Tuesday, 2009-07-21

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papyromancer_I'm trying to host the jswidget on my own server.  Is this recommended/approved? And how do I generate language specific versions of complete.js since I'm running Python and I don't want to install PHP on the server?15:13
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papyromancer_or rather I can't install php on the server since it's on google app engine15:21
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nkinkadenathany: Are you attempting to upload those PO files for CC Greece or should I go ahead and try?15:48
nathanynkinkade: please go ahead and try15:48
nathanypapyromancer_: you're welcome to self-host15:48
nathanyi'm not sure what your question is with respect to complete.js15:49
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nkinkadenathany: I just noticed that not a single admin of Greek in Pootle has Commit or Overwrite privs.  That is likely a problem.15:52
nathanynkinkade: quite15:53
nkinkadeIt's unclear to me why that would cause Pootle to go offline, but a problem nonetheless.15:53
nkinkadenathany: Can you access translate right now?15:56
nathanynkinkade: hrm... nope15:56
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nathanyit's just "waiting"15:57
nkinkadeI gave myself the same permission as the others then tried to upload the PO file with the Overwrite options.15:57
nkinkadeSeems Pootle is hung now.15:57
nkinkadeThis might explain why translate has been going down recently.15:57
nkinkadeAnd I just got the 503 error from Varnish.15:57
nkinkadeA Pootle bug?15:57
nkinkadeThat's clearly undesirable behavior.15:57
nkinkadeI would expect a permission denied error.15:58
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nathanyyeah, me too15:58
nkinkadeI could poke around in the code, but I'm more inclined to just go right to the Pootle devs and report a bug.15:58
nathanysure; it's possible we need to rebase as well15:58
nathanysince we're running off of development code15:59
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nkinkadenathany: So it does appear that our current install is based on some snapshot of trunk of mozootle.16:20
nkinkadeI'm wondering if we should rebase to the HEAD of trunk, or try to follow some release?16:21
nathanyi wonder what the sanest way to maintain that is16:21
nathanyhave there actually been releases yet?16:21
nathanyiirc that's why we snapshotted trunk16:21
nkinkadeThe commit we are building off of is: trunk@947216:22
nkinkadeNot sure why that one in particular, or if that just happened to the the HEAD at the time that paulproteus did the initial clone.16:22
nathanyi'm not sure either; have there been any releases of the new code base yet?16:24
nathany(do you happen to know?)16:24
nkinkadeI'm going to poke around and see if the latest release is a later commit than the one we're on.16:27
nkinkadeIt appears so: Pootle-1.3.0-beta2@1085816:30
nkinkadeBut the latest stable release it seems not: Pootle-1-2-0@869316:30
nkinkadenathany: What do you think about my rebasing to 1.3.0-beta2?16:31
nathanynkinkade: do we still have stagootle around?16:32
nkinkadeI believe so.16:32
nathanyi think it's a good idea overall but don't want to get bogged down in it when there are things with hard deadlines on the table (support, etc)16:32
nkinkadeOur staging names are Grade A.16:32
nkinkadeWell, I'll give it a quick go and if it gets messy then I'll give the CC Greece team the rights perms and move on for now.16:33
nathanynkinkade: sounds great16:33
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nathanyif it gets messy, open a ticket so we have a reminder16:34
nkinkadenathany: Do you happen to know how Asheesh started and stopped stagootle?16:39
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nathanynkinkade: hrm... no idea16:40
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nkinkadenathany: JED3: I'm getting more of those "UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte" from mkdeeds.17:50
nkinkadeIsn't that usually a problem with a translation somewhere?17:50
nathanynkinkade: are you on a new system?17:50
nathanysounds like your default encoding is ascii, not utf-817:51
nkinkadeI'm on this newish SL400, so that could be it.17:51
nkinkadeWhere was that set again?17:51
nathanyit's in your python lib directory; if you're using the system python it's probably17:51
nkinkadeWhat I can't understand is why python is defaulting to ASCII on systems where the default locale is set for UTF817:52
nathany(adjust version as appropriate)17:52
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nathanybecause python 2.x distinguishes between byte strings and unicode strings17:52
nathanyso it'll default correctly with unicode strings17:52
nathanybut when you try to convert between the two it needs to know how to interpret things17:52
nathanyso it tries to encode the unicode page content to the "wire" (ie, the file in this case)17:53
nkinkadenathany: What the line that needs to go in there again?17:53
nathanyanyway, it's sub-optimal17:53
nathanyimport sys17:53
nkinkadeah.  Let me try that.  Thanks.17:53
nathanyyou can test it by running the python interpreter and doing17:53
nathanyimport sys17:53
nkinkadeUnicode, Dammit!17:54
nathanyuh, let me make sure i have the right location17:54
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nkinkadeI haven't made the change to the file yet.17:54
nathanyoh, ok17:54
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nathanyyeah, ascii is the stock default encoding17:55
nkinkadeNow it's returning utf-8.   Thanks!17:56
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nathanyit's very frustrating, i know17:57
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nkinkadenathany: mkdeeds is now a busy little beaver gnawing away the PL deeds.  Thanks.18:03
nathanythank you!18:03
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mecredisnathany: what's our policy for including new indexes on search.cc18:19
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nathanymecredis: they have to accommodate http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CcSearch_integration and then we'll consider it18:20
mecredisgot it18:20
nathany"Technical implementation no guarantee of inclusion"18:20
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beta1hey. I am working on an (probably) commercial application and have found an amazing set of icons to use under the create commons attributions license 2.5 or 3.0. The web page does not state any other conditions. Does this mean that I could sell my application as long as I give attribution to the author of the icons? http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/19:59
beta1*on a19:59
nkinkade1beta1: That's correct.20:08
nkinkade1The CC Attribution licenses only require you to give the copyright holder due credit:20:09
beta1I have no problem with that.. this has to be the most complete set of icons I have ever seen20:09
nkinkade1Where id you find it, out of curiosity?20:10
beta1stumble upon does miracles20:10
beta1but I wasn't interested until another application I saw was using them :P So I guess the CC is doing its job :P20:11
nkinkade1That is in fact an impressive set of icons.20:14
beta1yup. Absolutely perfect for most any application20:14
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nkinkade1Some of them look very similar to icons from other software, but I guess there's only so much differentiation you can make in a few hundred pixels.20:16
JED3they may also look very familiar since we use them in some of our own interfaces ;)20:18
mecredisBovinity: any luck with the tracer / tynt stuff20:24
mecredisI'm happy to do it20:25
mecredisso long as I have the right permissions, whcih I think I do20:25
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Bovinitymecredis: haven't done any implementation yet21:03
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nathanynkinkade1: ping21:56
nkinkade1nathany: hi21:56
*** nkinkade1 is now known as nkinkade21:56
nathanyare you in the middle of anything or are you interested in doing the /choose cut over now?21:56
nathanyi still need to merge the code but i think i can do that shortly21:57
JED3I'm also around for any questions21:57
nkinkadenathany: I just finished upgrading drupal on the live site, and was about to do CiviCRM, but CiviCRM can wait.21:57
nathanyJED3: cool21:57
nathanynkinkade: great21:57
nathanywhy don't you go ahead and tweak the rules at your convenience, hold off on restart21:57
nathanyi'll merge the code in cc.engine, update a5 and ping you when ready21:57
nkinkadeAlright.  I go edit the rewrite rules now.21:57
nathanynkinkade: JED3: cross your fingers, trying to push the commit from git to svn (eep!)22:00
nathany(this is the point of VCS, right?)22:00
JED3haha best of luck22:01
nkinkadenathany: What's the deal with those /license/cc-gpl-br links?22:04
nkinkaderewrites rules, I mean.22:04
nathanyi thought we were just killing those since i didn't know and there were no google links22:04
nkinkadeI like the sound of that.22:05
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nathanynkinkade: code merged22:07
nathanyi'm ready to restart whenever you are22:07
nkinkadenathany: I think the rules are ready.22:07
nathanyok, i'm going to take down cc.engine, blow away the old ZODB and restart22:07
nathanygo ahead and restart apache/varnish22:07
nkinkadenathany: Right this second?22:07
nathanywhenever you like22:07
nathanycc.engine is down22:08
nathanyand coming back up (in foreground mode at the moment so i can watch it)22:08
nkinkadeSo far so good.22:08
nathanyyeah, looks good22:09
nathanyi'm going to restart as a daemon22:09
nathanynkinkade: JED3: looks good22:09
nathanyi'll go ahead and close the ticket out and write it up for the tech blog22:10
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nkinkadeOh, yeah, Nagios.22:13
nathanyJust realized I still need to merge the change to trunk22:14
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Bovinitynathany: nkinkade: /license -> /choose is complete? I'll update the WP theme, homepage, then...22:57
nathanyBovinity: correct22:57
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah, it's launched.22:57
nathanyplease do22:57
nkinkadeAre there some other themes that need updating?22:57
nkinkadeThe forum theme needs updating too.22:57
nkinkadeProbably every theme we have.22:58
JED3the /license url will also be lurking in some of the translation strings23:00
nkinkadeI fixed the forum header template.23:05
Bovinityfixed theme23:07
nkinkadeBovinity: https://support.creativecommons.org/donate23:26
nkinkadeThe choose your own amount box is wacky.23:26
nkinkadeI did just upgrade Drupal and CiviCRM, but not sure why only that box would be messed up.23:26
nkinkadeAny idea?23:27
Bovinityi fixed that in the last donate page update23:27
Bovinitythere's something wrong with the css or the layout somewhere23:28
nkinkadeOh, so maybe the theme just needs updating?23:29
nkinkadeBovinity: I just shifted the theme to the 2009 branch and now that box is really fried.23:31
nkinkadeIt's a git submodule and I had forgot to checkout origin/200923:31
nkinkadeBy the way, it's now at sites/default/themes/cc23:31
nkinkadeAnd any moving around of code should be done via branches and not by copying directories.23:32
Bovinityok, i'll look into it right now23:32
nkinkadeStrangely, eventhing else about the theme seems to be just fine.23:32
nkinkadeBovinity: Did you make your commits to origin/200923:32
nkinkadeYour most recent commit to origin/2009 was June 2.23:33
nkinkadeBovinity: Were you by chance using the directory named support2009-b, or something like that?23:36
Bovinitynkinkade: hmm, the /images directory has been blown away23:36
nkinkadeIt's at www.bak23:37
nkinkadeMaybe you can cp -a it over to the new www dir?23:37
nkinkadeI suppose those images should really be part of the repository.23:37
Bovinityis it safe to git add it to www, or is that meant to be clean?23:37
nkinkadeBovinity: I'll copy it over.23:38
nkinkadeBovinity: The images/ dir is there now and that helped, but there's still a formatting error.23:40
nkinkadeWhat was support2009-b?23:40
Bovinitynot sure, probably a backup23:40
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm going to step out ... sorry that busted that bit of the page, though I'm not sure I know what I did.23:42
nkinkadeThe cc theme is just a checkout of origin/200923:42
Bovinityis zupport running the same checkout?23:42
nkinkadeIt should be.23:42
nkinkadeBut apparently the images dir is missing there too ... anything missing is located inside of www.bak.23:44
nkinkadeDo you have that bit under control.  It seems that everything else is looking okay.23:44
Bovinityyeah. looking at it...23:45
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Bovinitynkinkade: a similarly named css class in ubercart was overriding. making it inline instead of a block.23:59
Bovinityfixed on zupport.23:59

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