Friday, 2009-06-05

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johndoigiiithis might help in your spec design for the webcitation05:07
mecredisI was looking at
mecredisbut this should make it easier05:10
mecredisI take it we're using django?05:11
johndoigiiiyes, sorry05:11
johndoigiiithis django app supposedly is built according to the sixapart specs05:12
mecredisyeah, I think the biggest PITA remaining will be that and the HTML cache05:14
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johndoigiiiha, had to look up that accronym05:21
johndoigiiiwell worth it05:21
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mecredisjohndoigiii: what do you think about trackbacks being in the prototype?17:30
johndoigiiihey, yeah I am not opposed to it17:32
mecredisOk I'll put it in the spec17:32
johndoigiiiI think that would be one of the most impressive features of the citations17:32
mecredisfrom my limited understanding of the django plugin, it doesn't look as painful as it could be17:32
mecredisyeah, it completes the loop17:32
mecredisand in the future could be very useful for metrics17:33
johndoigiiiyeah, they did the hard stuff, designing inline with six apart's protocol standards/specs17:33
mecredisthe "cream of the crop" cc stat17:33
mecredisis how many lawyer hours we've saved17:33
mecredisor rather, how frequently works get reused17:34
mecredisand transaction costs decreased17:34
mecredisso if we can have a baseline guess based on TrackBacks17:34
mecredisit'll be better than just guessing at how people behave on flickr17:34
johndoigiiimy only concern is what happens if something goes viral17:34
mecredisand we get slammed?17:35
mecredisyeah, and trackbacks can slow other user's wordpress blogging17:35
johndoigiiirealistically, I don't think its something to worry about17:35
mecredisno, its a real limitation on the protocol17:35
mecredisif I blog about something *super* popular17:36
mecredisthen the performance of *my blog* when saving the post is affected17:36
mecredisbut yeah17:36
mecredisa good problem to have17:36
johndoigiiiha yea17:36
johndoigiiimecredis is sent you an email re: python/django17:37
mecredisyeah, thanks17:37
mecredisbasically the route I was thinking17:37
mecredisI've heard lots of raves about django17:37
mecredisI tried cake for php17:37
mecredisand could not get into it17:37
johndoigiiiyeah, same here17:37
mecredisso kind of have a bad taste in my mouth for web frameworks17:37
mecredisbut cool17:38
johndoigiiimecredis, can I ask a quick q about the prototype?17:40
mecredismm, realizing that maybe shouldn't be public17:41
mecredisno worries17:41
mecredisdon't want to promise too much17:41
mecredisanyway, shoot17:41
johndoigiii"Darwin Bell" is that the Flickr user? or someone on
mecrediscited user is "mecredis"17:41
mecrediserr, citing17:41
johndoigiiiahh, so say I have a 'free' account and I want to cite my own flickr work17:42
johndoigiiiso I claim the owner as my flickr identity or my account?17:43
mecredisthis is what I was trying to get across yesterday17:43
mecredisthe notion of "claiming" a work that's been cited17:43
mecredisideally we'd do OAuth in the same way we do one-way registrations17:43
mecredisand CCN would be aware of users who have authorized their flickr accounts and also have citations17:44
mecredisand indicate as much17:44
mecredisbut, as I see it, we won't allow users to "claim" a work unless they join as premium17:44
mecredisam I answering your question?17:45
mecredisCCN should have a list of CCN users who have OAuth'd their Flickr accounts17:46
mecredisand every time a citation comes in17:46
johndoigiiibut what if I can technically prove myself as the owner of a work, such as a personal blog17:46
johndoigiiiand I've already registered it as a work, but want to gain the features available by citing it17:47
mecredisright right17:47
mecredisI guess that would depend on the reciprocal metadata dance17:47
mecredisor we could make it that way17:47
johndoigiiioops I meant "can't" 2 messages back17:47
mecredisoh I see17:47
mecredisso you're a free user17:48
mecredisso you can't register works17:48
mecredisno you're a premium user17:48
johndoigiiiyeah I am a prem user17:48
mecredisI guess the CCN "figuring out" who you are is luxury at best17:49
johndoigiiilike has his blog registered, but maybe he wants to see how others are using his work with the tracebacks and manually added reusers17:49
mecredisyeah, which is why registrations and citations should offer the same features17:49
johndoigiiiahhh I see, okay17:49
mecredisbut be semantically distinct in that citations can be for any object on the public web17:50
mecredisand registrations are pre-claimed in a sense17:50
greg-gmecredis: that page is hot17:59
mecredisMY COVER IS BLOW17:59
mecredisbut yeah, my title is now product manager17:59
mecredisso glad you like it17:59
mecredisof course now the pressure is on johndoigiii not me18:00
akozakhey greg-g18:03
greg-ghi akozak18:03
akozaksorry about the delay in the sakai document18:03
greg-gakozak: no worries, I've been pretty busy lately18:04
akozakditto :)18:04
mecredisnkinkade: does teamspace allow full html18:06
mecredis$wgRawHtml = true;18:06
nkinkademecredis: I'm not sure.  Are you saying that it doesn't?18:07
mecredisit doesn't seem to18:07
mecredisnot a big deal18:07
nkinkadeShould it?18:07
mecredisI'm just writing some example HTML code18:07
nkinkadeI can do that setting of you need it.18:07
mecredisand I'd like to link using RDFa, etc.18:07
mecredisand <a href="" etc18:07
nkinkadeDo you want me to add that setting?18:07
mecredislet's try it18:07
mecredisif you don't mind18:08
nkinkadeGive it a shot now.  I added that config you specified.18:09
mecredisgreat thanks18:12
mecredisit works18:12
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akozakdoes this mean we can add flashing text to the wiki18:14
akozakhold my calls!18:14
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johndoigiiiakozak, <marquee>18:21
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greg-glove it18:28
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mecredis_johndoigiii: what do you think about this18:47
johndoigiiireading it now18:50
mecredis_hrm, need to add ac ouple things to the view section18:52
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johndoigiiiwhere does the javascript Bookmarklet reside, on the original work's homepage, like a flickr photo page?18:53
mecredis_no, on browser bar18:53
mecredis_let me find a good example18:54
mecredis_see the upper right column18:55
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johndoigiiiohh okay cool18:58
mecredis_ideally, ccMoz would handle it lateron18:59
johndoigiiigood idea19:00
mecredis_we can basically hijack bitly's probably19:01
mecredis_totally unclear, of course, the copyright status of such code19:02
johndoigiiiha yeah, heres what I used for the one I just tested...19:02
johndoigiiiif you remove the '?' you'll see that it passes the url of the page you are currently viewing19:03
johndoigiiithat would be a really cool feature19:03
johndoigiiiyeah I think the specs look good19:03
mecredis_just thought if we really wanted to URL shortening19:04
mecredis_we could just use's API19:04
mecredis_but not a priority19:04
mecredis_cool, well I'll run it by nathan and see if we can get it set up in a project tracker19:11
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Bovinitymecredis_: did anything ever come of the discussion?19:31
mecredis_Bovinity: I think I eventually decided our efforts were sufficient19:31
mecredis_and that we didn't need to add another way19:32
Bovinityhmm, ok19:32
Bovinitysounds good19:32
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