Monday, 2009-08-10

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* paroneayea is still struggling with reading zcml files and is having trouble finding clear documentation :\00:54
paroneayeaI'm getting better at it though00:56
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mecredisJED3: seems to have dissappeared16:34
mecrediscan you just send it to me?16:35
mecredisemail is fine16:35
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JED3yeah but email is no fun,
mecredisnice thanks16:44
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pyrakJED3, when we were testing translation stuff on jswidget yesterday, we used locale=fr, right?17:49
pyrakand the string "Jurisdiction of your license" got translated?17:49
pyrakbecause i can't replicate that behavior this morning.  only the license text is translated.17:52
pyrakand the jurisdiction names17:53
JED3yeah, fr17:55
JED3it should say "Juridiction de votre contrat"17:56
pyrakJED3, yeah, it's not17:58
pyrakis it on your local machine?17:59
pyrakcheck, then check again after an svn up maybe?17:59
JED3should I up? or check my current rev?17:59
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pyrakJED3, i think my connection blipped.  verdict?18:03
JED3nothing, gd dependencies18:03
pyrakugh. yeah. sry18:04
pyrakJED3, would it be useful to compile a list of the easy_install commands?18:04
pyrakto include in the README ?18:04
JED3ehh, you could if you want18:05
JED3documentation is rarely a bad thing18:05
JED3pyrak, how did you end up translating those untouched strings?18:08
pyrakJED3, haven't yet. but i'm going to just pass them through some javascript, i guess.18:08
JED3you may want to sanity-check me on that idea, with nathany perhaps18:09
pyrakJED3, okay.  writing an email now.18:09
nathanypyrak, JED3: yes, an email would be great :)18:10
pyraknathany, poking a stick at the ccsearch makefile now...18:19
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mattlgah. where's mike when you want him?18:45
zoglesbyianweller: ping18:46
mattlzoglesby: maybe mecredis__ can help?18:46
mecredis__zoglesby: whats up18:46
zoglesbyianweller may know more about what I am talking about as well18:46
ianwellerhi who what?18:46
zoglesbythere was talk on the fedora-docs list that using the cc buttons was agains cc policy and fedora was trying to work it out18:47
zoglesbyI wanted to let mattl know becuase its would be the same for the printed fsf bulletin18:47
ianwelleryeah there was something there about that.18:48
ianwellerthe RH legal people were telling us that and that they were tryin gto work things out with CC's lawyers18:48
ianwellertrying to **18:48
zoglesbyI just don't want to see the FSF in volation of it if I can help18:48
mattli really don't think we are.18:49
mattli mean, people put those CC license deeds everywhere18:49
* ianweller neither, but better to check at least :/18:49
zoglesbymattl: I am not sure, its really the same thing as fedora wanted to do18:49
ianwellermattl: well it has something to do with requiring a clickable icon.18:50
zoglesbyso I wanted to give you a heads up18:50
zoglesbynot trying to accuse anyone18:50
ianwellercuz we were gonna stick 'em in documentation PDFs18:50
* ianweller will pull up the mailing list post18:50
nathanyhey guys, are you referring to the license buttons you get from
zoglesbyCreative Commons License Buttons: The Creative Commons buttons that describe a key term of our license, such as BY, NC, ND, SA, Sampling, Sampling Plus and Noncommercial Sampling Plus may only be used in the context of pointing to a Creative Commons license on the Creative Commons server that includes that license term or to otherwise describe the Creative Commons license, that includes that license term and that applies to a particular work.18:51
zoglesby(sorry for the long paste)18:51
ianwelleroh wait18:51
mattl"on the condition that licensee use the mark solely to point to a Creative Commons license or Commons deed on the Creative Commons server or otherwise uses it to describe the Creative Commons license that applies to a particular work; and provided that, to the extent the licensee is using the mark in an online environment, licensee does not alter or remove the hyperlink embedded in such logo as made available on Creative Commons webpage." is the one we're using18:51
ianwellerfontana was talking about the redistributability of those buttons18:51
ianwellerand that they clash with fedora's legal policies18:52
mattland it seems like we're using it to describe the license, and we're not using it online, so there's no hyperlink18:52
ianwellerso i don't think FSF is using it wrongly18:52
ianwellernor anyone is... it's just our people freaking out about being able to redistribute it18:52
mattlwhen is fedora gonna have linuxlibre?18:53
zoglesbymattl: I have it...18:53
mattlin the normal repo?18:53
zoglesbyjust not in a offical repo18:53
* nathany wonders if the fedora folks are taking lessons from debian-legal ;)18:53
mattlzoglesby: oh, i have it that way too.18:54
mattlanyway, if we're done here...18:54
mattl86 IRC buffers ftw.18:54
zoglesbyindeed thanks ianweller mecredis__18:54
nathanyJED3: Bovinity: paroneayea: pyrak: lunch in 5-10? i just need to finish this email...18:54
ianwellermattl: haha18:54
mattlianweller: when are you back in boston?18:55
Bovinitynathany: sounds good18:55
pyraknathany, roger that18:55
ianwellermattl: not soon, as far as i know18:55
ianwellermattl: hopefully eventually so that i can go visit BU18:55
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paroneayeanathany: whenever you're ready18:56
ianwellermattl: i know the next FUDCon is in "not boston", i *think* (i'm not 100% sure)18:58
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Bovinitymecredis__: I was just about to note the 37Signals icons/CC0 post... but i see you're already on it ;)20:09
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mecredis__yeah, did anyone post after me, Bovinity ?20:09
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Bovinityyeah, but not in response to you20:10
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Bovinitymecredis__: although you might want to bug them to change the update text regarding "CC0 1.0 Universal license"20:13
mecredis__nice sane comments though20:14
mecredis__I'll let some one else correct the license thing20:14
mecredis__I already seem like some cultish freak20:14
mecredis__"Most of these comments do an excellent job of communicating to Tim that next time he wants to give away some graphics he has no further use for it will be much easier to hit the DELETE key."20:14
mecredis__ok I retract the comment about the comments being sane20:15
pyraknathany, good call re: iframes on the wiki.  that was making me nerv also.20:23
CharelBIf I would like to support the #cc dudes , what's the pay mehtod in your store because I'd like to buy some stickers and I even don't know which pay methods are supported20:36
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nkinkadeCharelB: PayPal.20:47
nkinkadeHowever, if that won't work then I can put you in touch with someone with whom can discuss other methods.20:47
paroneayeapaulproteus: I've taken over your desk!  For this week, anyway :)20:56
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nkinkadeBovinity: Do you have any recollection of the labs theme?21:10
Bovinitynkinkade: the labs WP theme?21:10
nkinkadeIt is based on cc4, but it appears that the changes were never committed.21:10
nkinkadeI'm thinking of making a new directory for the them and committing it.21:11
nkinkadeAny reason I shouldn't?21:11
nkinkadelike wp-content/themes/cc_labs21:11
Bovinityno reason21:11
nkinkadeLooks like it was just something that got created on the fly and the changes are still sitting only on a721:12
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Bovinitynkinkade: can you hear us?21:17
nkinkadeI hung up ... no sound.21:17
nkinkadeTry again.21:17
Bovinitynkinkade: call us at 415 369 849121:18
JED3pyrak: if you need help with the i18n strings let me know21:18
pyrakJED3, i might.  ATM, i'm just stepping through and cleaning some stuff21:19
JED3okay, i think I can help with issues detailed in your last email to nathan21:20
pyrakokay, cool.  i'll finish commenting some stuff and try to squash this one silly bug, then ping you again21:21
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nathanyJED3: so do we need to review the whiteboard stuff from prior to this meeting?21:56
nathanyor are you god to go at the moment and we can review later?21:56
nathany(either is fine, just want to make sure you're not blocking)21:56
JED3nathany: I think i'm fine21:59
nathanyJED3: great22:01
pyrakJED3, ok, time to figure out how to add strings to the i18n stuff in jswidget.22:03
pyrakafter i use the bathroom22:03
JED3 nathany22:03
mecredis__Bovinity: didn't get to drafting A/B stuff22:06
mecredis__going to do it tomorrow first thing22:06
Bovinitymecredis__: ok22:08
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nathanyJED3: can I look at that momentarily?22:17
JED3yeah whenever you want22:17
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