Tuesday, 2009-04-28

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overdrivehi people, i am going to start a msc in the university so i would like to tell my tutors, etc that i am going to use CC as a license to avoid anybody use, redistribute, earn something, making profit, etc15:02
overdrivehowever is there any way if they remove the CC license that this document was created originally by me? how could i demonstrate?15:03
overdrivei know another license called safecreative (from safecreative.com) that is similar to CC and when you upload your document you obtain some certification of that, so if somebody copy, redistribute, etc changing the license or skiping some basic rule from this license, it is possible to demonstrate that the document was originally from SC15:04
overdriveit is possible to do the same with CC? also it is possible to licenciate using a triple license like FDL (from FSF), CC and safecreative (the last one to certificate)15:05
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paulproteusnathany, Should I prioritize Allison's email over the stuff we just talked about?17:38
nathanypaulproteus: what email?17:38
paulproteuser, oh, you're not CC:d17:38
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nathanypaulproteus: i just replied with a suggestion17:42
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paulproteus...what, http://info.info/ ?17:53
* paulproteus 's head explodes17:53
* paulproteus saw a link to http://info.info/faq/how-do-browsers-read-and-resolve-idns17:53
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Bovinitypaulproteus: dang! (re: email)17:59
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nathanypaulproteus: are you using Awesome WM?18:14
paulproteusnathany, ya18:14
paulproteusThe only one of these crazy tilers I've kept for >3mo.18:14
nathanydoes it support devil's pie-like operation? (ie, always open a certain app along the right side, vertically maximized)18:15
paulproteusI... think so, I would have to check.18:16
paulproteusI know it does let you pin a window to a virtual desktop.18:16
nathanypaulproteus: cool; i'll have to try it18:16
paulproteusYou can actually write your own layout engine in Lua these days, so I'm sure it can in principle in 3.2.x.18:16
paulproteusBut the auto layout might interfere with that sort of thing by default, but then again gnome-panel works so I imagine it's more feasible than I'm guessing.18:16
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paulproteusBovinity, nathany, have time for lunch today? (if not, tomorrow or something is fine)18:56
nathany paulproteus: I think we're doing curry and having a boring pre-Hewlett-meeting-tomorrow discussion18:56
paulproteusI think I'll do http://www.thesentinelsf.com/ today.18:59
paulproteusI could totally pick things up for you two if you want. (-:19:00
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* paulproteus waits anxiously for the geociti.es transfer to finish19:55
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isforinsectspaulproteus: ping21:17
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