Monday, 2009-07-20

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nkinkadeBovinity: In order to get our Drupal install upgraded I'm going to have to do some surgery on drupal.git.  I'm thinking to rename the theme support2008 to just cc, and then manage updates with branches rather than renaming the directory.17:50
nkinkadeThat okay with you?17:50
Bovinitynkinkade: ok17:50
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nathanynkinkade: feel free to ignore nagios msgs re: apps/scrape and apps/triples on staging18:53
nathanyi'm testing some changes18:53
nkinkadenathany: Shall I disabled alerts for a while for the scraper?18:54
nathanyif you like; it probably won't be more than 5-15 min or so18:54
nkinkadeAh.  I'll just ignore alerts.  Thanks for the warning.18:54
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm about to svn up to 2.8.1 ... are you around in case something blows up?18:55
Bovinitynkinkade: yup18:55
nkinkadeHere we go ...18:56
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nathanynkinkade: Bovinity: can i restart varnish on a5 to clear the cache?19:06
nkinkadenathany: Sure.  Backing up the www/ dir is taking longer than I thought.19:07
nathanygot it19:07
nkinkadenathany: But does restarting Varnish clear the cache??19:07
nkinkadeI had this idea that it was persistent?19:07
nathanynkinkade: it always seems to have that effect for me19:07
nathanymaybe it's just been coincidence :)19:07
nkinkadeWell, not totally persistent, but stored.19:07
nkinkadeBut I can't see any harm in restarting.19:07
nkinkadeBovinity: How do comments work for ccLearn?19:21
nkinkadeThere nearly 900 comments awaiting moderation, or so it seems.19:22
Bovinitynkinkade: um, shouldn't have comments anywhere19:23
nkinkadeMaybe they are trackbacks???19:23
Bovinityyeah, the admin page shows them as trackbacks19:25
nkinkadeBovinity: Does that mean that the trackbacks are showing up on the learn install, but no the CC blog where we'd ideally like to see them?19:50
Bovinitynkinkade: they're trackbacks to the cclearn pages, not the blog articles - those trackbacks would show up on install; just people linking to it.19:51
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nathanynkinkade: thoughts about what's going on with a6? i can't seem to ssh to it and ping shows stuff like20:24
nathanyFrom ( icmp_seq=1 Time to live exceeded20:24
nathanynkinkade: just saw your email, that makes sense; appears to be a peer1 issue20:27
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JED3nathany: re, we're going to lose the partial registrations right? promo codes only?20:36
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nathanyJED3: yes20:39
nathany(whether we just rename the model or replace it is up in the air but we won't have that as the registration path)20:40
JED3okay, but these codes are to be anonymous right?20:40
JED3alright, so I'm just going to write a new model and blow away all of the partialregistration stuff20:41
nathanyJED3: sounds good, although probably be good to keep the data around20:42
nathany(but we can "uninstall"/remove the code from the project20:42
JED3okay, do we want to do any "verfiy email address" now that we won't have the address from the transaction pre-loaded? or are you okay without it?20:46
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nkinkade1nathany: Melissa says we're not having the dev-tech meeting today.  Just confirming that with you.20:57
nathanythat's fine with me; i think we're synced up from several conversations last week20:58
nathany(you and i, she and i and alex, etc)20:58
nkinkade1That sounds right.20:58
nathanynkinkade1: did they email you the PO file for greek?21:02
nathanythey being the people having problems uploading it21:02
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nkinkadenathany: No, I still haven't got anything from CC Greece.22:15
nathanynkinkade: did my last message on that ticket make sense to you?22:15
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nkinkadeBy the way, have you had any issues with your standard ethernet port on your ThinkPad?22:15
nathanyi think we can regenerate but i suspect mixed greek/english isn't any better for those annoyed with the lack of language links22:15
nathanynkinkade: nope, no issues22:16
nathanybut haven't used it that much22:16
nkinkadenathany: I'll try to regenerate the el Deeds to see if issue392 was at the root of it.22:16
nathanynkinkade: thanks, but i was hoping their PO would complete the translation22:16
nathany(since they're mixed on staging right now)22:17
nkinkadeI'll let you know when I receive something.22:17
nathanyanyway, the fact that they show up right on staging now makes me think it'll work22:17
nathanynkinkade: can you add pyrak to the labs blog?22:28
* pyrak waves22:28
nathanythanks :)22:28
nkinkadenathany: Thinking about the EL problem.  We have no good way of knowing which deeds were generated without the EL link in the header.22:29
nkinkadeIt could be quite a few.22:29
nkinkadedepending on how long the problem has been around.22:29
nathanynkinkade: right22:29
nkinkadeWhat do you suggest?22:29
nathanyi suspect we should regenerate ported deeds, all greek deeds22:29
nkinkadeJust building --locale=el and then -j el?22:29
nkinkadeported deeds?22:30
nathany-j el and -j -22:30
nkinkadeOh, unported.22:30
nathanyoh, right22:30
nkinkadeI guess that'll be good enough for now.22:30
nathanywe haven't been super agressive about regenerating *Everything* when new jurisdictions comes online22:30
nkinkadeI suppose one of these days we should regenerate the whole enchilada.22:30
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nathanyor write some code to do on-demand regeneration with on-disk caching22:31
nathanynkinkade: in an ideal world if the deed wasn't generated, the code would generate it and save it to disk for future requests22:32
nathanyif a language/juris/version combination was never requested, we'd never waste our time building it22:32
nkinkadeI was thinking about this a day or two ago, how static deeds are nice for Vanish but suck for this type of thing.22:33
nathanyand when we wanted to regenerate a license we'd just blow away the appropriate part of the cache22:33
nkinkadeI guess that's cc.engine code, though, the code that would handle all that.22:34
nathanyyeah, i suppose... haven't spent any time thinking about how to build it22:34
nkinkadepyrak: Your account is setup.  Sent you a PM.22:40
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