Friday, 2009-02-13

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nkinkadepaulproteus: the email went to cc-staff-sf under subject " development revisions"01:33
paulproteusnkinkade, Oh, okay.01:33
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Bovinitypaulproteus: hmm? (re: development revisions email)01:54
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yosttheskankerIs it possible to add .odf to a cchost site without it being converted to a zip file?06:12
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lindi-if I create a map and grant user A a CC-BY-SA license to it, can user A make changes to the map and grant user B only CC-BY-ND license? I am guessing no but i thought i should ask12:38
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dietrichacan cc attribution-sharealike 2.0 licensed works (or parts of the work) be used as a logo, icon, or insignia?17:52
dietrichaoh, and is this the place to ask questions like that?17:52
mattldietricha: BY-SA works or parts of can be used as whatever you like, as long as the resulting thing is ALSO BY-SA :)17:53
dietrichamattl: thanks! so, for an image that has that license: i use it for a software icon. does the software now carry that same license? or just my version that i icon'ized?17:54
dietricha(my version of the image, that i iconized, i mean)17:54
mattli'd say just the icon, but i am not a lawyer.17:55
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dietrichahrm ok, thanks17:57
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Matsonis asheesh around today?21:15
paulproteusMatson, Yup, that's me.21:21
paulproteusWhat's up?21:21
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Matsonhi -21:41
Matsonwas afk there21:41
Matsonfollowing up email from Dean, looks like you already replied21:42
Matsonthank you21:42
paulproteusMatson, Ah, great.21:43
paulproteusSure thing, and again my apologies for the delay.21:43
Matsonto verify then, it looks like it is <creativeCommons:license>21:46
Matsonaccording to
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