Monday, 2010-08-02

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akila87hi paroneayea14:31
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paroneayeaheya akila87!14:33
paroneayeahow goes14:33
akila87it looks like the problem with mac os is, it is using 64 bit java.14:35
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akila87I couldn't download mac yet. can you give me this week to test it?14:55
paroneayeaakila87: sure14:57
akila87paroneayea: thanks.14:58
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Are you going to set up the cron job looking for empty deeds, or should I?16:48
nkinkadeI see you are logged into a5 twice.16:48
nkinkadeSo didn't want to duplicate efforts.16:48
paroneayeankinkade: you can add it16:50
paroneayeaI was working on some other things16:50
paroneayeamaybe that change to wsgi_cache making it .close()16:51
paroneayeathe files will fix things16:51
paroneayeaI can't think of any other reason16:51
paroneayeathough I somehow doubt it will fix it16:53
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nkinkadeparoneayea: What's the safe way to remove all cached deeds:17:09
nkinkade$ rm -rf ./cc.engine_sanity/cache/*17:10
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paroneayeankinkade: yeah17:23
paroneayeaif you feel unsafe with the *17:23
paroneayeayou can just remove cache/licenses/17:23
paroneayeasince that's all that's cached anyway.17:24
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Thanks.  Turn-by-turn, and with voice ... cool.  Here is another really cool GPS utility:
nkinkadeUltra simple, but all I usually want, and it's fast.18:41
paroneayeankinkade: cool, thanks18:41
nyerglernkinkade, can you update the IP information on the new backup server and do a poweroff?19:15
nyergleri'm going to take it to ISC this afternoon19:15
nkinkadenyergler: I did that last week.19:15
nyerglerawesome, thanks19:15
nkinkadeOnce it powers back up it should be the right one.  I'll shut it down now.19:16
nkinkadenyergler: It should be off in a minute or so.19:16
nyerglernkinkade, thanks19:16
nyerglermralex, awesome19:17
mralexclearly i need the full box set, for er, US knowledge for immigration purposes, and doodling.19:18
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nyerglernkinkade, ping23:33
nkinkadenyergler: Here.23:33
nyerglernkinkade, just back from the datacenter, the box is racked and up23:33
nyerglerjust logged in and realized that the ISC DNS servers were commented out23:33
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nyerglersanity check: i can change /etc/resolv.conf and then do /etc/init.d/networking restart, right?23:34
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah, go ahead and change that.23:34
nyerglernkinkade, and that's the sane command to reload, correct?23:34
nkinkadeI couldn't make that setting while it was still in the office, as things would have broke.23:34
nkinkadenyergler: No restart needed.23:35
nyergler(sorry, i just have memories of dropping the network on remote boxes :) )23:35
nyerglernkinkade, ah, right you are23:35
nkinkadeIt should immediately start using the new settings.23:35
nkinkadenyergler: Thanks for taking that box down there.23:36
nkinkadeHow does the place look?23:36
nyerglernkinkade, well we're located just below the backup root server for Chile, and a few U's about the backup for Brazil, across the aisle from PLOS23:36
nyerglerit's a warehouse converted to a datacenter, but overall very cool :)23:37
nkinkadeWe're in there with some big hitters. :-)23:37
nkinkadenyergler: Could you do you me a quick favor if you're in the office?23:37
nyerglernkinkade, i'm at home, actually; JED3 is in the office, i think23:37
nkinkadeCould you login to the router and edit /etc/config/firewall23:37
nkinkadeLet me check with JED>23:37
nyergler(i had the car, didn't want to deal with parking near the office after making the run down to Redwood City)23:38
nkinkadeJED3: Could I get you to login to the office router root@
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JED3nkinkade: on it23:38
nyerglernkinkade, so i guess the next test is watching to make sure we get the dirvish, etc emails tonight, right?23:38
nkinkadeJED3: Do you know the password?23:38
nkinkadenyergler: Right.  Backups are still happening on the box in the office, so even if it breaks we're still covered.23:39
nkinkadeBut I can't see how/why it wouldn't work just fine.23:39
JED3nkinkade: yes, i'm on now23:39
nyerglernkinkade, right, i figured we'd keep the office running a couple days just to confirm everything was working OK on the new config23:39
nyerglernkinkade, concur, it seems to have been humming along23:39
nkinkadeNow that the box is up and running at ISC I can enable pushing (rsyncing, actually) log files.23:40
nkinkadeJED3: Could you edit /etc/config/firewall and change the rule that redirects SSH.  It currently points to, but we need it to point to
nkinkadeThen run: # /etc/init.d/firewall restart23:41
JED3nkinkade: done23:41
nkinkadeJED3: Awesome.  Thanks.23:42
nkinkadeThat worked.23:43
JED3nkinkade: np23:47

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