Package zope :: Package interface :: Module adapter :: Class AdapterLookup
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Type AdapterLookup

object --+

Method Summary
  __init__(self, registry, surrogates, _remove)
  adapter_hook(self, interface, object, name, default)
Hook function used when calling interfaces.
  get(self, declaration)
  lookup(self, required, provided, name, default)
  lookup1(self, required, provided, name, default)
  queryAdapter(self, object, interface, name, default)
  queryMultiAdapter(self, objects, interface, name, default)
  subscribers(self, objects, interface)
  subscriptions(self, required, provided)
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Method Details

adapter_hook(self, interface, object, name='', default=None)

Hook function used when calling interfaces.

When called from Interface.__adapt__, only the interface and object parameters will be passed.

If the factory produces `None`, then the default is returned. This allows us to prevent adaptation (if desired) and make the factory decide whether an adapter will be available.

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