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Package p6


P6 is a loosely coupled framework for developing simple, "wizard"-based publishing applications. Applications have the following features: P6 provides the following packages:
  • api: p6.api
  • app
  • configure
  • metadata: p6.metadata
    • adapters: Adapters for determining the metadata values as they apply to specific interfaces and objects.
    • base: Base metadata field and group support.
    • events: Interfaces and classes for metadata events.
    • interfaces: Interfaces for metadata fields, groups and storage.
    • license: Interfaces for marking License Selector fields as special case.
    • persistance: Basic metadata persistance functionality.
    • types: Metadata field type declarations and associated adapters.
  • storage
  • ui: p6.ui
    • events: User interface events and associated interfaces published to notify other portions of the P6 framework of user interaction.
    • fields: Adapters from MetadataField type interfaces to actual widgets.
    • interfaces: UI interfaces.
    • pages: A collection of standard pages for the P6 framework.
      • fileselector: Basic file selector page; published ItemSelected events.
      • license: LicenseChooser custom metadata wizard page.
      • metadata: Standard metadata page.
      • store: Storage page for controlling upload process and displaying feedback.
      • xml: Generic page which collects the metadata values entered and displays a rough XML-ish representation.
      • xrcpage: Generic page class for defining custom XRC-based pages.
    • wizard: Customized wizard framework -- top level window classes.
  • zcmlsupport: Local Component Architecture

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