Wednesday, 2009-07-15

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mecredisnkinkade: there?00:21
* JED3 also curious about that00:22
mecredisJED3: about me?00:22
mecredisyou talkin to me00:22
JED3ha yeah, in re to nkinkade00:22
nkinkademecredis: JED3: Yeah.00:23
mecredisdon't have create permissions on a700:23
mecredisI'm revising the facbeook app00:23
mecredisI may just do it in my home dir00:23
mecredisbut I wanted to create an alternate dir00:23
mecredisbut maybe I can do this with git?00:23
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* mecredis reflects upon his git-ignorance00:23
nkinkademecredis: If you created a dir called public_html in your home dir then you can put whatever you like there for now.00:23
JED3nkinkade: I'll wait in line, but my question pertains to SVN00:23
mecredisnkinkade: yeah, I have that, thats where I'll sandbox for now00:24
nkinkadeThe URL will be something like<something>00:24
mecredisright right00:24
nkinkadeOkay cool.00:24
nkinkadeJED3: What's up with svn ?00:24
JED3are you familiar with svnsync at all?00:24
nkinkademecredis: Later, when you've got it where you want I can give the permissions you need to move it to another location.00:24
nkinkadeJED3: I've never heard of svnsync.00:25
JED3ha ohh okay00:25
JED3damn, docs for svn are awful00:25
nkinkadeJED3: What in particular is the issue.00:25
nkinkadeThough I've never heard of it, there is a remote chance I could still have some bit of information.00:26
nkinkade(though not too likely)00:26
JED3I am trying to synchronize our svn repo for the Wordpress wpLicense plugin with the SVN repo at wordpress.org00:26
nkinkadeJED3: Where?00:26
nkinkadeOn labs?00:26
JED3the files there are made available by commit code to their SVN server00:27
nkinkadeSo what's up at is more fresh than what we have in our own repo?  Or you're trying to push our stuff up?00:27
JED3well they are the same now, but I am tired of having to do this all manually00:28
nkinkadeAh.  How about a cron job?00:28
JED3so when I make a change, I have to make sure that both of my working directorys are identical00:28
JED3a cron job would work, but would require a script to handle to commiting and if we were to go through the trouble of writing a commit script, then we might as well construct it as a post-commit hook for the svn at
JED3I would prefer to use svnsync, and what I was going to ask you is whether or not you could configure such a thing without access to the SVN server you'd like to set up as the mirror00:30
JED3I think the answer to that is no, but the docs are giving me a clear answer00:30
nkinkadeThis is one of those cases where paulproteus would probably have some input.00:32
JED3paulproteus: would probably know ;)00:32
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JED3haha, yep00:32
* paulproteus blinks00:32
paulproteusOh, I see. A cron job (better, a post-commit hook) to run svnsync makes sense to me.00:33
paulproteus"when I make a change, I have to make sure both of my working directorys are identical" sounds like bad news.00:33
paulproteusThe post-commit hook is going to be pretty easy to write.00:33
paulproteusLook at the existing CC svn hook for i18n-related stuff; I just grep the path, easy as pie.00:33
JED3awesome, thx00:33
nkinkadeWe miss paulproteus, and for more than just his useful version control advice.00:35
paulproteusAww, thanks. (-:00:38
paulproteusI'll actually "probably" be coming to SF sometime in Aug 17-23.00:38
nkinkade ?00:38
nkinkadeSorry I missed you in Atlanta.00:39
Bovinitywe "might" "look forward" to "that"00:40
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nkinkadenathany: Do you or John have this ticket on your radar:
nkinkadeIt just cropped up again for Esperanto.15:38
nkinkadeI feel that it happens anytime any affiliate commits changes.15:38
nkinkadeThey keep having to write to me to tell me that staging is broken and that they can't view their changes.15:39
nathanynkinkade: i was thinking about it earlier this week15:41
nathanyi'll take a look again after i finish triaging my email15:41
nkinkadeI know what to do when it crops up, so it's manageable in that respect, but it seems like something that is giving our affiliates grief, and not instilling confidence in our translations system, if they ever had it in the first place.15:42
nkinkadeCool, thanks.15:42
nkinkadeIt only affects license.what and license.explain, so I'm hoping that it would be easy to spot and fix.15:42
nkinkadeI took a look at the po2cc code, but didn't spot anything.15:43
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JED3hey nkinkade, you around?17:56
nkinkadeJED3: Yup.17:56
JED3how do I go about making a test donation on zupport?17:58
JED3it looks like its connected to a the production paypal account17:58
JED3not the sandbox17:58
JED3do I need to login into paypal with my developer account?17:58
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nkinkadeJED3: It's possible that some of zupports donations pages are not set to use the PayPal sandbox.18:33
nkinkadeBut if you're going to use the sandbox you do have to be logged into the developer site.18:33
nkinkadeIf you want to test some particular contribution page that isn't set to use the sandbox, then that needs to be configured in that contr. pages settings.18:34
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mecredisdid someone say curry?19:07
JED3i'm down19:08
mecredisnathany: Bovinity curry?19:09
Bovinityi desire a DELICIOUS sandwich from the sentinel today19:10
mecredisI love sandwiches19:10
mecredisI'd do that19:10
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nkinkadeBovinity: For the cc5 theme, it seems like it would be a good idea to start using branches rather than renaming the directories in the wp-content/themes directory.  What do you think?19:24
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greg-ginteresting, posted to planet.gnome, introduction to RDF and SPARQL (two things we like at CC):
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nkinkadenathany: JED3: meeting?20:27
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nathanynkinkade: sorry, we were away from the computer20:43
nathanycan you give us 10 min?20:43
nkinkadeJust let me know when you're ready.20:43
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nathanynkinkade: conference line?20:48
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nathanywe're jamming to smooth jazz waiting for you ;)20:49
JED3balleyne: hey blaise, you around?20:52
JED3hey, you have a couple minutes to finish our conversation from the other day?20:53
JED3i'm in a mtg right now, but can you chat later this afternoon?20:53
balleyneJED3: I'll be online for another hour and a bit20:54
JED3cool, i'll send you a message soon20:55
balleyneit's 5pm here, I'm in EST (are you PST?)20:55
JED3we can catch up later20:55
balleynek, sounds good20:55
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JED3nkinkade: https://zupport.creativecommons.org21:50
JED3not that its absolutely critical that we have https available for zupport, but I think the only way we could have it work would be to request yet another IP for a922:04
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.  I just use zupport with http.22:04
JED3since is apache is already listening on 443 for all 3 of a9's ip's22:05
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JED3nathany: what are you thoughts on using something like this for the django-paypal app?22:17
nathanyJED3: as opposed to a git submodule?22:18
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nathanyseems sane to me; you'd obviously need to set as_egg to True to get it on the Python path22:18
nathany(assuming the repo layout works for that)22:18
nkinkadenathany: Do you anything else about the other domain assertion tool that was announced along with CC0 back in March?22:21
nkinkadeIs that shelved?22:21
nathanyPD assertion?22:21
nathanyyou mean march 2008?22:21
nkinkadenathany: I mean 2009-03:
nathanynkinkade: "Funding permitting, "22:22
nathanywe're seeking funding22:22
nathanyso not quite the same as shelved, i guess22:22
nkinkadeSo basically nothing is happening there to your knowledge, at least for the moment.22:23
nkinkade... until funding.22:23
nathanynot that i'm aware of; i think diane may be thinking about the scope, but that's about it22:23
balleyneJED3: sorry, gotta run -- I'll try you tomorrow22:32
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JED3nkinkade: hey, in re to your email about ubercart...23:40
nkinkadeTell me you've got the solution, and that it's easy.23:40
nkinkadeBut not in any way that implies I'm slow.23:41
JED3ha yeah, depending on whether or not you are okay with modifying the ubercart code23:41
nkinkadeI was hoping not to.23:41
JED3hmm okay, well we could add onto the codebase to get it working23:42
nkinkadeWhat is the story with that "List" checkbox for each product image?  Is it broken?23:42
nkinkadeIs this a bug?23:42
JED3or comment out a couple lines :)23:42
JED3i'm not sure about the list checkbox23:42
nkinkadeWe've got it all in git so tracking changes is easy.23:42
nkinkadethe Product content type is putting it there, but it seems to do nothing that I can determine.23:42
nkinkadeOne way to get rid of the offending image would be a single CSS line for the .main-product-image class:23:44
JED3yeah, its in the product module for ubercart23:44
nkinkadedisplay: none23:44
JED3thats the function that unconditionally inserts that icon23:44
nkinkadeAh.  I think I'd rather use CSS to eliminate it than change the code.  But I'm still left with the vague feeling that there is a bug here somewhere.23:45
nkinkadeI guess I need to track that "List" checkbox through the code.23:45
nkinkadeTo see what it's supposed to do, and why it's not doing what I expect it to do.23:46
nkinkadeJED3: I thought I was on to something with this::
nkinkadeBut the patch he supplies is already part of our code, so whatever issue it addressed must be different from what I'm seeing.23:47
nkinkadeBut it's actually not just an icon.  The first uploaded image is considered to be *the* product image, and when shown in lists it's reduced to a thumbnail.23:48
nkinkadeI suppose one way around it would be to just make the first of the 3 large images the product image, but the thumbnail might not come out like we want.23:49
JED3ohh okay, oh that has to be a bug then23:49
JED3i see what you are saying now23:49
nkinkadeI would swear that that "List" checkbox is *supposed* to determine whether to display that image in the main node view.23:50
JED3yeah, intuitively it should23:50
nkinkadeThat's what I surmise when I read various posts, and also when I view here:23:50
nkinkadeThe text clearly states this: "The list option determines whether files are visible on node views. This will be used as the default value for the list option."23:50
nkinkadeI think I'm going to track down why that checkbox seems to have no effect, and then maybe submit a bug report --- unless of course I've got it all wrong.23:51
nkinkadeBut in the meantime, I think a CSS fix would be easiest and the least intrusive ... do you agree with that?23:52
JED3whats the log in url for drupal again?23:52
nkinkademinus the \, of course.23:53
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks for poking around on this a bit.23:53
nkinkade4 eyes are better than 2.23:53
JED3yeah np23:53
nkinkadeUnless you're one eyed, in which case 3 are better than 2.l23:54
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