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Package zope.interface


This package implements the Python "scarecrow" proposal.

The package exports two objects, Interface and Attribute directly. It also exports several helper methods. Interface is used to create an interface with a class statement, as in:

class IMyInterface(Interface):

'''Interface documentation '''

def meth(arg1, arg2):
'''Documentation for meth '''

# Note that there is no self argument

To find out what you can do with interfaces, see the interface interface, IInterface in the interfaces module.

The package has several public modules:

o declarations provides utilities to declare interfaces on objects. It
also provides a wide range of helpful utilities that aid in managing declared interfaces. Most of its public names are however imported here.

o document has a utility for documenting an interface as structured text.

o exceptions has the interface-defined exceptions

o interfaces contains a list of all public interfaces for this package.

o verify has utilities for verifying implementations of interfaces.

See the module doc strings for more information.

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