Monday, 2010-05-24

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nyerglerdithyramble, I'm ready to do our call whenever you are15:16
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dithyramblehm, am i calling the wrong number?15:21
dithyrambleah, yes, i was calling your work line.15:22
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akila87Hello paroneayea,15:45
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paroneayeaheya akila8715:54
akila87paroneayea, i tried the extension it worked fine.15:55
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paroneayeaakila87: Yeah, I'm not sure what's wrong on this computer.  I'm going to go give it a test on my other computer.15:57
akila87but at one time when i reinstalled the stable one and then installed the new one (stable one doesn't work 4 me) it didn't work. then i cleaned the uno cache and reinstalled it15:57
paroneayeaoh hm15:57
akila87then it i think, may be the addons do something to the menus of ooo and some times it may get messed.15:59
paroneayeawell I'll try doing that15:59
akila87what's your OS?15:59
paroneayeawas previously trying on an ubuntu gnu/linux machine, now trying on my debian testing laptop15:59
akila87ah, in windows some times we need to kill the ooo quick starter after installing an addon it happened to me. But not with this one. If still we cannot get the menu working lets put in the addons menu. It should work.16:02
akila87and i completed picasa :). working on the GUI and CC0 .16:03
paroneayeaakila87: did you upload a new version over the weekend?16:14
paroneayeaI am getting a new error that I did not get before, on both machines16:15
paroneayea WARN [Thread-9] ( - jar:file:/home/cwebber/!/org/creativecommons/license/rdf/jurisdictions.rdf(line 2863 column 32): {W115} Primary subtag must be between 1 and 8 alpha characters: de_CH16:15
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akila87ah its a warning about the RDF16:17
paroneayeawell I'm not sure if that warning was showing before... I do know that the extension no longer starts at all16:18
akila87i got that too. but it worked for me. i think its about the _ in the de_CH but still it work for me.16:19
paroneayeaok :)  I'm gonna try something else.  1sec16:20
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akila87and you'll get it before you open the dialog, because im loading RDF in to memory when when the document loads.16:23
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JED3igorlukanin: ping18:42
igorlukaninJED3: Hi, John18:45
igorlukaninI'm sorry for keeping silence for so long, that was due to my studying issues and must be over now :)18:46
igorlukaninI'm planning to contact you in a day to know your opinion on the project specification draft I've worked on18:48
JED3igorlukanin: no problem on the latency18:54
JED3I just wanted to remind you that today is the official start day of coding18:55
JED3which doesn't mean we expect to see any code commits immediately :)18:55
igorlukaninYup, I'm quite familiar with the timeline :) And I think I'll definitely have a commit before my first per-week blogpost18:58
JED3awesome, if you need anything, just shoot me an email18:58
igorlukaninThanks. If I do, I will :)18:59
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah?20:15
MarkDudeThose of you in Northern CAlifornia - A Geeknic is happening on June 19th Everyone is invited20:16
paroneayeankinkade: hey.  You're running either debian or ubuntu right?20:17
nkinkadeparoneayea: On my laptop?  Yeah.20:17
paroneayeaI'd like to try one more time to see if this works for anyone else20:18
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paroneayeaCould you install this extension:
paroneayeaand then see if you can access the creative commons tools in the insert menu after a restart?20:18
nkinkadeparoneayea: Could you send me an email about it and I'll try it later?20:20
paroneayeankinkade: sure thing20:20
nkinkadeJust so I don't have reboot right this minute.  Why would a reboot be necessary?20:20
paroneayeaoh no20:21
paroneayeaI mean20:21
paroneayearestart openoffice.20:21
paroneayeanot your computer.20:21
nkinkadeOh.  In that case I can do it now.20:21
paroneayeasorry :)20:21
nkinkadeI almost never use OOo, so I was confused.20:21
nkinkadeparoneayea: I do get a "Creative Commons" option in the Insert menu, but the 2 options are grayed out.20:24
paroneayeankinkade: okay, that's what I was getting too20:28
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nkinkadeJED3: Where is a user's email address associated with their Profile?20:45
nkinkadeI'm looking through profiles, but don't see any email addresses.20:45
JED3nkinkade: Users20:48
JED3it won't be in the profiles20:48
JED3look in Auth > Users20:48
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.  Apparently all sorts of stuff in the admin area is getting past my attention today.20:48
JED3ahh just got your email, looks like you found it20:48
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paroneayeapaulproteus: ping21:12
paroneayeaah nm, I'm sending nathan an email ;o21:14
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paroneayeahey nkinkade21:58
paroneayeawhat version of OO.o are you running21:58
nkinkadeparoneayea: Are you asking me?22:02
nkinkadeSorry .. I'm missing some some context ... having a few problems with IRC.22:03
erlehmann_nkinkade, are you there ?22:25
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erlehmann_i seem to have a talent for being asleep at the wrong times22:54
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erlehmann_at the labs blog, is there any way that it doesn't filter out perfectly valid html5 elements such as <figure> ?23:39
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lotiagreetings all. anyone here going to the DiscoverEd code sprint in East Lansing in June?23:48
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