Guests in the program:

Devon Powers -- Popmatters journalist

Scott McGill, Christopher Kelty -- scholars of ancient remix

Laura Heon and Mass Moca's Yankee Remix -- new meets old

Gideon D�arcangelo -- walkman buster

Matthew Pearl -- author as historical dj

Cory Arcangel -- from video games, art

Benjamen Walker composed the music and did the sound design for our two animations. His weekly radio program "The Theory of Everything" can be heard on WZBC in Boston and, beginning Oct 31st, in San Francisco and on the Internet.

Radio Show: The Creative Remix, by Benjamen Walker.

If remixing is an art form why are the lawyers running the conversation?

The Creative Remix, with host Benjamen Walker, is an hour-long "lawyer free" examination of the art, culture, and history of the remix. The hour kicks off with a musical analysis of DJ Dangermouse's infamous remix of the Beatles and Jay-Z. Then we go back in time to check out the ancient Roman art of the poetry mash-up, or the Cento. Then we rewind to the 18th century to check out the birth of copyright and how it effected writers like Alexander Pope; and the early 20th century when the visual artist Marcel Duchamp used the remix to reinvent everything. We also take a field trip to the Mass Mocca museum of modern art to check out the exhibit "Yankee Remix." Walker brings along a few grad students and a pair of curmudgeonly New England antique collectors to investigate different attitudes towards remixing.

In the second part of the program Benjamen Walker speaks with three unique remix artists: The historical novelist Matthew Pearl, Gideon D'arcangelo the walkman buster, and Cory Arcangel, a Nintendo hacker and one of the youngest representatives at this year�s Whitney Biennial.

The Creative Remix was produced by Benjamen Walker with funding from Creative Commons and the CPB Open Studios project. It is available for broadcast to public and community radio stations for the weekend of October 23/24. If this is a program you would like to hear on your local public radio station � give them a call or drop them a line.

Ever wonder why you haven't heard a show like this on the radio before? Contact your local public radio station and tell them about this opportunity to provide their audience with a "lawyer free" look at the art-form of the remix. Don't know where your local station is? You can find out here.

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