Saturday, 2009-02-14

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rkumaranI am debugging a C program through dbx utility07:20
rkumaranIs there a way to completely trace out the execution flow of the program into a flat file??07:20
paulproteusrkumaran, You want ##c.07:23
rkumaranI do not know07:23
rkumaranI shall ask there also07:23
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himtunaI would like to know the correct license that i should apply on my site15:31
himtunaits iputech.com15:31
himtunaand gonna be our university's student network site15:32
himtunawhere we can publish our projects, exam papers, write blogs, etc15:32
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himtuna01himtunaI would like to know the correct license that i should apply on my site15:34
himtuna01himtunaits iputech.com15:34
himtuna0109:02himtunaand gonna be our university's student network site15:34
himtuna01himtunawhere we can publish our projects, exam papers, write blogs, etc.15:34
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slux_is there any compatibility between different creative commons license version numbers, like 2.0 and 3.0?19:25
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lindi-slux_: did you read 4b of CC-BY-SA?19:33
slux_lindi-, no, I'll look at that but I'm most likely using cc-by so if there's no general "upgrade path" I don't think it'll help19:35
slux_lindi-, ok I guess it is present in cc-by too19:35
slux_well I was too quick, I suppose it does not actually contain the part about later versions :P19:37
slux_by-sa containing such a clause makes me wonder if just isn't really a problem for non-sa licenses19:39
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