Thursday, 2008-09-11

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C_s|a_Yi need credit card number01:45
greg-gC_s|a_Y: cool, because you ip is now logged and will be sent to the FBI.  Have a great day!01:46
C_s|a_YC_s|a_Y is n=cslay@ * cslay i need credit card01:46
C_s|a_Ynumber :p01:47
C_s|a_Yno seriously01:48
greg-gno, seriously, can you not read the topic of this channel?01:48
C_s|a_Yi know01:49
greg-gI don't think you do.01:49
C_s|a_Ywow you have a sense of humour highly developed01:49
greg-gThank you.01:50
C_s|a_Yyou think if I wanted a credit card number I would come here01:50
C_s|a_Yit will see that you're kind of constipated01:51
C_s|a_Y The UK’s largest ever credit card fraud gang has been dismantled in London. The fraudsters, who could have netted an estimated £17m, received jail sentences from a judge who called their offences “very serious. A total of five people01:52
C_s|a_Yit's crayzy01:52
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nkinkadenathany: Speaking of ccLearn, do we have any plans to move the UE Search stuff to a6?18:15
nathanynkinkade: not at the moment... it seems to be doing fine, i think i'm just accepting the fractured nature of the deployment for the moment18:16
nkinkadeCool.  Things are running smoothly and other than a finance issue, there may be no compelling reason to move it just yet.18:17
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN18:52
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mlinksvaspace suit redesign underway
mlinksvacurrybot: 219:05
currybotSUBZI LAJAWAB (Fresh Vegetables cooked in gravy of garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and spinach) Inspired by the method of Hyderabad kitchen we are introducing this dish for the first time. The base curry is prepared in a heavy iron wok with fresh spinach leaves. The different vegetables used are bell pepper, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, red creamers, eggplant and blue lake beans and is cooked in base curry till the oil separates.19:05
mlinksva"we are introducing this dish for the first time"19:06
mlinksvais there ever a first time at CIH?19:06
mlinksvadid one word change?19:06
mlinksvacurrybot: 119:07
currybotKASHMIRI RAJMAH (Kidney beans cooked in onion,ginger,garlic,tomato and masala curry ) Kashmir the Paradise of India is one of the largest producers of kidney beans, and Kidney beans are enjoyed all over world and are cooked in different ways. Here these are first soaked overnight in water and a little salt, then these are cooked in the base curry using many Kashmiri spices.19:07
mlinksvanote that Kashmir is the "Paradise of India"19:07
mlinksvaclearly worth killing for at that!19:08
mlinksvaend of commentary on CIH menu for today19:08
greg-g1/2 combo with Naan, plz19:13
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paulproteus , nkinkade (re: lines of code measurement)21:18
paulproteusSLOC seems to be far behind the times.  Cocomo seems the current metric.21:18
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nathanypaulproteus: cocomo is ancient (that is, it's been around forever)21:30
nathanymost references are probably to COCOMO II21:30
* paulproteus nods21:30
paulproteusLearning the details of those systems is currently on the "Someday maybe" list. (-:21:31
K`Tetchi see even major studies getting released under CC now21:47
K`Tetchthat study's under a 2.5 license21:48
paulproteusby-nc-nd, but that's still better than normal (C).21:49
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paulproteusnathany, nkinkade, stand today?22:44
nathanypaulproteus: i'm not going to be able to today22:45
nathanylet's do it tomorrow22:45
nathany(as scheduled)22:45
paulproteusOh okay.22:45
paulproteusI'm going to make Hugo's validator validator-dot and write the blog post.22:45
paulproteusShame he doesn't hang out here anymore.22:46
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Can I borrow your eyes for a second?23:29
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nkinkadeI was just bit by APC again ... I renamed a directory, but APC had it cached with the old name.23:35
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paulproteusnkinkade, Hi23:58
paulproteusStill need?23:58
paulproteuslooks like no.23:59

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