Monday, 2009-06-22

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CVirusWhere does the author specify how to attribute him ?11:42
CVirusis it among the CC ?11:42
CVirusfound it11:43
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tgrhow do I find out who the language admins for the Hungarian translation are?18:19
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akozakGood question, I don't know.  Someone else here might.18:26
akozaktgr: why do you ask18:28
Bovinitytgr: contact michelle thorn - michelle@creativecommons.org18:29
Bovinitythorne, rather18:29
tgrakozak: I want them to accept some pending translations18:30
nkinkadetgr:  Try the contacts listed on the CC Hungary project page:
nkinkadeYou may also get some leads from their site:
tgrnone of them have admin rights as far as I know18:33
nkinkadeIf you don't get any replies there, then you could try Micheele.18:33
nkinkadetgr:  One of them must.18:33
nkinkadeUnless one of them has asked us to give someone else admin rights for Hungarian, then it's one of them.18:34
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tgrnkinkade: I'm pretty sure they don't, I already asked on the Hungarian CC list more than a month ago, and I know all of them read it18:39
nkinkadetgr: That may be true, but they are the only ones who can authorize translations.18:40
nkinkadeYou could write to Michelle, but she'd just forward your message to one of them.18:40
nkinkadeIf they aren't responding to you, then by all means write to Michelle and explain the situation and the fact that you've received no responses to your inquiries.18:41
tgrI'll try18:41
tgrthx for the help18:41
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balleynejohndoigiii: is there a way to get a list of all available licenses from the API?21:09
akozakpictures from OVC21:11
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Bovinityakozak: did you shoot those photos?21:29
akozakBovinity: yea, still learning to shoot so some of them aren't that good21:29
Bovinityakozak: what flash were you using?21:29
akozakBovinity: why is the lighting all messed up?21:31
akozaki had to shoot at a lower speed because I didn't want to use flash21:32
akozakso that caused bluriness21:32
Bovinityakozak: the podium pictures look like they had some flash21:35
Bovinitycould have cranked up the ISO to keep the speeds nice21:35
Bovinity50mm 1.8?21:35
akozaki tried that but then the faces were too bright21:37
akozakbecause there were stage lights21:37
akozakYou're right though. I'm still getting comfortable with these things.21:39
nathanycclearn has its own flickr account? RME21:45
akozakwe got it from the HASTAC grant for SJ 2.021:45
akozakit was free :)21:45
akozakand we have to use it under the terms of our grant (to some extent)21:46
Bovinityit needs a sane url21:46
nathanythen someone wrote a bone headed grant :)21:47
nathany(if it a)required using a 3rd party service and b) required you create a whole new, non-dedicated account)21:47
nathany(non-dedicated for the grant)21:47
akozaknathany: i mean they didn't specify flickr specifically, but we have to provide media and document our project, and they gave us the flickr pro account for that purpose.21:47
akozakand it was decided that we would use the flickr21:47
akozakBovinity: changed the url21:48
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pyrakcan someone double-check the search on zearch.creativecommons.org21:53
pyraki'm pretty sure i found a bug in the old js code, which i corrected, but i might be crazy21:54
Bovinityzearch... clever21:54
pyrakBovinity, i can't take credit :P it was nkinkade21:54
Bovinityhe's to blame for zupport too21:54
nkinkadeActually nathany is to blame.21:55
Bovinitypyrak: the tab look will eventually go away, yes?21:55
nkinkadeIt all goes back to cc.licenze21:55
Bovinityor is that ball in my court...21:55
pyrakBovinity, yes, i've already turned them into radio buttons on my local machine.  will commit within the next hour probably21:55
Bovinitypyrak: ah. super.21:55
pyrakBovinity, warning: it21:55
pyrak's not pretty21:55
pyraki think that actually what it comes down to is that we need _bigger_ search engine images21:56
Bovinitypyrak: back to the original point: blip works for me.21:56
pyrakBovinity, but does it seem to be handling choices about comm and deriv correctly?21:56
Bovinitythe license= query string is changing21:56
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pyrakin the old version:  case: ($comm = true, $deriv = false) returns same as case: (both true)21:57
pyrakanyway, you don't have to drop what you're doing and test extensively21:59
pyrakjust thought i'd ask for another set of eyes to confirm that my change does indeed fix a bug21:59
pyrak(to see the change, search the two cases i listed, on both zearch and search, and compare results)21:59
pyrak(mountainview feels like disneyland)22:00
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nkinkadeBovinity: It's starting to shape up a bit.22:26
Bovinitynkinkade: are there custom template files for item pages?22:26
nkinkadeI'm sure there's a way to configure it.22:26
Bovinitynice progress22:27
nkinkadeI hope/suspect that styling will be easy enough.  I've been focusing totally on functionality up to now.22:31
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Bovinityhopefully it has the same theme file overriding the other modules do.22:34
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johndoigiiipyrak: getting some good wifi downthere?22:40
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pyrakjohndoigiii, heh.  interestingly, no22:45
johndoigiiigoogle is hogging all of the bandwith in the region22:46
pyrakmust be22:47
pyrakalthough, they have the whole place wired with free wifi22:47
pyrakwhich apparently i'm too stupid to figure out how to connect to22:47
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