Saturday, 2010-09-11

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CC_HudsonProject deedscraper build (30): SUCCESS in 3 min 28 sec:
CC_HudsonProject cc.engine build (70): STILL FAILING in 4 min 13 sec:
CC_HudsonProject metadata_scraper build (32): SUCCESS in 1 min 28 sec:
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greg-gnkinkade: John W now uses a linux laptop?!15:41
paroneayeagreg-g: yup16:22
paroneayeahe even made a post on saying "suck it, Jobs"16:23
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greg-gparoneayea: nice!16:57
greg-gparoneayea: and thanks for reminding me to add ccteam.s.n to gwibber :)17:00
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exyoxywake up everyone20:43
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