Thursday, 2010-10-14

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eugoim trying to find out the legal issue of recieving contributions of work and how they should be licenced03:34
eugoanyone around?03:38
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Niklas_hey guys12:23
Niklas_can someone tell me what the derivative of a work is?12:23
Niklas_if I include a cc sa image in a magazine, is that magazine a derivative of the image?12:24
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mmu_screen#Unicode added #satanic symbols and they can't add #CreativeCommons ones ?
paroneayeammu_screen: those symbols aren't necessarily satanic, they have pre interpreted-as-satanic meanings, but anyway15:08
paroneayeaa lot of the reasons there are all those characters in there is because unicode tried to pull together all characters used in character codes that already existed15:08
paroneayeahence why we have snowmen and weather symbols, some character sets already contained them15:09
paroneayeaif someone had included CC way back when in an old set, we'd probably have them!15:09
paroneayeabut here are some cool symbols which I think *look* CC related15:09
paroneayea㏄ <- single-character "CC"15:09
paroneayea⊜ <- equals in a circle, looks like the by icon15:10
paroneayeathat's it I'm afraid though ⍢15:10
mmu_screenparoneayea: yes just like the svastika has different meanings elsewhere15:22
mmu_screenas for snowmen and others15:22
mmu_screenDingbats is not a character set but a font that bastardized the latin one in the first place15:23
mmu_screenI guess we should submit a proposal15:23
mmu_screenmaybe even with the help of europeana15:24
mmu_screenoh, and we miss a GNU :D15:24
mmu_screenmaybe a first step would be to stuff them in the private block in free fonts15:25
mmu_screeninstead of the eaten apple & others found on OSX for ex15:25
mmu_screenthis could be an incentive15:25
mmu_screenbut doing this risks them being misinterpreted on non-free OSes15:25
paroneayeaꙨ◦Ꙩ ~♪15:29
mmu_screen. ° ◦ ° o O15:37
paroneayeammu_screen: btw, if you are not already a fan15:37
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nkinkademralex: On /donate, where does the function change_recur() live for the "choose your own amount" box?17:01
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mmu_screenparoneayea: didn't know this one17:13
mmu_screenparoneayea: I used BeOS for 10 years, and I work on Haiku. I've used Unicode (UTF-8, not the horrible UCS-*) for over a decade already :p17:13
mralexnkinkade: hmm, i'm not sure17:15
nkinkademralex: Oh ... I see that it's throwing a JS errors (non-fatal) that change_recur is not defined.  I suppose that reference should be removed the on_click action for the checkbox.17:15
mralexcrap, yeah, i think i moved that handler elsewhere and forgot to remove the onclick17:15
nkinkadeI was only asking, because I was going through and adding &final_receipt=76 to all the recurring URLs and was thinking that change_recur must be the place where the query string was formed.17:16
nkinkadeNo big deal ... it works just fine.17:16
nkinkademralex: I already added &final_receipt to the buttons, but would you be able to cause the "choose your  own amount" box to append that, if the user has selected multiple payments?17:17
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nkinkademralex: I also see that check_minimum isn't defined, but referred to ... I guess that one can go away too.17:17
mralexnkinkade: that ought to be set in the oneclick script when multiple donations are selected (user can change their mind while in the popup, which may affect final_receipt)17:18
mralexi can do that17:18
mralexoneclick javascript script, that is17:18
nkinkadeAh.  I'm glad I ran that by you, then. :-)17:18
nkinkadeI might have been mucking around support.js.17:18
nkinkadeBut I guess maybe it needs to be in both?17:19
nkinkademralex: Are there any other places you can think of where recurring contributions might be possible?  widgets, PCPs, or some such, where we might need to also set final_receipt?17:20
mralexit'll need to be added to the widget oneclick js implementation too. noted. :)17:21
mralexnkinkade: is final_receipt=76 a constant and only for recurring giving?17:22
nkinkademralex: It's only for recurring contributions, yeah.17:22
nkinkademralex: It's the same idea as &receipt=, but in this case, if set, will cause a special message to be sent to contributors after they make the final payment in a subscription, reminding them that it just ended and encouraging them to renew.17:23
mralexah, cool17:24
nkinkadeIt's the database id of a message template.17:24
nkinkademralex: There is a ticket open on this.  I've already added the code.  Can I reassign to you, for you to close once you've added final_receipt anywhere you can think it needs to go?17:24
mralexnkinkade: sounds good17:24
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.17:25
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mralexnkinkade: changes done; i don't see the issue ticket though.18:08
mralexi see it now18:08
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JED3paroneayea: ping18:15
paroneayeaJED3: prongs18:16
JED3paroneayea: hi, wondering if you could catch me up on licenses/publicdomain/ 's status now that we've launched pdm18:17
paroneayeawhat about it?18:18
paroneayeanot too much changed there18:18
nkinkademralex: I didn't assign the ticket to you because I realized that there are still some problems.  Thanks.18:21
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JED3paroneayea: well i'm a bit confused about the cc.license selector then18:43
JED3 broken redirect here18:44
paroneayeaoh wait18:45
paroneayeaso what's linking to /license/publicdomain/ ?18:46
paroneayeaafaik, if something is, it should link to /choose/publicdomain-2 .. Do I need to add a redirect from /choose/publicdomain to /choose/publicdomain-2?18:46
JED3choose/pd should go to choose/pd-2 imo18:47
paroneayeawell if it did pre-sanity, it hasn't ever post-sanity18:47
paroneayeawhich isn't pdm related18:47
JED3but aside from that, the license selector for publicdomain is choosing the old pd license for the defaults answers:18:48
JED3>>> cc.license.selectors.choose('publicdomain').by_answers({})18:48
JED3<License object ''>18:48
JED3shouldn't that be a license obj for the mark?18:48
paroneayeagood point18:48
paroneayeayeah I don't know how by_answers works18:49
paroneayeabut I think you're right18:49
paroneayeanyergler: ^^^^^^^18:49
paroneayeaoh maybe we should email for that18:50
paroneayeadunno if he'll be around18:50
JED3paroneayea: yeah prolly so18:50
paroneayeagood eye JED3 :)18:50
JED3take a look at questions.xml18:50
JED3its pretty straightforward to change the result18:50
paroneayeawell let's see what nyergler thinks first18:51
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JED3paroneayea: will you cc me on the email?18:55
paroneayeaJED3: oh I figured you were sending it, but sure :)19:01
JED3paroneayea: :P i dont mind19:01
paroneayeaI'm on it19:01
paroneayeaJED3: done19:04
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nkinkadeJED3: Did the migration of drupal users not happen on
nkinkadeThat is the <user>+civicrm thing?19:50
JED3nkinkade: no not yet19:51
nkinkadeJED3: Ah.  Nevermind.19:51
nkinkadeI was just blanking on my real user name!19:51
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nkinkademralex:  Can I safely munge up for an upgrade?20:34
nkinkadeJust for a few minutes, that is.20:34
mralexnkinkade: yup20:34
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nkinkademralex: I just noticed that page to set up a PCP is using the admin theme Garland, shouldn't that be the regular CC theme?21:33
mralexnkinkade: john and i couldn't figure out how to make that section use the cc theme21:35
nkinkademralex: It's handled by the Drupal module civicrm_theme.21:35
nkinkadeBut you do want that with the normal theme, right?21:35
nkinkadeI can set that up.21:35
nkinkademralex: Do you happen to know which, if any, drupal directories need to writable by the web server?21:38
mralexnkinkade: only sites/default/files21:38
nkinkadeThat's how you can force a given URL to use the CC theme.21:42
mralexgood to know!21:42
nkinkadeThat module was designed to allow you to set certain pages with the admin theme, but since we want virtually all our civi pages using the admin theme, I altered it to default to the admin theme and to only use the CC theme for paths that we specified in an array.21:43
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paroneayeafinally got through that mess of extraction and sorting through the many messages in cc.engine to find out what ones have *really* changed since PDM (plenty extracted differently due to an indentation change).  Now to merge these messages in...22:00
nkinkademralex: Did you or John run into any issues with PCPs and conflicting email addresses when users go to create a PCP and try to fill in the PCP profile info (first, last, email)?22:15
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paroneayeaohnoes, jed3 went offline and nyergler is prolly asleep22:27
paroneayeankinkade: you ever use msgmerge or merge translations from a .pot to cc's master/cc_org.pot in general?22:27
nkinkadeparoneayea: A couple times I have used msgmerge.22:27
nkinkade... not for a POT, but for a regular PO file.22:28
nkinkadePrecisely, I've done this for ccsearch PO files.22:28
paroneayeaoh! ./bin/update22:28
nkinkadeMost of the PO files for ccsearch are woefully out of date, and don't have all the latest strings.22:28
nkinkadeSo when an affiliate translates what is there, I hate to have to tell them to redo all the strings they already did, so I have used msgmerge to merge their translations, with the POT file to a new PO.22:29
paroneayeankinkade: unrelated: seems sluggish to the point of unusability22:33
nkinkadeparoneayea: Which pages?22:33
nkinkadeThe main page loads fast for me, and a7 is utterly quiescent.22:34
nkinkadeparoneayea: that page just loaded faster than I could switch to my browser after clicking the link.22:34
paroneayeamust be just me?22:34
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paroneayeankinkade: I can't access a7 via ssh :-22:52
paroneayeaand thus can't update to git22:52
nkinkadeparoneayea: That might be the same reason why you can't get to it via HTTP. ;-)22:52
paroneayeait must be something wrong with the connection from a7 to here22:52
nkinkadeBut I can SSH in just fine.  Hmm.22:52
paroneayeaif I ssh into and then into a722:53
paroneayeaits fine22:53
paroneayeastupid interpipes22:53
paroneayeawell, guess I'll have to tunnel for now22:53
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nkinkadeDamn Google Checkout recurring payments.  Their Sandbox doesn't offer any good way to test them out beyond the first immediate payment.  How is one supposed to develop with that?  Write some code, then wait a month?23:39
nkinkadeThen again, PayPal doesn't either, but at least I know what to expect in a PayPal IPN.23:39
nkinkadeNo wonder "subscriptions" are still considered a beta feature of Google Checkout.23:40
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