Friday, 2010-06-25

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[mharrison]Can anyone answer a quick question about fair use?10:05
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greg-g[mharrison]: a fair use question? i can give some pointers with the full acknowledgement that I'm not giving legal advice and in the end it is really just a risk analysis13:54
[mharrison]greg-g, just what I need13:54
[mharrison]There exists a photograph ( , not mine) and I made a drawing based off of it (  Is that acceptable fair use?  Do I have the right to publish, sell, print on t-shirts whatever the image, or no since it's based on a photograph/contains a celebrity likeness that I don't have permission to use?13:55
greg-g[mharrison]: since that is a celebrity, and the photo looks like a promo photo, your ability to do commercial things with your derivative under fair use is probably close to nil.13:57
[mharrison]greg-g, ok, that's what I figured.  But this still falls under the category of "art", correct?13:59
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greg-g[mharrison]: yeah, I suppose.14:05
[mharrison]Ok, thanks for the info14:06
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greg-g[mharrison]: no problem, glad I could help.14:08
[mharrison]I was just curious as to how drawings worked via fair use if they're based on another work.  Usually it's photography issues I'm confused about since I'm a photographer and (now former) photojournalist, heh14:09
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[mharrison]I release all of my photos under non-commercial CC licenses, but when someone asked if they could use one of my Jay-Z concert photos in their store, I wasn't sure if I actually had the legal right to do that (I was shooting the concert as press but didn't have to sign any photo releases)14:13
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greg-g[mharrison]: photos of celebrities are tricky beasts are there are personality rights that trump copyright14:22
greg-gs/are there are/because there are/14:23
[mharrison]Yeah, that's why it always confuses me.  Damned celebs14:23
* greg-g is at a conference right now, so multitasking14:23
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* paulproteus waves.15:09
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* greg-g waves to paroneayea 15:28
greg-ggrr, paulproteus rather15:28
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* paroneayea waves back at greg-g anyway15:32
* JoiIto is on a play so laggy16:11
JoiItoplane even16:11
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JED3paroneayea: ping17:58
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JED3whoops slight nsfw clip at 2:30ish18:13
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JED3paroneayea: ping18:39
paroneayeaJED3: pong18:45
JED3hi, i believe you have a bug in your publicdomain formatter18:45
paroneayeaJED3: uhoh... what is it?18:46
JED3dctype = _translate_dctype(work_dict['format'].lower())18:46
paroneayeayup, what's the bug?18:46
JED3you have work_dict defaulting to None, which would produce a KeyError18:46
paroneayeaah right, good catch18:49
paroneayeashouldn't throw anything off in cc.engine but we should support not passing in anything to work_dict18:50
paroneayeaI'll fix that, thanks :)18:50
JED3i guess it would produce a __getitem__ not impl, but for empty dicts you'll get a keyerror ;)18:50
JED3no prob, thanks for catching the PD stuff in the first place18:50
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paroneayeaJED3: new egg uploaded18:56
JED3paroneayea: i thought one of us had added an rdflib version restriction to rdfadict??18:59
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paroneayeahm.  I added it to a few packages.  Maybe I missed rdfadict?19:01
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greg-gparoneayea: wow, good catch on the translation thingy19:46
paroneayeagreg-g: heh, thanks19:47
paroneayeaI just noticed it last week19:47
nkinkadeakozak: Do MW not allow a user to delete files they uploaded?20:01
akozaknkinkade, it should.20:02
akozakbut like most stuff in mw its hard to delete for good.20:02
nkinkadeakozak: Hmm.  It looks like the guy who wrote to webmaster@ really did upload that file.20:03
nkinkadeI just don't know why there would be no delete link.20:03
nkinkadeakozak: FYI .. based on a test I just ran on the staging wiki it would appear that a user cannot delete files they upload, though it seems they can upload a modified file.20:15
akozaknkinkade, odd.20:16
akozaknkinkade, it's probably that we haven't assigned that right to basic users.20:17
nkinkadeIs there actually a right to delete one's own uploaded files?20:17
akozaknkinkade, don't think mw distinguishes your pages from others.20:18
nkinkadeI'm not worried about it.  We virtually never get requests like this, and we don't really want people deleting other peoples' files ... it's apparently not a default MW permission.  There is some reason behind that, I'm sure.20:19
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akozaknkinkade, probably because it'd get hard to manage revisions. i.e. can a user delete their file if someone revised it20:24
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nyerglernkinkade, do we let normal users delete pages? (just curious)20:32
nyergleralso, nkinkade, the AWS drive arrived back in the office20:32
nkinkadenyergler: I don't think so.20:32
nkinkadeNice ... that was pretty quick of Amazon.20:32
nkinkadenyergler: We could probably speed up this process if you or someone else in the office were able to off-load the data from the enclosure onto the Time Capsule.20:33
nkinkadeIt may take some time for that to happen, so would just save many hours while I'm in town.20:33
nyerglernkinkade, right20:33
nkinkadeDon't know how easy or hard it would be to do that, though.20:34
nkinkadeCertainly possible, but just don't know if will take some wrangling or go right on without any work at all.20:34
nyerglernkinkade, not sure it can mount ext3 natively, so that may be an issue20:35
nyergleri'll need to experiment20:35
nkinkadenyergler: The way is probably to attach it to some Ubuntu box, then mount the Time Capsule in Ubuntu and just copy the data.20:35
nkinkademralex: Are you or have you done any changes to CiviCRM or Drupal files in the last 15 or 20 minutes?20:44
mralexnkinkade: nope, not in that timeframe20:45
nkinkademralex: 30 minutes?20:45
nkinkadeI'm about to upgrade Drupal.20:45
nkinkadeJust want to make sure I don't stomp on anything you did.  30 minutes back should cover it, because it's been less time than that since I copied the new files.20:45
mralexnkinkade: i have some uncommited theme changes in drupal; and there may be some uncommitted or unpushed changes to the creativecommons module on support20:46
mralexfrom yesterday20:46
nkinkademralex: That's okay.20:46
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rjcpHello all.20:54
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nyerglernkinkade, if I wanted to use a static IP for the new video conferencing system, what's a good choice? (also, can I send you ports to forward to it?)21:10
nyerglerhi rjcp21:10
rjcpHello nyergler21:10
nkinkadenyergler: I think we have a Teamspace page with office static IPs.21:11
nkinkadeLet me find it.21:11
nkinkadeHrmph.  Maybe we don't.21:13
nyerglernkinkade, thanks21:13
nkinkadenyergler: There may be a piece of paper on the inside of the telco closet door.21:13
nyerglernkinkade, i'll look21:13
nkinkadenyergler: What I do know is that - I reserved for static use.21:14
nkinkadenmap show that .1, .3, .4, .5 and .10 are in use.21:14
nkinkadeThe DHCP pool is only from .100 to .15021:15
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nyerglernkinkade, thanks21:29
nyergleri didn't find a sign21:29
nyergleri'm going to use .1521:29
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JED3paroneayea: ping21:45
paroneayeaJED3: pong21:45
JED3is 'recombo' still an accepted license class?21:45
paroneayealooks like it21:46
JED3paroneayea: ehh sorry, i overlooked something myself21:46
paroneayeain selectors.rdf21:46
JED3paroneayea: and HTMLFormmater should do just fine with recombo21:47
paroneayeashould.  Is it not?21:47
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[mharrison]mralex, old news =P22:41
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molocan anyone recommend a good copyright lawyer in NYC that could go after a CC-BY-SA infringer with deep pockets?23:17
akozakmolo, CC doesn't provide referral services, but our community has started a page at
akozakwe don't necessarily endorse or recommend anyone on that list23:23
moloakozak: thank you, that's more than I had before to go on.  appreciateed.23:23
akozakno problem.23:24
akozakI am sure there are plenty of lawyers in NY :P23:24
moloheh, yes.. but probably few that would bother with a small-time case like this.23:25
moloappreciated, thanks.23:25
[mharrison]Lawyers?  In MY New York City?  It's more likely than you think.23:27
nyerglernkinkade, i installed Ubuntu 10.04 Server on the new backup box23:28
nkinkadenyergler: Do you mean the rackmount?23:28
akozakactually it was hurd23:29
nkinkadenyergler: Why Ubuntu over Debian Lenny?23:29
nyergleri guess i didn't think about it much; didn't seem like much difference23:29
nyergleri can of course blast easily at this point if you feel strongly to the contrary23:30
nkinkadenyergler: I'm sort of partial to Debian for the servers.23:30
nkinkadeIt's just that all the other servers are Debian Lenny and the consistency seems nice.23:30
nkinkadePlus I somewhat have more trust in Debian than Ubuntu ... even if it's irrational.23:31
nyergleryes, that is irrational, but i can appreciate consistency :)23:31
nkinkadeIt just make managing thing easier when I know that they all run the same thing, and all need the updates at the same time.23:31
nkinkadeThen again, maybe I'm falling into the old homogeneity pitfall .... one for arguments against Windows.23:32
nkinkadeHey I've got a great idea ... let's run all 1,000 of our servers on the *exact* same platform!23:33
nyergleri don't think it matters -- going to lenny is trivial23:33
nkinkadeSince we don't have 1000 servers, I sort of like the homogeneity of Lenny.23:33
akozakcan we start a seti@home team and buy a server farm for it?23:34
akozakmralex, did you post this a while back?
akozakor was it JED323:39
JED3akozak: i believe it was a conversation between us two23:40
mralexjed and i were talking about lesscss at some point23:40
akozakwas wondering where i got the bookmark from23:40
JED3the title of that blog post is so "hackernewish" or "r/programmingish"23:41
akozakyea doesnt really make sense23:41
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