Tuesday, 2009-06-23

akozakHere's a great general summary of OVC: http://www.clayfox.com/2009/06/22/reflections-on-the-ovc/00:00
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pyrakturns out this code isn't ready to be committed.  i found a bug where was using object references when i should have been using IDs00:17
pyrakand for some reason it's taken me more than 2 hours to apply a fix00:18
pyrakbut it should be back up by mid-day tomorrow00:18
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johndoigiiimecredis: hey man, saw that you pinged me earlier, was it anything dire?01:25
mecredisno not at all01:25
mecredisjust checking in01:25
johndoigiiiohh okay cool01:26
mecredislots of monday triage after the open video conf01:26
mecrediswanted to see what was on your plate01:26
johndoigiiiahh thats what mondays are good for01:26
johndoigiiiuhm, I've actually just started working on the actual donation pieces of the app01:27
johndoigiiiso last week I wrapped up most of the work on the organization and free accounts, and am now waiting on a code-review of sorts from nathan01:27
johndoigiiihttps://staging.creativecommons.net is actually running the new stuff, so click "Join" then "Donate Later" then follow the steps and you should be able to create a free acount01:28
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* mecredis excitedly clicks01:29
johndoigiiimake you sure you change the url in the email to "staging"01:30
mecredisjust did that01:31
mecrediswe could cut down a step here or there01:31
mecredismaybe show the profile first01:32
mecredisand add [edit] stuff01:32
mecredisso people aren't presented with just another form01:32
mecredisjust a thought, don't implement it yet01:32
johndoigiiiyeah, ideally that would be much better, I did it this way because it would behave closer to how we currently handle the donating users01:34
johndoigiiiand would require less code to start off with01:34
mecredisgot it01:35
johndoigiiibut we could certainly have all of the information on a single page01:35
johndoigiiidefinitely possible01:35
mecredisyeah, I mean I think its important to show people01:35
mecredishey, you got an account now01:35
mecredisand let them fill out other details later01:35
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johndoigiiiohh okay, nm I misunderstood01:36
johndoigiiiyeah well that would be very simple to do then01:36
mecredisthe tricky part01:36
johndoigiiiI thought you meant a single form with all of the information01:36
mecredisis getting them to choose a password01:36
mecredisI like just first & last name01:37
mecredisand password01:37
johndoigiiiokay cool01:37
mecrediserr, e-mail01:37
mecredisand then they get the conf e-mail01:37
johndoigiiithats the easiest way01:37
mecredisbut then01:37
mecrediswhen they click on the conf link01:37
mecredisi think they should be shown a profile01:38
johndoigiiiohh yeah01:38
mecrediswith their name01:38
mecredisand thats it01:38
mecredisand then like [edit] sections01:38
mecrediswe have to assume most people will be registering for donate or webcitation features01:38
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mecredisso that functionality should be available immediately01:38
mecredisinstead of more general profile information01:39
mecredismaybe this is nitpicky01:39
mecredisbut can we put the first name and last name01:39
mecredison one line01:39
mecredisand maybe default the value of the text box01:40
mecrediswith First Name, ewtc.01:40
mecredisthese are less substantial changes01:40
mecredisthe functionality is there01:40
mecredisso good work01:42
johndoigiiinothing special there, but the app is ready to support distinctions between individuals and organizations now01:42
mecrediswe should add it in the "active" section01:43
mecredisso its01:43
mecredis"Active Organization"01:43
mecredisthough I'm curious01:43
mecredisif we need active anymore01:43
mecredis"Organizational Account" might suffice01:43
johndoigiiiyeah I had that in there but removed it in suspicions of what the exact terminology should be01:44
johndoigiiiyeah Active will seem to be less meaningful now01:44
mecredisright, we've essentially switched active to premium01:44
mecredisso it might be worth switching that on staging01:44
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johndoigiiiokay, so "Premium Account" as well?01:45
mecredisyeah, so it should be "(Free / Premium / Organizational) Account" for now01:47
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johndoigiiiso fred, what happens if someone decides their fundraising goal is a bit ambitious and want to lower their goal?02:05
mecredisgood question02:05
mecrediswe don't want to put a ceiling on them02:05
mecredisthats too low02:05
mecredisso like $10k should maybe be the highest02:05
mecredisif its over02:05
mecrediswe should refer them to melissa02:05
mecredisbut say someone chooses 5k and wants to put it down to 3k?02:06
mecredisis it worth letting premium accounts do that02:06
mecredisand not free accounts?02:06
mecredisit seems so minor02:06
mecredisbut we "trust" premium accounts more02:06
mecredisprobably not02:07
mecredisI don't think we should let them02:07
mecredisturn it down02:07
mecredisbut maybe up?02:07
johndoigiiihaha, yeah I guess what I am really wondering is whether or not we should keep a history of their goal changes02:08
mecredisI like the idea of only letting it go up02:09
mecredisto the point of recording the history of their hanges02:09
mecredisI think it might be a good idea02:10
mecredisto plan for this kind of functionality02:10
mecredishow much more work is it?02:10
johndoigiiiuhm, i'd say itd be an insignificant amount02:11
mecredisbut yeah, I'd say build it so that it can be tracked02:12
mecredisbut let's not plan on exposing the functionality until we start testing it02:13
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mecredissound good?02:14
johndoigiiiyep, sure does02:15
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mecredisnkinkade: asheesh bot seems to have died this week15:23
mecredisI don't think I got a staff notes reminder15:23
nkinkadeWhich bot?15:23
nkinkadeOh, that one.15:23
nkinkadeI haven't got it yet either.15:23
mecredisjust a head sup15:24
nkinkademecredis: Thanks.  I'll look into that in just a minute.15:26
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pyrakdo sessions never work if cookies are off on the client's side?17:32
pyrakfor some reason i thought they did, as long as the client kept her browser open17:32
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mecredisnkinkade: I want to upload a .mp3 / .ogg of an interview I did at a CC Salon18:16
mecrediscan I put it on mirrors on a7?18:16
mecredisoops, that doesn't appear to be on there18:17
mecrediswell, let me know when / where I should upload it18:17
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pyrakmecredis, does cc have a blip channel?18:27
mecredisyeah, we do18:27
mecredisthough do they take mp3 / ogg?18:27
pyrakmecredis, think so...18:28
mecredisneat, will try it18:28
nkinkademecredis: Do you still need something with regard to that MP3?18:29
mecredisI think it might be good to host it on mirrors18:30
mecredisbut I only have access to a718:30
mecrediswhich doesn't seem to have mirrs on it18:30
nkinkadea8 hosts mirrors.18:30
mecredisgot it18:30
mecrediswill my keys work there?18:30
nkinkadeI can give you an account.18:30
nkinkadeWhat's your login on a7?18:30
mecredisif you could just copy it over18:30
mecredisthat'd be easietst, I think18:31
Bovinitymecredis: archive.org ...?18:31
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mecredisI guess we don't really have a policy18:32
mecredisbut archive.org seems like a good idea too18:32
Bovinityi thought archive was our loose unwritten policy18:32
mecredisgot it18:32
Bovinitythey autoconvert anyway, so it's most convenient18:32
Bovinitywe should have a page somewhere that collects all our archive uploads though. we've got a bunch of audio that isn't noted anywhere, i think18:33
mecredisbut yeah18:33
nkinkademecredis: Try a8.18:35
nkinkadeYou're password is at ~/pw18:35
nkinkadeChange it then delete that file.18:35
mecredisdone, thanks nkinkade18:36
nkinkadeCool.  You're in the group users, which has write access to most of mirrors.18:37
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``Cube(08:41:00 PM) Cube: hey guys18:48
``Cube(08:41:04 PM) Cube: I need your law advice18:48
``Cube(08:41:45 PM) Cube: right here: http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/outsidein/2009/03/26/a-german-view-of-the-world/18:48
``Cube(08:41:52 PM) Cube: I took that picture when he was in town18:48
``Cube(08:42:02 PM) Cube: he's a german politician18:48
``Cube(08:42:27 PM) Cube: its under CC SA 3.018:48
``Cubewould it be reasonable for me to request some minor $$$ in return from them?18:49
mecredisSSH Error: Upload failed .. The user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation.18:52
mecredisnkinkade: ^18:52
mecredishrm may have to rename file18:53
nkinkademecredis: I'm updating perms now.18:57
nkinkade``Cube: Why would you get money for them?18:57
nkinkademecredis: Try again.18:58
mecredislooks good18:58
``Cubenkinkade: cause they could have requested a photographer and paid lots of 100s of $$$, but they rather used my version FOR FREE18:59
greg-g``Cube: since you released the photo under a CC:BY-SA license, requesting money would be disengenuous.18:59
nkinkadeWhat greg-g said.18:59
greg-g``Cube: you released it so it could be used for free, using BY-SA.18:59
greg-gHOWEVER, you should request they give you proper attribution (which I don't see that they have)18:59
nkinkadeDid you or did you not *really* want to share your work?18:59
``Cubegreg-g: thanks. what are they missing?19:00
greg-g``Cube: oh, I actually missed the "Photograph: ..." part.19:01
greg-g``Cube: they appear to be using your photo according to the terms of the license you applied to it, CC:BY-SA.19:02
``Cubegreg-g: would it be ok though to ask for some 10$ or something just them being nice about it?19:03
greg-g``Cube: You can ask, but you are not entitled to it. I would suggest being very nice in your email when you request it, also.19:03
nkinkade``Cube: There's nothing in the license that would prevent you from *asking* for money, but it might be somewhat uncool.19:03
``Cubekk guys19:07
``Cubethanks a lot for your advice, I appreciate it19:07
greg-g``Cube: no problem19:08
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johndoigiiihttp://images.google.com/images?q=cat&as_rights=cc_publicdomain , when did they add this? never saw/heard about it19:44
pyrakjohndoigiii, ohsnap19:45
mecredisits undocumented19:45
mecredisthey're announcing soon19:45
johndoigiiioh okay19:45
johndoigiiilooks like a lot of blogs got wind of it now that I look around19:45
johndoigiiiwell cool, hopefully they don't bury it deep in their UI19:47
mecredisyeah .. we'll see19:47
pyrakmecredis, was i right about blip?19:56
mecredisah didn't try19:58
mecrediswent for archive19:58
paulproteusnkinkade, Sorry you have to fix my scripts! I'm curious what went wrong.20:10
nkinkadepaulproteus: This seemed to fix it: http://code.creativecommons.org/viewsvn/pywikipedia/trunk/staff.py?r1=11865&r2=1283020:11
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nkinkadeThe recent overhaul to the /about/people page was causing it fail in the list_all_staff() function.20:12
nkinkadepaulproteus: By the way, I'm here in ATL for another week.  What's your schedule looking like till the 30th?20:13
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balleynewhat's the difference between a retired and deprecated CC license? (johndoigiii, or anyone who knows?)20:40
balleyneboth the sampling and DevNations licenses are listed as deprecated, but only the DevNations license contains a notice that it's been retired20:41
johndoigiiiyes, have you visited this page?20:41
balleyneyeah, that's what I'm looking at20:42
balleyneI guess the more important question: should I not offer Sampling licenses as an option then?20:43
johndoigiiino, I would focus on the 6 core licenses, PD, and CC020:44
balleynethat makes sense -- I was confused because the Sampling Licenses are still available through the API, and they don't seem to contain the same retired notice as the DevNations20:45
johndoigiiisweet, so how's the module coming along?20:45
balleyneas for CC0, doesn't seem like that's available through the API either?20:45
johndoigiiino it isn't20:46
johndoigiiiI think it is exposed in the PartnerInterface though20:46
balleynemodule is coming along well! been making some big changes lately, and I think I'm on track for a 1.0 release, hopefully next week20:47
balleyneI'll probably leave it as a beta or release candidate on drupal.org for a bit though20:48
johndoigiiiThis could be an easy alternative to having the hard code support for CC0 http://creativecommons.org/license/zero/partner?lang=en&partner={partner}&exit_url={exit_url}&license_code=publicdomain&stylesheet={stylesheet}20:48
johndoigiiiballeyne: awesome!20:48
balleynecool, thanks -- just looking at the partner interface now, that makes sense20:49
johndoigiiiit won't feel as native as hooking directly into drupal admin interface but it'd be a quick and easy add-in20:51
balleyneok, cool20:51
balleyneI've got a few phase II ideas too, but I'll have to figure out which are actually feasible given the time limits20:51
johndoigiiicool, feel free to shoot me any questions20:55
balleynejohndoigiii, I could use a little clarification now on one thing21:01
balleyneaccording to creativecommons.org/publicdomain, seems like... CC0 is recommended if you're the rights hold and want to release your work into the PD, whereas the PD Certification is more about asserting that something *already is* in the PD -- is that correct?21:02
johndoigiiiyes, CC0 is intended for works not already in PD21:05
balleyneok, thanks :)21:05
johndoigiiiPD is more about "certifying" that a work is in the public domain21:06
johndoigiiiCC0 is about dedicating works to the public domain (e.g. 'releasing')21:07
balleyneright, makes sense21:07
nkinkademecredis: Thanks for working something out with the FIT people.21:30
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mecredisnkinkade: no prblemo thats my job21:37
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pyrakpython question: trying to "make all" in jswidget, and i'm told to "install something" so i have "module named babel.messages.catalog"22:25
johndoigiii1pyrak: if you bring your laptop in here I can help22:26
pyrakon my way22:26
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