Friday, 2009-07-17

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papyromancerAnyone in here playing around with Google Wave?12:59
* papyromancer is curious13:00
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balleyneJED3: hey, you around?15:36
JED3hey balleyne15:39
balleyneJED3: do you have a minute to catch up?15:39
balleyneI still haven't released an alpha/beta, but I think I'm about ready, just want to test the latest dev snapshot on a fresh install15:40
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balleyneI hard-coded support for CC0, we didn't get a chance to talk about whether or not that'd be a good idea though -- thoughts?15:41
JED3can you send me a link to the project page?15:42
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balleynethat page?15:43
JED3yes, thanks15:43
JED3i'm looking over your code right now looking for any questions you may have left in as comments15:45
JED3is there anything particular you were unsure about?15:45
JED3...and hard coded CC0 is fine15:45
balleyneI've eliminated most of the questions in the comments, I think most things are resolved15:46
balleyneI guess, the one major 1.0 question remaining are the metadata fields15:46
JED3you mean the RDF?15:47
balleyneno, they were custom metadata fields that were originally supported15:47
balleyneformat of work, title, description, creator's name, copyright holder's name, year of copyright, source work url15:48
balleyneI've broken support for those and I haven't fixed it yet, but I'm not quite sure how important that is15:48
balleyneI'm tempted to drop support15:48
balleyneseems like it would be useful if you were posting content that originated elsewhere I guess, otherwise it seems to make more sense to use the drupal information or other drupal modules like CCK to add those extra fields15:50
balleyneI don't know, maybe I'm just having a hard time imagining use cases15:50
JED3balleyne: i know how useful it would be for reuse15:51
balleynehmm, ok. is that a complete list of metadata, or are there other fields that could be important?15:52
JED3but i think there should certainly be some flexibility in how a drupal admin can license their work, such as being able to clearly define the attributionName and attributionURL15:53
balleyneah, ok, that's useful15:54
balleyneso, the technical question then15:54
balleynethat data used to be stored as part of the serialized object, but since I'm just storing the license uri now, I'd need to add some fields in the database15:55
balleynewell, I was going to ask if I should add those fields to the database schema to add support for these specific fields, or if a more flexible metadata system would be better (to handle other fields I might be missing)15:56
balleynebut, I think, maybe I'll just add those fields into the db directly for 1.0, and a more flexible system could always come later15:57
JED3hmm, i'm not sure about that one15:58
balleynenot sure about my suggestion? or not sure about what to do in general?15:58
JED3I would just add columns for the fields, but i know drupal folks love that CCK stuff which honestly I don't have a firm understanding of15:59
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JED3there is a site config table in Drupal right?16:00
balleynewhat do you mean by a site config table?16:01
balleyneI can add columns for the fields, and CCK can still be useful if anyone wants to use other fields beyond what's hardcoded16:01
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JED3cool, yeah I would add attributionName and attributionURL16:06
balleyneright, I've made notes to look into implementing ccREL after 1.0, for now I'm just outputting the RDF return from the API16:08
JED3ahh okay16:09
balleyneactually, I think there's some support built in already... just browsing the metadata output code in creativecommons.class.php from the module16:10
JED3yeah, there is a considerable amount in there16:10
JED3i saw few items that looked deprecated though16:10
JED3but you could use that as an example16:10
balleyneright, cool, hadn't looked at that part of the code since I stumbled across ccREL16:11
balleyneok, I should be able to get the metadata bit up and running tonight16:11
balleyneotherwise, just a couple other questions16:11
balleynethe CC API seems to return the latest version of a license, even if the URI specifies an earlier version16:12
balleyneis that expected behaviour?16:12
balleyne(not sure if it's a problem with the caching in the drupal module, but I don't think so)16:12
JED3can you give me an example?16:12
JED3the rest call you are using16:13
balleyneyep, one sec16:13
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balleyneyeah, I wasn't sure about that one16:20
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balleyneJED3: ok, well, i think those are the only issues at the moment16:27
balleynethink we can arrange a call for sometime next time to discuss the second half of the project?16:28
JED3okay cool, I'll look into the api question, the api predates me so i dont know if thats expected behavior or not haha16:28
balleyneheh, no problem, thanks16:30
nkinkadenathany: Do you have any recollection that we may have had anything to do with CC Pero ( and webhosting of that domain at
nathanynkinkade: no idea16:38
nkinkadeWait, nevermind ... I meant our Dreamhost account.16:38
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balleyneJED3: oh, one more thing... *sigh* I got myself blocked on the CC Wiki: "Automatically blocked by abuse filter. Description of matched rule: Userpage created before other edits (v. 2)." Block id is #434. help?16:39
mecredisnkinkade: can you help with balleyne wiki's issue16:43
nkinkadeSure.  I can try.16:43
nkinkadeballeyne: Let me look into getting you unblocked.  Unfortunately your pattern matches that of some heavy spam we were getting.16:44
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nkinkadeballeyne: What's your username on the wiki?16:45
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balleynenkinkade: Balleyne16:46
balleynemecredis: thanks16:46
balleynenkinkade: yeah, thanks, didn't realize it was spammy behaviour, had multiple tabs open and clicked edit on the user page first lol16:47
nkinkadeIt's not, necessarily, but apparently it matches some spammy behavior we've been seeing.16:47
nkinkadeballeyne: Try again.16:48
balleynenkinkade: great, unblocked, thanks :)16:49
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balleynenkinkade: ah, just got reblocked. when I went to edit (the Partner Interface page, not my userpage), the same filter was tripped16:52
balleyneprobably because my userpage has already been created, but I still haven't made any other edits... ?16:52
nkinkadeballeyne: Let me see if I can add an exception.16:53
nkinkadeI don't know the AbuseFilter extension at all, but I'm sure it's possible.16:53
nkinkadeSorry about that.16:53
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nkinkadeHmm.  balleyne, I can't really find any information on whitelisting a user or permanently unblocking someone, which surprises me.17:08
balleynenkinkade: what about if you delete my user page? then, maybe, I won't trip the filter again?17:09
nkinkadeI just unblocked your user again.  Perhaps you could try making some trivial whitespace edit on buried page to see what happens???17:09
nkinkadeballeyne: I'll try that.17:09
nkinkadeIt doesn't look like you have a user page.17:10
balleyneah, yeah, I just noticed that... the filter must have blocked the creation of the user page, yet, it still remembers that I tried to create it17:11
nkinkadeWhich confuses me as to why the filter is tripping.17:11
balleyneyeah, unless there's an edit stored somewhere?17:11
balleynecan you delete my account? maybe I can start fresh?17:11
nkinkadeHmm.  If you can find any information on whitelisting users for the AbuseFilter extension, I'd glady accept it.17:11
nkinkadeI'm not aware that there is any way to delete a user except directly via the database.17:12
balleyneok, well, I may just create another account under a different username then, unless I can find any info on whitelisting17:13
balleyneI've actually gotta run now though17:13
balleynethanks for your help17:14
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akozaknkinkade: Did anyone ever give the go-ahead on an opened staging site?18:25
nkinkadeakozak: I don't think I ever got an official green light.18:26
nkinkadeI saw some talk about how it might be a good thing.18:26
nkinkadeWas it decided that we'd setup a staging site.18:27
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akozaknkinkade: I'll get a confirmation/18:28
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nkinkadeCool.  Have it go out via email and with all the requisite people copied, namely Ahrash and Nathan.18:29
akozakI just continued the last thread.18:31
akozaknkinkade: I'm going to be gone all of next week though.18:32
nkinkadeThat'll give the email time to circulate and assuming it's all go, which I believe it is, it should be up and running for your return.18:33
akozaknkinkade: Well, ideally Lee-Sean could do some initial testing while I'm gone... but maybe that's unrealistic.18:34
akozakI think this OpenEd translation project might have been underestimated :P18:34
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nkinkadeBovinity: you doing anything on staging that shouldn't be interrupted?19:16
Bovinitynkinkade: nope19:17
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Bovinitynkinkade: how close is the new store to being done?20:42
nkinkadeBovinity: Pretty much there except for a few configs.20:43
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nkinkadeBovinity: Would you be able to poke around on staging to make sure that everything seems to be working to your satisfaction?  I just upgraded to WP 2.8.121:18
nkinkadeEverything seems fine to me, but maybe you've got a better idea of some custom things that might be likely to break on an upgrade.21:18
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nkinkadeBovinity: Thanks!21:23
nkinkadeThat's precisely why I pinged you.21:24
nkinkadeI guess the search plugin needs updating.21:24
nkinkadeYikes.  We are on v2.0 and v3.4.1 is available for Search Unleashed.21:24
nkinkadeI was wrong 0.2.6 -> 1.0.221:25
akozaknkinkade: I guess we'll hold off on setting up a staging unless we rule out using the SMW CC-wiki method of page translation.21:33
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nkinkadeIf you see anything else let me know (of course)21:38
nkinkadeI guess I'll let it sit on staging for a few days, though I suspect it's probably okay to merge to production.21:38
Bovinitynkinkade: looks fine to me21:39
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