Thursday, 2009-03-19

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talkoutany gsoc mentors here?07:24
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talkoutanyone here know about CC ideas for GSoC?18:31
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paulproteustalk... yes19:13
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN19:26
paulproteusnathany, SUP19:28
paulproteusKaitlin just showed me where RMS's office is.19:29
nathanypaulproteus: LOL... does it still say "knight for justice and hot ladies" on it?19:29
nathanypaulproteus: i just sent you a private msg re: my ping19:30
paulproteuser, I didn't go see it because I had just said something slightly negative about the FSF and felt embarrassed.19:31
paulproteusPsst, don't admit to sending me PMs!19:31
paulproteusI got distracted for a sec because I had to send Kaitlin
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I can't seem to use git-svn log to find specific svn revision numbers in our CiviCRM git repository.20:52
nkinkadeHowever, just to make sure it wasn't totally broken in general, I can such a lookup on my RoundCube git-svn checkout.20:53
nkinkadeNot being able to search by svn revision ID will it hard to cherry-pick upstream revisions where all you've got is the svn revision ID.20:53
nkinkadeDo you think this is the result of how we're fetching and pushing?20:54
paulproteusNo, the fetching and pushing shouldn't affect that.20:56
paulproteusnkinkade, I bet you it, like, totally should work.20:56
* paulproteus loads up viewgit20:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: That did in fact work.  I was trying before in my local checkout.21:01
paulproteusIt would work there too by the definition of git commits....21:03
paulproteusLike, read "git log" for that commit ID locally and it will have the same commit log message.21:03
paulproteusGuaranteed, or your hash function back.21:03
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nkinkadepaulproteus: If I'm working to upgrade CiviCRM on zupport, should I do a merge or a rebase?21:13
nkinkadeWe had done a merge the last time, I believe.21:13
nkinkadeBut I've heard you say to use a rebase for git-svn things.21:14
paulproteusLet's make a Decision that going forward we will only rebase or cherry-pick (in this case, I'd say cherry-pick) and not merge, if we're building on svn stuff.21:14
paulproteusMerge just makes dangerously little sense.21:14
paulproteusAnd rebase would be good if only git knew where our work began and their work ended.21:14
nkinkadepaulproteus: Cool ... just wanted to make sure.21:14
paulproteusIf I knew off-hand how to tell it, I'd just tell you that. Until then, I'd say just cherry-pick your revisions on top of the new base.21:15
nkinkadeIn this case, we haven't made any revisions to the code since we last upgraded to
paulproteusFeel free to be more adventurous with rebase.21:15
paulproteusAh, cool.21:15
nkinkadeSo merge should be best?21:15
nkinkadeOr I guess I could just checkout 2.2.21:15
nkinkadeOr call 2.2 cc_staging.21:16
nkinkadeAm I off-track?21:16
paulproteusCall it cc_staging_2.2, which points at the same rev as 2.2.21:16
paulproteusAlternately you could re-use the old name, that's okay with me, but a little weird since there's no history path between the old cc_staging and new cc_staging.21:17
nkinkadeAh, so you would recommend to just leave cc_staging as it is and make a new branch?21:17
paulproteusTwo kinds of recommendations.21:17
nkinkadeI guess that makes sense ... then name isn't critical at all as long as it's obvious is for zupport/staging.21:17
nkinkadeI'll just make a local branch that tracks 2.2 and then do a checkout of that.21:18
paulproteusThe experimental kind is this one: Keep the name the same, and use "git pull --rebase" when it's time to switch in a checkout.21:18
paulproteusThe non-experimental one is just what you said, a new name.21:18
paulproteusThat's probably more sensible in a way.21:18
nkinkadeI'll make life easy on myself and do a clean checkout of v2.2.21:21
nkinkadeAll the changes we had made in the past were bug fixes which have already been integrated upstream anyway.21:21
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