Wednesday, 2010-11-10

JED3mralex: i really want a realtime visualization for our personal enjoyment and amusement00:05
mralexha, me too00:05
JED3if you build the ui, i'll build the backend00:06
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mralexif we build it, they will come and search really dumb things00:09
mralexoh christ, outside looks scary00:09
akozakyea have fun riding home in that tornado00:10
akozakmralex, I'm seeing a scrollbar on the div at the bottom of
akozakjust the green part00:22
akozakalso did you mean to have padding-top: 1px?00:23
mralexhm, it appears the entire contents was dumped in, neednessly00:25
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akozakoh I see, the whole mailing00:26
mralexupdated. thanks!00:27
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nkinkadenyergler: I submitted a ticket any to Transifex:
nkinkadeSeems that it might even be a duplicate ticket.00:38
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zicklerje suis bien sur le channel du langage C14:08
zicklerya quelqu'un ?14:19
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* paroneayea does a dance15:57
paroneayeamorning #cc15:57
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:00
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:00
JED3paroneayea: how do i regen the license rdf?19:01
paroneayeawhat do you mean, index.rdf?19:01
paroneayea./bin/merge -o cc/licenserdf/rdf/index.rdf cc/licenserdf/licenses/*.rdf19:01
JED3paroneayea: wait, no, i need to write on licenses/*.rdf based on whats in index.rdf19:07
JED3do i need to make the changes manually?19:08
paroneayeaJED3: wait what19:12
paroneayeawhy would you do that19:12
paroneayeasince index.rdf is auto-generated19:12
JED3paroneayea: o19:13
paroneayealunch break, be back in a few19:14
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paroneayeaJED3: you figure it out?19:35
JED3paroneayea: yes, thx!19:35
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paroneayeaJED3: maybe you'll appreciate
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JED3paroneayea: neat!20:01
JED3paroneayea: any reason you didn't use url.el rather than python?20:06
paroneayeaJED3: it's the csv parsing20:07
paroneayeathat I used python for20:07
JED3ohh okay20:07
paroneayeaJED3: added a note at the end to clarify that :)20:15
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paroneayea            # If something else is locking the file, don't block on20:26
paroneayea            # the lock, just pass it by20:26
paroneayeadon't block on the lock20:26
paroneayeajust pass it by20:26
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nyerglernkinkade: ping20:44
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah.  Looking into it.20:44
nyerglerare you actually able to ssh in20:45
nkinkadeDoesn't appear that SB has any network status on this.20:45
nkinkadeI can't even ping it.20:45
nkinkadeI suspect the problem is Server Beach, but I'm going to reboot just to be sure.20:45
nyerglerif that doesn't come back up can we open a ticket right away?20:45
nkinkadeFor sure.20:46
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nkinkadenyergler: a5 is back up.  I can't see that there was any problem with the host.20:55
nkinkadeI'm sort of suspecting SB, but who knows.20:55
nkinkadeThe last kernel log message was from 14:24:49 and the reboot started at 14:53:50, no messages between those.20:56
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paroneayeankinkade: nyergler: JED3: akozak: herp derp, cc tech call21:17
paroneayeaweekly editin21:17
nyergleryes, ~ 12 minutes, correct?21:18
JED3paroneayea: hacking on your org script :)
paroneayeaJED3: oh nice :)21:32
paroneayeahaha, (main)21:32
nyerglerline 2, right?21:32
paroneayeaoh line 2!21:32
paroneayeathat's why I'm all alone21:32
nyerglerparoneayea: i was asking21:33
nyerglerwe're just dialing in21:33
nkinkadeparoneayea: Where does the content for the "Territory" select box come from on /choose/zero/waiver?21:33
nyerglercouldn't remember21:33
nyerglernkinkade: ?21:33
paroneayeanyergler: yes21:33
nkinkadeI was in line 2 but left because I was alone.21:33
nyerglernkinkade: we just dialed in21:33
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nkinkadeparoneayea: ^^^22:10
nkinkadeAbout "Territory" select box.22:10
paroneayeankinkade: right, looking…22:10
paroneayeankinkade: doh, got distracted with email, looking again :p22:20
paroneayeankinkade: looks like it's pulled from:22:21
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nkinkadeparoneayea: That means that we have the ability to change it as we like, then, right?22:21
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'm going to pull you in on an email now.22:22
paroneayeasure, we could change the csv22:22
nyerglernkinkade: paroneayea: i REALLY don't want to change that file22:25
nyerglerfeel free to send me background if needed22:25
nkinkadenyergler: I'll pull you in on that email too then.22:25
nkinkadeIt's just an email from Mike, which he brought me in on with the CC Taiwan folks.22:25
nkinkadeApparently they have an issue with "Taiwan, Province of China"22:26
nkinkadeThey just want plain "Taiwan", which is what we have on the other choosers, I believe.22:26
nyerglerright; that list comes from the ISO which is why its different (and longer)22:26
paroneayeanyergler: nkinkade: well I could make hack that list that's pulled from the CSV22:27
paroneayeait'll be, of course, another hack22:28
paroneayeaI didn't mean hack th ecsv22:28
paroneayeathe csv22:28
paroneayeasorry!  I don't really want to add hacks either22:28
nyerglerright, i get it22:29
nyerglercan you just forward me that email so i can see the context?22:29
paroneayeawe could add a second csv!  iso3166_addendums.csv ;)22:29
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paroneayeankinkade: I'm not gonna respond to that thread until nyergler gives his input I think22:45
nkinkadeThat's fine.22:46
nkinkadePersonally, I don't have a problem with changing that file to suit our needs.  It's in version control, so updating it to include new countries or something should really be an issue.22:48
nkinkadeparoneayea: I don't think dropping the old-new ES PO file into cc/i18n/po/es/cc_org.po then running sync worked.22:49
nkinkadeIt appears, from what I can tell to have basically totally overwritten the file or similar.22:49
paroneayeankinkade: sucks, what happened22:50
paroneayeawait, hm22:50
paroneayeankinkade: send me athat po file22:50
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Sent.  By the way, have you lately refreshed the PO files on
paroneayeankinkade: not today, but I've refreshed them like 20 times in the last week22:53
nkinkadeI ask, because I fixed a problem In the German PO file the other day, then pushed it to i18n, then updated Transifex.  Now the same error in the PO file has crept back.22:53
nkinkadeI'm wondering if we have a format problem in the template, and it keeps propagating it to all the files?22:53
nkinkadeLet me check the rev history.22:54
paroneayeaI've had problems where hamilton updates transifex at the same time I'm pushing changes22:54
paroneayeaand it doesn't get all the changes for that language22:54
paroneayeaand I have to re-run ./bin/sync22:54
paroneayeaI'm looking forward to transifex not using git22:55
paroneayeaI'm guessing when they hit a merge issue, they just say "fuck it" and choose 1 file22:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.  I made the change here:
nkinkadeAnd your commit here undid it:
nkinkadeI guess I need to fix the template PO file.22:58
nkinkadeI'll do that now, so we can be done with error.22:58
paroneayeasorry my commits caused you grief, nkinkade !22:59
paroneayeaanyway, I'm out22:59
paroneayeait's star trek time.23:00
nkinkadeparoneayea: It's not your fault.  I should have figured that the template in master/cc_org.po was broken and just fixed thatn.23:00
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akozakhahaha JED3 mralex have you seen this
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JED3akozak: i did not.23:54
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