Friday, 2010-11-05

mralexwow, we gained 3 cc network users today00:08
JED3ahh man :/00:09
JED3it was 2048, for a while there, 2^11 :)00:10
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:47
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:47
JED3>>> pdm = cc.license.selectors.choose('mark')19:47
JED3>>> pdm.questions()19:47
JED3>>> pdm.by_answers({})19:47
JED3Traceback (most recent call last):19:47
JED3  File "<console>", line 1, in <module>19:47
JED3  File "/home/jed/p/cc/cc.license/cc/license/selectors/", line 120, in by_answers19:47
JED3    return self.by_code(license_code, jurisdiction=jurisdiction)19:47
JED3  File "/home/jed/p/cc/cc.license/cc/license/selectors/", line 80, in by_code19:47
JED3    (license_code,
JED3CCLicenseError: License code 'mark' is invalid for selector mark19:47
JED3what am i doing wrong here?19:47
paroneayeaJED3: don't know, don't use the selectors! :)19:48
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nkinkadeakozak: I'm trying to update Maps, but I get an error that the class ParserHook is undefined.  Is that some core functionality of MW, or another extension?20:33
nkinkadeOh, maybe it's part of Validator.20:34
akozaknkinkade, ahh that makes sense20:34
akozakI forgot maps depended on that20:34
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nkinkadeakozak: Where is a page that maps function?20:52
nkinkadeI updated everything.20:52
nkinkadeI have to run in just two minutes, but wanted to be sure nothing was horrifically broken before going.20:52
nkinkadeThis seems to work:
akozaknkinkade, ah20:53
nkinkadeAt least nothing is obviously broken.20:53
nkinkadeakozak: I resolved the ticket, but if after poking around something doesn't seem right, just open it again.20:54
akozaknkinkade, seems fine to me. thanks!20:54
nkinkadeCool.  I'm off to my yoga class.  Have a nice weekend, akozak.20:54
akozakyou too nkinkade20:54
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JanusmanI understand facts are in the public domain, so if I, for instance, copy titles of webpages into a directory (arguing a title is a "known fact") I can then license the directory as CC?21:30
akozakJanusman, if the titles aren't copyrightable, why would your database be licenseable?21:34
Janusmanakozak: ah, because the directory has additional content generated by humans. Like, a review, a description, a recommendation.21:35
Janusmanand, the directory is a compilation of "things", so the compilation is licenseable... right?21:36
akozakJanusman, ah. Well, then you would need to apply the license to that content rather than the database of titles. that is to say, it's more correct to say you're putting the copyrighted content under a cc license.21:36
akozakthe license isn't valid for items you don't hold the copyright for21:37
Janusmanakozak: ah, ok. wasn't thinking of licencing the "database" but each actual content "thing" in it21:37
Janusmanakozak: the humans generate the content for the directory.21:38
akozakJanusman, right that makes sense. Just a semantic point I think to say the license is only applied to the content21:38
akozakand a legal point as well21:38
akozakbut sorry, I have to run21:38
Janusmanthanks =)21:38
akozakfeel free to ask the cc-community mailing list21:38
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