Wednesday, 2009-04-29

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isforinsectspaulproteus: how can I help?05:09
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paulproteusisforinsects, Yo06:29
paulproteusHow can you help ... what?06:29
paulproteusIf you're awake, anyway, let's chat.06:29
paulproteusIf not, man, I frickin' hate this time zone.06:29
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whitemike33is any one talking15:50
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greg-gnkinkade: do you happen to A) if we have a wikibot (or whatever it is named, a robot for automagically editing wiki pages) repo in git and B) what it is called (since webview is disabled)16:11
greg-gs/to A)/to know A)/16:11
nkinkadegreg-g: I'm not aware that such a bot exists.16:11
nkinkadegreg-g: a7 was slammed the other day, and apparently with something related to gitweb, so we took it down for now.16:12
nkinkadeWe may try to get it back up with cgit, which is faster and should cause less problems.16:12
greg-gnkinkade: ok, I thought there was some code lying around for some reason16:12
greg-ggotcha, I think I saw some discussion on that16:12
nkinkadeBut what do you mean by a wikibot?16:13
nkinkadeWe don't have any content in git, but just the code.16:13
greg-gright, I'm looking for code16:13
greg-gsomething that goes through the wiki and does some cleanup/changes/something16:14
greg-gthis is for the CaseStudies to Case_Studies change16:14
greg-gpretty easy logic, if (page_type_from_sem_wiki=CaseStudy) move_to(Case_Studies)16:15
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nathanygreg-g: ask paulproteus17:03
nathanyhe has some code for that sort of thing; it just uses the pymediawiki bot stuff, iirc17:03
paulproteusgreg-g, Ya, I do17:04
paulproteusLet me get back to you in 1h17:04
greg-gnathany: thanks17:08
greg-gpaulproteus: sure thing17:08
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haoyugreg-g, I have some experience with mwclient, which is a bit better than pymediawiki when you want to do some simple bot17:20
haoyunkinkade, thanks for the user rights setting. it works well.17:21
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greg-ghaoyu: doy ou have some example code I could look at?17:22
haoyuthe code I'm working on is in the CC SVN repo, but it can not be a simple example17:24
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haoyubut there's some example shipped with mwclient's README file. it is just some very easy to use API.17:25
greg-ghaoyu: cool, I'll take a look at it. Thanks.17:25
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haoyugreg-g, if you want to take a look, my code is at here:
greg-ghaoyu: yeah, that is a bit more complicated than I will need :)17:28
greg-gbut good to see a complex example, too, I suppose17:28
haoyugreg-g, indeed. so just see the mwclient's README.txt. there's some simple example.17:28
paulproteusYeah, mwclient is better.17:31
paulproteusThe pymediawiki bot is too much of a pain.17:31
nkinkadehaoyu: No problem.  Glad it works.17:34
nkinkadeOne by one the issues are getting worked out.17:34
nkinkadenathany: Emails from the license chooser don't seem to be working.17:36
nkinkadeCould it possibly be related to the recent updates?17:36
nkinkadeIt doesn't seem to be interacting with Postfix correctly.17:37
nathanynkinkade: which ones? the debian upgrade or the cc.engine updates? possibly yes to both...17:37
nathanycan you just open a ticket and assign it to me?17:37
nkinkadeI think cc.engine.17:37
nkinkadeGetting messages like this in mail.log: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from localhost[]: 550 5.1.1 <gwern0>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table; from=<> to=<gwern0> proto=ESMTP helo=<>17:37
paulproteusLooks to me like people are just entering "email addresses" without domain names in the form.17:38
paulproteusKind of an amazing concept to me, but you never know what users will do.17:38
nathanynkinkade: right, that's not our problem17:38
nathanyalthough i think we may have *a* problem since i tried to send the html to myself this morning and didn't get it17:38
nathanyjust didn't have time to dig into it17:38
nathanynkinkade: do you see anything in the log wrt a message to
nkinkadepaulproteus: that <gwern0> address shows up all over the place ... even when I try a test mail.17:39
nkinkadenathany: No.17:39
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nathanynkinkade: it's probably stuck in the outbound queue for zope -- i don't think i ever bothered to implement queue clearing on errors17:40
nkinkadeI though the same thing about the user not entering a domain, but it doesn't seem to be the case.17:40
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nkinkadeUnless those <gwern0> messages are just someone trying to spam a5.17:41
nkinkadeWhich is possible.17:41
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nathanynkinkade: i doubt it; i think i saw that address in the queue17:41
nkinkademailq reveals that the queue is empty ... or maybe mailq no longer works with postfix.17:42
nkinkadepostqueue -p says it's empty too.17:43
paulproteusThe Zope queue, said nathany.17:43
paulproteusif I understand correctly17:43
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isforinsectspaulproteus: re:SYN17:45
paulproteusisforinsects, I'm going to bike to the office since you're unresponsive. Talk to you in ca. 15m.17:47
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isforinsectsmy bad17:58
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paulproteusisforinsects, rehi18:08
greg-gtag, you're it.18:15
* paulproteus loses the game18:16
paulproteusgreg-g, BTW did you see the fantastic 4chan pwnage of the "most influential 100 persons of the year"?18:16
nathanynkinkade: bug fixed.18:20
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.18:23
nathanynkinkade: can you look @ my account on wiki-staging and see why i can't edit a case study?18:41
nathanyi'd like to try the fckeditor with a working account before giving more feedback18:41
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.18:41
nkinkadeI had that same problem ... Alex had to add me as an Admin.18:41
nkinkadeFor some reason I could even do it directly through the db.18:41
nkinkadenathany: Try it now, for user "Nathan"18:44
nathanynkinkade: I'm not sure what the password for that account is; isn't my account Nathan Yergler?18:51
greg-gpaulproteus: that was awesome. I read someone's writeup about how it was done, amazing!18:51
paulproteusYeah! (-:18:52
nkinkadenathany: You were already an Admin and Bureaucrat, but not emailconfirmed18:57
nkinkadeWe ditched that on the main wiki, but apparently not yet on wiki-staging.18:57
nkinkadeYou should be good to go now.18:57
greg-gemailconfirmed is no longer a requirement for editing? good deal, that was a pain with OpenID18:58
greg-gpaulproteus: is there a bot username/pass I should use for this? pm me.19:05
greg-g(don't worry, not ready to run it yet, and yes, even if it accidently goes off the server is staging)19:06
paulproteusgreg-g, Just register your own fresh "Gregbot" account, or just use your own.19:09
paulproteusisforinsects, re-syn...19:09
greg-gpaulproteus: k.19:09
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paulproteusnathany, doin' it for the lulz19:19
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paulproteusWell that took me *way* too long. Turns out utc_timestamp is a reserved word in SQL, so you can't use it for column names.19:44
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nathanynkinkade: are you able to dial in for the tech call? or should we try voip?20:37
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nkinkadenathany:  Ekiga would be better.20:38
nathanygot it20:38
nathanylet me try to connect directly since we're all in the same room here20:38
nkinkadeI bought a dial-out account for Ekiga, but couldn't get it going this morning for the conference call.20:39
nkinkadeOnce I get that figured out I should be able to dial normal landlines.20:39
nkinkadenathany: What's your user?20:41
nathanynkinkade: well i can't get it to register ekiga on ekiga.net20:41
nkinkadeOr we could always just do Skype.20:41
nathanycould be jaunty update20:41
nathanynkinkade: i'm firing up skype20:41
nkinkadeJaunty brought Ekiga 3,  which seems to have some issues.20:41
nathanynkinkade: the mic battery seems to be dead (and needed) again20:43
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whitemike33is anyone here20:54
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