Monday, 2010-06-07

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swathanthranhi.. a lill question on licensing music recordings. My genre of music is mostly available in form of recordings of public performance of masteros(that too mostly people who are no more alive).. Does it make sense to provide the collection i have(that too gained from my friends) to provide in any CC license?01:20
swathanthranwell what i thought of is how to introduce the CC culture to my music community:)01:20
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MikeChelenanyone know where to find documentation about marking up html with license info?05:02
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nyerglerpaulproteus, sorry for the delay, i'm in the office, online now15:12
nyergleri can call you? (or vice versa)15:12
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dithyramblenyergler: We're working on the RDFa plugin, and we're having some problems getting the configuration right.16:39
dithyrambleWe have an alternative which might save us all some time16:39
dithyrambleWhy don't we have the RDFa parser hit the network (i.e., "do it the wrong way")16:39
dithyramblebut then use an aggressive cache between Nutch and the network?16:40
dithyramble<Asheesh>This was my idea.</Asheesh>16:40
nyergleri figured ;)16:40
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nyergleri think that's ok (as in not great, not terrible)16:41
paulproteus_Thumbs up.16:41
nyergleri'd much rather see it in a plugin since i think that fits with the nutch mind-set better16:41
nyergler(and it's one less piece of software to configure/deploy)16:41
nyerglerhow about this:16:42
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nyergleryou leave it hitting the network, push it as a feature branch, and if i don't look at it and make it into a plugin in a certain time interval16:42
nyerglerwe merge it and call it a day16:42
paulproteus_That's my favorite of all these options.16:42
nyerglershoot me an email when you have the branch in gitorious16:43
nyerglernkinkade, i'm going to walk down the street to central computers after my 10AM call and get a quote for a supermicro server from them (following paulproteus_'s advice, and to get another data point)16:56
nyergleri'll let you know what i find out16:56
nkinkadenyergler: Cool.  I look forward to seeing what you find.16:57
nkinkadenyergler: For reference, here is the base machine I had been considering:16:58
nkinkadeIf I recall the build I did with it, it was less than $1000.16:58
nkinkade... not including rails.16:58
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erlehmannnkinkade, should i give the option to specify the rights holder or the author or both in my plugin ? i would opt for author, but this may or may not create problems with cc attribution requirements, does it ?17:15
nkinkadeerlehmann: What distinction are you making between rights holder and author?17:15
nkinkadeI would say the rights holders.17:16
nkinkadeBecause it's only the rights holder that can place a work under a CC license, so it's natural to attribute them.17:16
erlehmannwell, there could be cases where they are not the same17:16
nkinkadeUnless of course, the rights holder requests or specifies that someone/something else should be credited.17:16
nkinkadeYes, you're right, but the rights holder will place the work under the license, and it's up to them to decide who gets attributed, and unless they make the effort to specify otherwise attribution would go to them.17:17
nkinkadeerlehmann: ^^17:17
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jed_nyergler: ping20:35
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nyerglerJED3, pong20:39
JED3nyergler: do you know of any simple openid relying parties that i can use to test my local development of the ccnet.php openid provider?20:41
mralexprobably good to test with, they can be tricky sometimes.20:42
JED3nyergler mralex i need something i can host locally right now20:42
nyerglergood point, mralex; JED3, we've had troubles with stackoverflow before's RP before20:43
nyerglerJED3, oh,
nyergleryou can download the code that makes that RP demo work20:43
JED3nyergler: perfect, thanks20:43
JED3nyergler: ever used the PHP consumer library there?20:43
nyerglerJED3, I haven't, the only reason I didn't link to it was because the online demo wasn't up20:44
nyergleri've had good experience with their libraries generally20:44
nyerglerso i'd say try it20:44
JED3ahh okay, thx20:44
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nyerglerdithyramble, did you port the pirate pad notes to the wiki yet?21:02
nyerglerif not i can do it since i'm in the midst of wiki-ness21:02
nyerglerdithyramble, paulproteus_
dithyramblenyergler: thanks21:06
dithyramblenyergler: Is this what you want done for the sprint?21:06
nyerglerdithyramble, yes21:07
nyergler(although is that test on full text search or metadata search or both?)21:08
* nyergler goes to re-read the story details in Pivotal21:08
dithyramblenyergler: Actually, that parenthetical helped us see the light.21:09
nyerglerdithyramble, paulproteus_ captured our conversation on this in the story comments in pivotal --
dithyramble<Asheesh>I was confused, too, and this conversation plus rereading that helped.</Asheesh>21:13
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nkinkadenyergler: What did you find at Central Computer?21:48
nyerglernkinkade, i called, they're going to email me a quote21:48
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erlehmannnkinkade, do you know how to save attachment custom fields in wordpress ?22:38
erlehmannif not, i will try to understand more plugins which do that22:38
nkinkadeerlehmann: Not off hand.22:38
erlehmannthere should be a drunk programming contest ;)22:38
nkinkadeBut if you hit a brick wall, then feel free to point me to the relevant code, and I'll do some looking around.  4 eyes might be better than 2.22:39
nkinkadeerlehmann: Why, are you especially good at it? ;-)22:39
erlehmannno, but i am drunk right now — someone gave me a beer — and still discuss programming issues with friends. it just feels weird.22:40
erlehmanni have hit the wall. let me show you it. in 30 min or so, i'll try to break it in the meantime.22:41
nkinkadeerlehmann: When you say "attachment custom fields" are you referring to a file upload?22:56
erlehmannnkinkade, this. or other stuff listed in the media manager.22:57
erlehmannyou will see it when you see my non-working code. 10 minutes, in the meantime i'll try to convert it to working code22:57
nkinkadeerlehmann: What type of file would you need to upload?  We're just dealing with metadata, right?22:57
nkinkadeerlehmann: Here's an interesting plugin:
nkinkadeIt's vaguely similar in concept to what we are aiming for, though rather more simplistic.22:59
erlehmannimages ? well, i'll just post the code, you'll see when it gets triggered.22:59
erlehmanngot that, thanks. i'll look at it.22:59
nkinkadeerlehmann: I'm going to run to the store.  I'll be back in about 20 minutes.22:59
erlehmannwordpress documentation sucks for the functions i am using. source code study is the only way i seem to really grasp the concepts.23:00
erlehmannhaha, did that approx 1,5 hrs ago.23:00
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erlehmannnkinkade, i am of the impression that this media credit thing is huge. reading and understanding will take a while.23:16
nkinkadeerlehmann: That plugin appears to be released under the GPL, so there's no reason that you couldn't borrow code and credit as necessary.23:28
erlehmannnkinkade, first of all, i want to understand what i am doing. better explicit than implicit, no cargo cult. i will copypaste the code as soon as i have untangeld it.23:31
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nkinkadeerlehmann: Are you borrowing that one from:
nkinkade... but I agree.  I comment code like a mad person, perhaps too much.23:32
nkinkadeAnd having a clear idea of where we are going is important.23:32
nkinkadeVital, I should say.23:32
erlehmannif that link is the zen of python, yes, indeed.23:33
erlehmanni once tried to build something with a ruby on rails guy having a cargo cult mentality (but he got paid on it, apparently it worked) — nothing ever came from it, because i always asked what this and that was doing and he was „dunno, copypasted it and it works“23:34
JED3nkinkade: ping23:39
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.23:39
JED3nkinkade: which civi hook should i tie into so that when a contribution is marked complete I can perform some action?23:40
nkinkadeJED3: Sadly, I'm not sure.  I've never had to deal with the Civi modules.23:41
nkinkadeHow are the docs?23:41
nkinkadeOut of curiosity?23:41
JED3nkinkade: hmm okay, paymentProcessor was the only thing that i suspected to work23:42
nkinkadeMy sense is that the available hooks are not nearly as extensive as, say, in WordPress, but I could be wrong.23:42
JED3how are the docs, as in my opinion of them?23:42
nkinkadeJED3: Let me take a look ...23:42
nkinkadeYeah, your opinion.23:42
JED3well the individual docs aren't horrible, much better than what you'd see in Drupal or Joomla imo23:44
JED3but the wiki is difficult to navigate for me23:44
nkinkadeJED3: I don't think that is the hook we want.   Let me browse them a bit more.23:44
JED3nkinkade: okay thanks for looking into this23:44
nkinkadeJED3: One thing we have to take into account here is that we have seriously short-circuited the CiviContribute code.23:45
nkinkadeWe may not hit many hooks.23:45
nkinkadeThough we are sure to hit at least one or two.23:46
nkinkadeProbably the best way to find which ones is to look through OneClick.class.php and see where we run Civi functions, then look in those files for hook processing.23:46
nkinkadeJED3: The other option would be to leverage the notifications that OneClick sends??????23:47
nkinkadeOneClick knows when a contribution has reached completed status, with one small, nagging exception.23:47
nkinkadeJED3: Probably the only place in the Civi code that you could rely on a hook would somewhere in CRM/Contribute/BAO/Contribution.php->create() or add()23:50
dithyramblenyergler:  We're trying to have our junit test talk to Nutch. We're using code like this:23:50
dithyramble(Sorry that looks like 'You suck'.)23:50
dithyrambleWe get an exception, thogh23:50
dithyramble*though, on the line "NutchBean bean = new NutchBean(CONFIGURATION);"23:50
dithyrambleActually, try this pastebin: . It has a traceback.23:51
dithyrambleOops, we just realized you're probably not in...23:52
nkinkadeJED3: See line #149 of the file I reference above.  Looks like you want the hook_civicrm_post hook.23:52
nkinkadeadd() is called by create() in that file, and the OneClick code calls create()23:53
nyergler dithyramble just saw this23:56
JED3nkinkade: so look for _civicrm_post("create", "Contribution") ?23:57
erlehmanni am on slooow umts. debugging is a pain.23:57
JED3nkinkade: that should work23:57
nkinkadeJED3: You don't have to look.  It's on line 149. :-)23:58
JED3nkinkade: oh i meant "look" for signals sent by that hook that contains those parameters23:58
nkinkadeerlehmann: Yeah ... debugging in PHP is not as nice, friendly or easy as in python.23:58
erlehmannthat is an understatementn23:59
nkinkadeIn PHP one must get very friendly with print_r() and echo().  Though I'm sure there more advanced debugging techniques that I just don't know about.23:59
nyerglerdithyramble, which line is line 132 in that code sample?23:59
nyergleroh, just re-read your message above23:59

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