Monday, 2010-10-11

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bigimiwell hello there people04:43
bigimii guess nothing is going on here04:45
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nkinkadeHey JED3 does the URL /s/piwik.php mean anything to you?15:29
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paroneayeanyergler: ⑆16:41
paroneayeayou there?16:41
nkinkadeparoneayea: Is he travelling to Europe today?16:43
paroneayeathat's right ;o16:44
* paroneayea has a very bad short-term memory16:44
paroneayeathat's what orgmode is for :)16:45
paroneayeaactually I have a bad long-term memory too16:45
nkinkadeIs orgmode for that, too?16:47
paroneayeaorgmode's logging feature is how I remember what things I've done with my life.16:48
paroneayeaalso note-capturing features16:48
nkinkadeI get around the necessity for anything like by just having as few responsibilities as possible.16:49
nkinkadeFor work, email suffices.16:49
paroneayeathere's no way I'd be able to remember all of the components of what I have to do with any sort of task, even this pdmark upgrade16:50
paroneayeawithout copious notes16:50
paroneayeaand structured todos16:50
paroneayeabut, I also have a very strong case of ADD, so organizational tools are very important to my life, even when I neglect them :)16:51
greg-gI work towards a nkinkade approach through a paroneayea model.16:57
paroneayeagreg-g: please, elaborate :)16:57
greg-gmaybe switch the approach/model in that sentence :)16:57
greg-gessentially: I hope for a day of non-stress from work responsibilities but to get to that point I fear I must be over-organized to stay ahead of others.16:59
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nkinkade1greg-g: That sounds rather like mortgaging your life now for only a possible future benefit.17:09
paroneayeaWhy aim for stress-free.. why not embrace it!17:11
paroneayeamy theme song is Stress by Jim's Big Ego17:11
nkinkade1Like the thinking of people who justify huge amounts of stress and the ignore their families and justify it with the thought that some day they'll live the good life and reap the benefit of so many lost years.17:11
nkinkade1... not saying that's you, just that your comment reminded me of that. :-)17:12
nkinkade1I don't that sense about you.17:12
JED3nkinkade1: /s/pwiki.php means nothing to me17:12
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nkinkadeJED3: It would appear to be this:
greg-gnkinkade: you're right, of course17:14
greg-gand yeah, I don't think I've mortgaged too much. Luckily my partner keeps me in check if I ever get close to getting out of hand17:14
nkinkadeIn either case, there is OpenID info in some of those calls to /s/piwik.php.17:15
greg-gparoneayea: re the first one, is that about right, percentage wise?17:16
JED3nkinkade: hmm, to the hostname?17:16
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, and the referrer is :-)17:16
nkinkadeSeems to be some sort of web stats stuff ... wondering how it got on there, or why we're using it.17:16
nkinkadeMaybe Alex is using it??17:17
paroneayeagreg-g: no idea, but it's funny/depressing17:17
paroneayealike most tmcm comics17:18
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paroneayea yay!17:41
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akozakJED3, do you happen to know if the PDM is live on any 3rd party site yet?18:24
akozakto show what the mark looks like as implemented?18:24
JED3akozak: just as an example?18:27
JED3or do you need a "real world" use-case?18:27
akozakyea, someone on fc-discuss was taken aback that we didn't link to any. i was just wondering whether there was anything to link to.18:27
akozakJED3, I'm not sure. either I guess :)18:28
akozaknot a huge deal, just curious18:28
JED3akozak: oh because their aren't any yet? there may be some developments coming out of europeana later this week perhpas, idk tho18:29
JED3akozak: here is an example
akozakah ok. mike is on that list so i'm guessing he'll chime in if there are any18:29
akozakcool, thanks JED318:29
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greg-gparoneayea, nkinkade nyergler (and the missing mralex): congrats on the PDM launch.18:51
nkinkadegreg-g: Thanks, but I can't take any credit whatsoever for the PDM ... that was pure paroneayea, Alex and NRY.18:52
nkinkade... as for the tech side of things, that is.18:53
greg-gnkinkade: well, give your role in making sure any tech role out happens smoothly, I'm keeping you in my list :)18:54
paroneayeathx greg-g!19:04
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paroneayeaJED3: so!19:29
paroneayeayou there?19:29
* paroneayea wants to talk translation extraction19:29
JED3paroneayea: nope ;)19:29
JED3eeks definitely not here then!19:29
paroneayeaso when you did the extraction of the kind of zope-like translations you put in19:30
paroneayeawhat tool did you use?  Babel, with some plugin?19:30
JED3paroneayea: Babel, no plugin req.19:30
paroneayeaJED3: kk, thx19:33
paroneayeaman I am *all out* of earl grey :(19:33
greg-goh right, tea19:34
JED3paroneayea: the code is somewhere buried in metadata_scraper.svn, i can search for it if itll help19:37
paroneayeaJED3: oh, so you didn't use the commandline extraction  tool?19:37
JED3paroneayea: i did, but i wrote a custom function to handle it i believe19:38
paroneayeaah okay19:38
paroneayeaJED3: I'm guessing this would be in an older revision or some such thing?20:07
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JED3paroneayea: yeah20:19
paroneayeaJED3: think I found a revision from an old conversation20:27
paroneayeahrm, I guess not20:29
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paroneayeaJED3: I looked through it and didn't find it... only a reference in to20:49
paroneayea+                          'pybabel = babel.messages.frontend:main',20:49
JED3hmm okay, well i may have been mistaken, it's been a while ;)20:49
paroneayeamaybe I should stop grepping your code and should try extracting :)20:49
JED3lol, go for it!20:49
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paroneayeababel.core.UnknownLocaleError: unknown locale 'en'21:32
paroneayeaoh right, this has happened before :(21:32
paroneayeaI thought I fixed this BS21:35
paroneayeaoh I did21:37
paroneayeathis egg is from before I fixed it21:37
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