" or sth like that.19:40
greg-gdefine "product"19:42
KEBA1a book, a magazine, a song...19:42
KEBA1is there a difference?19:42
greg-gwell, if we're gonig to talk hypotheticals I like to have a little bit of solid ground to work on :)19:43
greg-gso, could you describe the case that you are specifically working with?19:43
KEBA1a book19:44
KEBA1everyone should be allowed to remix this book19:44
KEBA1but: he/she should not be allowed to call this book "KEBAs story 2"19:44
KEBA1(in the case i call my boook "KEBAs story")19:45
greg-gok, well, the closest thing I can think of is the Mozilla Public License:  (see section 6.3)19:45
greg-gbut that really isn't written for anything other than source code so I wouldn't recommend using it for your book19:46
greg-gin fact, I would highly disrecommend it for a book19:46
KEBA1a source code license for a book is not "that" good, right19:47
greg-gexactly (what I just said) :)19:47
greg-gI am just trying to think of licenses that are similar to what you are asking19:48
greg-gthere is no CC license that has that specific requirement19:48
KEBA1hm, kay :)19:48
KEBA1but will there be sth like this in the feature?19:49
KEBA1or, where can i suggest this?19:49
greg-gI don't think it is on anyone's plan, but you are welcome to send an note about it to CC:
KEBA1hm, thx19:52
greg-gno problem19:52
KEBA1but thats sound like "nobody wants to create such a license" - i dont know much about this, but formulating "you have to rename this work, if you want to modify is" in a more juristic way is that much work?19:53
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paroneayeaif you are parsing something in lxml like: "<foo> pre blah blah <bar /> post blah blah</foo>"20:39
paroneayeahow do you get to the post blah blah?20:39
paroneayeait isn't possible to get to it via .text20:39
pyraknkinkade, yes.  both those changes are in trunk right now20:42
pyraki actually have a moment, shall i take trunk live?20:42
nkinkadepyrak: I'm fine with that, as long as everyone else has signed off the current design.20:45
pyraknkinkade, yeah, that hasn't exactly happened.  i can email out and ask, though20:46
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paroneayeaaha, .tail20:48
nathanyKEBA1: the licenses do state that you a deriver can't imply any endorsement of the original creator for their work20:52
nathanyyou might argue that using the same name implies endorsement20:52
KEBA1nathany: im sorry, but i do not understand what you want to tell me (im not english...)20:54
nathanyKEBA1: the licenses say that if I take your story and make a derivative, I can't tell people that you approve of my change or support it20:56
nathany("endorse" it)20:57
nathanyyou might argue that using the same title implies that sort of support20:57
KEBA1ah thx, now ive got it20:57
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KEBA1well of course i dont have to say "well, this change is now official" - but i do not like it, if others use my title. because it seems, that ive made this or i want to support this...20:59
paroneayeanathany: are doctests acceptable in this establishment, when appropriate?21:04
nathanyparoneayea: acceptable and encouraged if they're actually narrative21:05
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nathanynkinkade: is there a way to do virtualhosts in apache so that i can have the same conf for the ssl and non-ssl portions?22:20
nkinkadenathany: You could use an include22:20
nathanyiirc there's a problem with having directives like SSLEngine on in a virtualhost section operating on a non-SSL request22:20
nathanynkinkade: besides that? just curious...22:20
nkinkadeI'm not aware of a way to do that, but I was just thinking about it recently because I had a need for that functionality.22:21
nkinkadeIt would be nice if there was a way to include a common section in the same file, for example.22:21
nkinkadeI'm not aware that that is possible.22:21
Bovinitywhen are parker's updates to search, from yesterday, going live?22:35
nathanypyrak: ^^22:39
pyraknathany, Bovinity, email sent22:59
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