Thursday, 2009-06-25

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TDJACRWith CC-By-SA, you can link it to other, proprietary stuff (embed into image, for example), as long as you provide *it* under -BY-SA?15:12
TDJACROr is the whole image now -By-SA15:12
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TDJACRNevermind, that was a rather dumb question.15:19
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sdccan anyone tell me how can i include a cc license in my project?18:42
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adv_can anyone tell me how can i include a cc license in my project?i can't figure what i'm supposed to ship with my code and where i'm supposed to put my name.18:44
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akozakadv_: CC isn't really meant for code19:18 should be able to help19:18
akozakbut I'm on my way out19:18
akozakgood luck!19:18
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nkinkade1adv_: As akozak said, CC actively discourages people from using a CC license for software, though there is nothing stopping you:
nkinkade1As far as actually licensing your work, it's as simple as picking a license, then marking your work in some clear way so that others know your decision.  CC isn't involved in that process.19:22
nkinkade1Maybe you meant how to include an actual texual copy of the license with the work ... I don't know of any textual versions ... a URL and statement should be enough.19:23
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paulproteusnkinkade1, Hey19:51
paulproteusI'm still in ATL19:51
nkinkade1paulproteus: Hi.19:51
paulproteusWhen do you leave again?19:51
paulproteusSorry to be dropping all the communication on the floor.19:51
nkinkade1On the 30th.19:51
paulproteusMan, we have two milestones we want to reach by the 29th. When on the 30th?19:52
nkinkade1No problem.  I know you're busy.19:52
nkinkade1Pretty early, I think.  The plane leaves at around 10AM, so basically I'm not available that day.19:52
nkinkade1paulproteus: Do you have a link to information about what your doing?19:52
paulproteusre: more info: Not quite yet, but soon?19:53
paulproteusRemind me where you're staying. I'm in East Point, as you'll recall.19:53
nkinkade1I'm up by Decatur ... north of I-20.19:54
paulproteusAh, cool.19:54
nkinkade1I was surprised when I heard you were in East Point.19:54
nkinkade1Why so far south?19:54
paulproteusI recall!19:54
paulproteusCheap rent and an awesome house.19:54
nkinkade1Is that where everyone else is?19:54
* paulproteus shakes his head19:54
nkinkade1East Point is pretty far from the hip side of Atlanta.19:54
paulproteusI know, but we're poor or something.19:54
paulproteusLet's talk again by this time tomorrow and figure out the details.19:54
nkinkade1I can probably drive down your way.19:55
paulproteusI'd love to invite my other teammates, but at least one will be loathe to spend cash and time.19:56
paulproteusLet's nail it down tomorrow, and I'll get back to work for now?19:56
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mecredis_nkinkade1: there?20:56
nkinkade1mecredis: Yeah.20:56
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mecredis_I think Parker Higgins needs his wordpress setup20:58
mecredis_scratch that20:58
mecredis_he's on there20:58
mecredis_nevermind nkinkade sorry to bother you20:59
nkinkadeNo problem.  Glad to help. :-)21:00
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pyrakso which is better, in general? : using js to change the classes of items so that they become invisible or visible,21:28
pyrakor using js to actually write and remove items from the htm21:29
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isforinsectspyrak: It depends on what/when you are optimizing for21:49
isforinsectson a heavy page, I would preload everything, but if you are loading a bare site that then pulls in things as needed...21:50
isforinsectstoo dependent on a specific site design to say21:50
isforinsectsI prefer sites that have everything grok/grep -able remotely21:51
isforinsectsbut that's only for my utility21:51
pyrakdesired behavior: choosing "cc0" (a radio button i added) replaces the checkboxes there with some info about cc021:52
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pyraki keep thinking that it would suck to have a page that conceptually makes no sense when css dies21:53
pyrakbut i guess that if css dies, js has probably died, and at that point we have bigger problems21:53
pyrakso perhaps i shouldn't worry about that21:53
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nkinkadepyrak: Like isforinsects suggested, I'd just write all the HTML/CSS in advance then use javascript to hide/display it.  If someone's browser doesn't support CSS these days, then it's pretty much a loss anyway.22:02
nkinkadeAnd if they don't support CSS, then it's nearly sure they won't be supporting javascript, which you'll need no matter how you do it.22:03
pyraknkinkade, done22:04
nkinkadeI used to be a big supported of writing pages that worked for people not using javascript, but that was mostly because the javascript implementation in most free software browsers sucked and lots of sites didn't work for me. :-)22:06
nkinkadeNowadays we've got all all sorts of free software browsers that do javascript as well as any other browser.22:06
isforinsectseven my phone's browser handles it pretty well22:07
pyrakisforinsects, speaking of which, is there a good terminal app on your android phone?22:10
pyrakwith tab completion and stuff?22:10
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pyrakand, more to the point, can you do your stuff from your phone?22:10
isforinsectspyrak: there is now22:11
pyrakif i had that, i would be happy22:11
isforinsectsconnectbot allows one to connect to one's phone's shell locally.22:11
isforinsectsI don't recall if I had tabcompletion22:11
pyraki suppose the only other reason that i'd really want to use the command line would be ssh22:11
pyrakand i'm sure there's some fun putty app or something22:12
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isforinsectsconnectbot has a keybinding for ctrl+a22:12
isforinsectsI <3 screen22:12
nkinkadepyrak: T-Mobile G1 running Adroid developer version?22:13
isforinsectspyrak: and I've been migrating my todo system over to tiddywiki22:13
isforinsectsyeah, I lose the ability to cat and pipe, but the wiki system works better for me22:13
Bovinityi ran my task list on a phptiddlywiki for a number of years22:14
Bovinityquite useful22:15
isforinsectsI have mine checked into git and synced across a few machines22:15
pyraki'm still waiting for the perfect task management and calendaring and email managing system to fall from the sky22:16
isforinsectsI Yeah22:16
isforinsectsthe movement is pretty much dead though22:16
pyraki don't get how more people aren't excited about this22:17
greg-ga tomboy/tasque mashup is what i want. email stays with mutt.22:17
pyraki want to be able to create a task on either my computer or my mobile, and see it again on either my computer or mobile22:18
pyrakfurthermore, i want to assign those tasks to resources (what i need to do them) "phone, email, errand"22:18
pyrakand i might want to give them deadlines and perhaps even approximate time required22:19
pyraki also want to do all of this using only free software22:19
pyrakso much to ask?22:19
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isforinsectspyrak: one of the many problems is that my todo system is going to differ from yours22:28
isforinsectscontexts don't make that much sense to me22:28
pyrakisforinsects, then do you organize by project?22:33
pyrakor priority?22:33
pyrakor not at all?22:33
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isforinsectsand a lot It depends22:36
isforinsectsI tend to have very temporary priorities of projects22:36
isforinsectsand I would rather make a bit of progress on each one than try to finish one at a time.22:36
isforinsectsThere are projects, and then there are projects.22:36
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pyrakisforinsects, but don't you find that it's easier to make a bit of progress on a project by listing a bunch of bits that can be done, then doing them one by one and crossing them off as you go/22:48
pyrakin other words, turning projects into small, bite-size action tasks makes it easier to kill procrastination22:49
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isforinsectspyrak: yeah... my projects tend not to work like that23:10
isforinsectsThey tend to be very 'try try try try' failORpass23:10
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pyrakcan cc0 be ported?23:26
pyraknvm, i can read23:26
pyrakactually, i'm still confused23:35
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