Wednesday, 2010-06-30

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erceteHi there10:22
erceteI've got some questions about CC and the french law, so if anyone by there can help me, here is my question :10:25
erceteI've made some nice photos, uploaded a lowresolution copy on flickr, and put a cc-by-nc-sa on them10:28
erceteNow, I've got some opportunities to make an exhibition and sell some of these photos10:28
ercetein french law : the  "oeuvre d'art"  status for the photo are for 30x limited pieces on the same paper, same conditions etc...10:30
erceteIf I sell a printed copy of the hi-res file, is it ruled by the same CC license or may I keep it copyrighted so that I can sell it ?10:32
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greg-gercete: you can do whatever you want with your work no matter what CC license you released it on flickr under12:40
ercetegreg-g, ok12:42
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nyerglernkinkade, if you have a second can you call my desk?15:59
nkinkadenyergler: Yeah.  Ext.?16:00
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paroneayeanyergler: your talk went well, I thought17:37
nyerglerparoneayea, thanks17:37
akozaknkinkade, youve gotta refresh it periodically to bring it more up to date17:39
paroneayeaakozak: the ustream thing?17:39
paroneayeaI only have gnash installed on here, no video for me :<17:40
nkinkadeakozak: That's pretty worthless if you have to refresh the page just to see something even remotely current.17:43
nkinkadeIn any case, the video was totally un-serviceable .... choppy, freezing every 2 or 3 seconds.17:43
paroneayearemember way back in the day when people used to put up webcam pages that were just jpegs that were periodically refreshed via javascript?17:44
nkinkadeI think it's a lost cause to try to broadcast video out of the CC office.17:44
paroneayeaRobs Cool Room Cam17:44
greg-gparoneayea: loved it17:44
tvolnkinkade bc bandwidth not there?17:44
mralexour upstream bw isn't ideal17:44
nkinkadetvol: Yeah, the upstream is only 786kbps, at best.17:45
nkinkadeAnd half of that is used up by other things in the office, and people surfing.17:45
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mralexnkinkade: is that the fastest adsl service we can get?17:45
paroneayeankinkade: jpegs with javascript mang17:45
nkinkademralex: Yeah.17:45
paroneayeathe past is the future again17:45
nkinkadeOr just bail on this ridiculous video idea.17:46
paroneayeaand we can replace the audio stream with a midi17:46
tvolno fios in SF?17:46
paroneayeawho would know the difference??17:46
tvolor is that not even better for upload?17:46
mralextvol: no fios17:46
nkinkadeparoneayea: That's the point ... nobody will know the difference, because nobody will ever see it to begin with.17:46
tvolmralex: haha, baltimore can get fios, but not SF. hilarious.17:47
mralextvol: i think it's too expensive to dig up roads in SF to drop in fibre17:47
mralexthat said, most of our roads are pretty much open trenches anyway17:48
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akozakyea i think its nearly time we upgraded internet service19:41
akozaki'm amazed an old wrt54g can handle all of us19:42
akozaknot to mention the connection19:42
mralexwell the wifi is sorta load balanced with the apple time machine router that half the staff are on19:47
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akozakmralex, im curious why the figures page shows catalyst at 10k more than the front page19:55
akozakis that a bug?19:55
mralexthe numbers dont update at the same time19:56
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mralexin other words, yes, we just received a 10k donation19:58
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akozaknyergler, call today?20:30
nyerglerakozak, nkinkade, paroneayea -- can we push the call to tomorrow?20:34
nyergleri'd like to get through this stuff on my plate today20:34
nyerglerif tomorrow will not work, we can do now, so "no" is an OK answer20:35
akozaknyergler, we have a mtg tomorrow re: case studies db20:35
akozakso itd have to be a diff time20:35
nyergleri don't expect that will take a full hour, but we could do 2pm PDT tomorrow?20:36
paroneayeaworks for me if it does everyone else20:36
akozakyou might be right, either way20:36
nkinkadenyergler: Fine with me to postpone call.20:36
nyerglergreat 1400 tomorrow; thanks20:36
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nkinkadeJED3: What are the URLs for the scraper?22:07
nkinkadeI want to resolve the issue with Nagios not being able to monitor the scraper.22:07
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nkinkadeAh yes.  I was still looking at /apps/scrape.22:08
JED3each need the query param url=http://someurl22:09
nkinkadeJED3: And it returns a JSON encoded file?22:09
nkinkade... or data, I should say.22:10
JED3and the deed url needs an additional url, license_uri= or any other valid cc license uri22:11
JED3nkinkade: yes22:11
JED3additional param*22:11
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