Monday, 2010-11-29

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CaladeHey! Can anyone tell me if magazines who get profits from advertising and such are allowed to use non-commercial photos licenced under CC?15:10
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erlehmannCalade, non-commercial is problematic. if any money is involved at all, I would advise you to stay away from it. caution: This is my private line of thought, I am not a lawyer nor a CC representative etc. pp.15:15
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* paroneayea waves to everyone in #cc15:45
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greg-gugh, what was the story of a cultural institution that budgeted something like $100,000 for legal fees to create a license to apply to the works they will be releasing, but then just used CC and spent that money in more important ways?16:12
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greg-gfound it thanks to tvol16:22
paroneayeayay tvol16:22
greg-gyep, he remembered instantly off the top of his head16:23
paroneayeankinkade: yo, do you know much about/administer at all
paroneayeaassuming "yes" but ;)16:24
greg-gI mean, I guess it *was* the Open University of the UK. But the he was like "from that CC interview we did with Patrick McAndrew" just showing off ;)16:24
paroneayearobmyers said he was having trouble registering on there16:25
nkinkadeparoneayea: A little, why?16:25
nkinkadeI mean, I've got an admin account and I installed the software. :-)16:26
nkinkadeBut I can't say I know too too much about bbPress.16:26
robmyersyes it wouldn't take me past the registration page after I filled out the captcha and pressed the button16:26
nkinkaderobmyers: Any error message?16:27
robmyersno it just silently fails and presents the page with a new captcha16:33
robmyersI did get error messages to start with but I corrected them16:33
robmyersand then when there are no more error messages, it's still sad16:33
robmyersyes I just tried with an invalid username, which gave an error message, then when I corrected it, ticked the license box and filled out the captcha, clicking Register again just flashed back to the same page16:35
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bagzcreative commons?where's the credit card channel?16:37
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robmyersvery droll ;-)16:38
Caladethanks erlehmann16:38
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robmyerspossibly mlinksva blacklisted me? ;-)16:42
nkinkaderobmyers: I just registered a test user and it worked just fine.  To be 100% sure, are you accepting cookies?16:43
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robmyersI assume so, I've got Firefox 3.6.12 on Fedora 14. I'll check16:46
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nkinkadeSomething like cookies being disabled or NoScript or something like that is the thing that immediately occurs to me.  If those aren't it, and it fails in some other browser as well, then PM me with the details of the account you are trying to create so I can try to reproduce on my side.16:48
nkinkaderobmyers: ^^16:48
robmyersI get some cookies starting with __ from -> __utmb __utmc __utma __utmz16:49
nkinkadeAnything *utm* would be Urchin Tracking Module a.ka. Goolge Analytics.16:50
robmyerschecking to see if it's firebug16:55
robmyersdoesn't seem to be16:58
robmyersChrome now says register.php is not available???16:59
robmyersError 346 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_LENGTH): Unknown error.17:00
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nkinkaderobmyers: A user with the login you are trying already exists, with your email too.  Registered back in 2008 ... presumably by you. Does the recover password option work for you?17:07
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akozaknkinkade, do you know if we're storing any original cc video files on mirrors?19:39
akozaki don't have an acct on a8 to browse it19:39
nkinkadeakozak: There are some.19:39
nkinkadeakozak: There should be links to them on each respective video page, though.  Are there not?19:39
akozaknkinkade, I think there are some, but mralex said something about those maybe not being the original originals19:39
mralexakozak: there are OGG versions, which you should be able to transcode19:40
nkinkadeakozak: I suppose it's possible there are some others on mirrors, but I'm not sure then.19:40
akozakIt just occurred to me that if I'm re-encoding into webm I probably shoudln't do it at the highest possible quality19:41
akozakso maybe I don't need the originals19:41
akozakI'm only seeking out the originals to get the best quality, and maybe as a side benefit we'd have them all in once place19:42
akozakI guess it depends on if we want to embed or link to downloadable webm files19:43
mralexyou know what, looking at the file sizes…. i think is the proper quicktime version19:45
mralexat 274MB; vs another version i see at only 72MB19:46
mralexakozak:  ^^19:47
akozakmralex, yea thanks. that version isn't linked to on the video page.19:47
mralexakozak: also
mralexakozak: it is linked from the video page :)19:48
mralexalthough it links to an _o version, which is the same file19:48
akozakit is? I only see a * linked to19:48
akozakoh ok19:48
mralex(Fred did that, so the file ownerships say, no idea why)19:49
akozakmralex, any thoughts on if I should encode webm for embedding (smaller filesize) or for downloading?19:50
mralexprobably for embedding19:50
akozakisn't really clear what mike meant by "ought to be also made available in .webm"19:51
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akozakmralex, how would you feel if I just transcoded the lower-quality source videos to webm that I got from, given we're aiming for embeddable webm files?20:12
* paroneayea not ~_~'ing this conversation, just tired of this bug20:13
akozakor do I need to do it right and encode own from the original files?20:13
akozakoddly, some of the source files are huge20:14
mralexakozak: if you're downsampling from blip then it should be OK20:14
akozakand some are small20:14
akozakmralex, yea it's weird. a few of them are ~900mb and others are ~10mb.20:14
akozakoh hah the 900mb one is over an hour long20:15
akozakthat explains it20:15
akozakmralex, sorry, one more thing: do you think we're going to want to prune the selection of videos on, or should I shoot for all of them encoded?20:17
paroneayeanyergler: can I pick ur brain about
paroneayeaAlso "pick your brain" is a pretty gross phrase20:18
mralexakozak: probably focus on the core videos20:19
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nkinkadenyergler: Is John on vacation by chance?21:00
nkinkadescraper is acting up a bit.  Restarting Apache seemed to help it, but it still seems a bit unstable at the moment.21:01
paroneayeaoh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS21:03
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akozaknkinkade, he's not, just not on irc21:10
akozakhe's at his desk :)21:10
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akozaknkinkade, i'm going to have an archive of all of CC's source videos from Is this something we might want to store somewhere?21:28
nkinkadeakozak: I doubt it, especially if they are all already available on
nkinkadeLet them do the storage instead of us.21:29
akozakAh, I thought you were mistrustful of clouds :P21:29
* paroneayea puts on Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb21:31
greg-gwait, what did I just see nkinkade type? nkinkade, say it ain't so!21:55
nkinkadeWhat did I say?21:55
greg-g"let them do the storage instead of us" and "if they are all already available on"21:56
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paroneayeankinkade: ohnoesss22:47
paroneayeaie, also horray22:47
paroneayeasimultaneously horray and ohnoes22:47
akozakparoneayea, this might be a stupid question but do you know of a way to save an emacs state, like open files and window layout?22:47
paroneayeasaves all the files, not so sure about window layout22:48
paroneayeaoh yeah22:48
paroneayealooks like it does that22:48
akozakcool! thanks22:49
paroneayeayou can also set it to actively automatically save that info22:49
paroneayeaput (desktop-save-mode 1) in your ~/.emacs22:49
akozakooh neat22:49
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.  I guess that as of tomorrow we'll have to start using the tx tool.22:51
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