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nyerglerhi b124u18:16
b124uis this chan or software developers only?18:17
nyerglernot necessarily; it's a general Creative Commons channel (although lots of the CC tech folks hang out here)18:18
b124uthank you18:18
b124ui am working at a normal design agency as a salesman18:19
b124ui have the idea to make a collection of the creative commons pictures i like most18:19
b124ui want to make a internet side where i want to sell these and i want to know if i am allowed to do this18:20
b124uotherwise i do it for free18:21
nyerglerb124u, it depends on the license; some licenses prohibit non-commercial use or derivative works, which might prohibit that18:21
b124uits hard for me causei am not so good in english and i havent found for example the cc license only in english18:22
b124uand i am no lawyer nor i want to get in trouble with artist whose (?) work i admire18:23
nyerglerb124u, depending on what language you speak, you may be able to find the deed in your language -- there are translation links at the top of the deed18:23
b124udidnt found it there:
nyerglerb124u, that's not a license :)18:24
nyerglerfor example,
nyerglerno worries :)18:24
b124ushame, just found it in my language
nyerglerb124u, that's the GFDL, which is not a CC license18:27
nyergleryou can find links to the German CC licenses at
b124ui want to read about gnu 1.2 license and cant find it here:
nyerglerb124u, you might check with the FSF directly; that's not one of our licenses18:29
b124usorry, who is FSF ?18:30
b124uthe link you posted is about the german section but its also written in english?18:30
nyerglerFree Software Foundation18:30
b124uaa ;)18:30
nyerglerb124u, yes, unfortunately that page hasn't been translated; the links from it should be to the German licenses, though (sorry)18:30
b124udo you think its lame to sell stuff that is under the cc....i mean trying to make money with it ...18:32
b124ugoogle has a function to search for cc licensed pictures18:33
nyerglerb124u, i think it's fine, so long as it's permitted by the license18:33
nyergler(and you give attribution, as required by the license)18:33
b124uits not that i do think i have a great idea here, but i think it would be hard work to "leech" the whole wiki and categorize all pics and sounds and then this will get hard work, to make own easy to use categories18:36
b124uthen the problem is that i have to read every single license18:36
b124ubecause every liscnese itsself is opensource license and can be modified18:37
b124ui do have to study years of rights to control that i am not violated any law18:38
nyerglerb124u, i don't think you have to read every license, as that's the whole point of standardized licensing -- you don't customize it18:38
nyerglerso it scales better18:39
nyerglerbut that's ultimately up to you18:39
b124ui should start trying to get my little project started18:44
b124uwhen i will make a million, i will donate the half of this to the cc org ;)18:45
nyerglerawesome :)18:45
b124ui found one one really good license, it was a special license for poor countries18:46
b124uthis is a good way, too18:46
b124uwould never use something that has only this license18:47
b124uthere was in wiki i think really nice little icons that explained the license...this should be a system: iconised and unified system to directly show the important details of the license18:48
b124u4 symbols and i know how to use this image or soundfile18:49
b124ui love opensource18:50
b124ugood thing for this planet18:50
b124ufunny, this chan has no ops18:50
b124uand no one is voiced18:51
b124uam i going on your nerves? is this a quite chan?18:51
b124uthanks anyways ;)18:56
b124uc u18:57
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