Saturday, 2009-06-06

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jjmarinAnybody here maintains PdfLicenseManager ?08:57
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Fn0rdDeflecthi folks, quick question:17:13
Fn0rdDeflectI have some source code licensed under the cc-by license. am I allowed to redistribute it under the gnu gpl?17:13
RainRatI *think* so. Would be worth getting a expert opinion or contacting the author if it was for something important.17:30
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Fn0rdDeflectI want to submit the code to a sourceforge project, and they don't accept cc-licensed material, so I need to be sure. I guess I'll contact the author17:41
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paulproteusFn0rdDeflect, You're generally right that code under CC-by is not necessarily compatible with the GPL.20:53
Fn0rdDeflectyes, I thought so because the GPL does not enforce the preservation of author attribution21:02
Fn0rdDeflectbut then again, some CC licenses have the "share alike" option, which explicitly requires the sharing of derivative works under a compatible license, so I wondered if the licenses without the "sa" option DO allow redistribution under a license that is not compatible.21:06
paulproteusI'm not a lawyer, but you'll see that CC by 3.0 has a few clauses that probably conflict with the GPL.21:11
paulproteusOne is the anti-DRM provision, which GPLv2 lacks.21:11
paulproteusThe GPL insists that it is not compatible with any license that adds a restriction not already in the GPL.21:12
Fn0rdDeflectah, I didn't know about that.21:15
Fn0rdDeflectI guess this didn't change with GPLv321:17
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paulproteusI haven't done a careful reading of the two licenses in a while, but in general that's the sort of thing to look for - other restrictions in the CC license that aren't in GPL.21:40
Fn0rdDeflectwell, I've asked the author for permission now, this is certainly the easiest way to be sure that I'm allowed to redistribute the code.21:43
paulproteusYeah. Sad that some guy used a CC license; we try to tell them not to.21:47
Fn0rdDeflectthe commonly used free software licenses mostly don't require author attribution, I guess that's why he chose CC instead.21:52
paulproteusThey do inside the source code, though.21:52
paulproteusYou can possibly console him that way,.21:52
Fn0rdDeflectI run over the changes in GPLv3, section 7b) gives me permission to "Requiring preservation of specified reasonable legal notices or    author attributions in that material or in the Appropriate Legal21:55
Fn0rdDeflect    Notices displayed by works containing it"21:55
Fn0rdDeflectthis seems to be a better way than just mentioning his name in the source21:56
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