Saturday, 2010-05-22

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mick_laptophi, can someone tell me if I can make a template (GPL code) that uses a design that is under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License?05:04
mick_laptopi'd think that I could and that they are compatable but I just wanted to check :)05:04
erlehmannmick_laptop, what is a "template" ? AFAIK, only the new GFDL and CC BY-SA were compatible — for the sake of wikipedia migration05:12
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arnotixehi all I have a dictionary-generating database thing sitting on the internet, and I'd like to license the source code under GPLv3. Now, I don't think the database contents (the dictionary text itself) is very suited for distribution under GPLv3, since it probably would be printed in a book (being a dictionary). Would it be possible and/or practical to dual-license my work, code under gplv3 and text/data under cc-by-sa3?05:23
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arnotixe(I just think the gplv3 is geared more towards software/code while cc-by-sa3 is easier to understand for, say, publishers)05:24
mick_laptoperlehmann: sorry i'm talking about CMS development05:59
mick_laptopa template is a design06:00
erlehmannarnotixe, IANAL, but the GPL does not extend to content produced using GPL code.06:00
erlehmannmick_laptop, it would probably be easiest to simply ask the theme developer to clarify that. usually free-content people have non problem with free software — to the contrary.06:01
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mick_laptoperlehmann: i think that arnotixe was thinking of something like the GNU FDL06:24
mick_laptoparnotixe: when you say "dictionary generating" what do you mean?06:25
mick_laptoparnotixe: yes you can dual license (code: GPLv3 and Content CC or GFDL or something similar)06:25
mick_laptoparnotixe: for the text of the GFDL:
mick_laptopsince that covers things like publishable content (like textbooks etc)06:26
mick_laptopsince content can't go under the GPL06:27
mick_laptopthe thing that gets me confused is when people put code under a CC license06:28
mick_laptoperlehmann: i know you say "Ask the theme develooer" - but I have another case which isn't so easy. I know of a theme which says that the php is GPL bu tthe CSS, js, images (everything that makes it a theme) is closed source and proprietary. I'm wondering where the line is. I'd say that JS falls under as "source code" for sure and that that should be covered by the GPL - but since the developer says that it is a "free standing" file - it is not covered06:33
erlehmannmick_laptop, the theme dev cannot force *himself* to open up the sources o.006:47
erlehmannor more like, it would be profoundly weird06:47
erlehmannmick_laptop, tell the theme dev that his or her licensing is stupid and only stupid people do stupid things like that ;)06:48
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arnotixemick_laptop, Thanks. see - there's the engine. I'll look into that when I've got time - have to go to work12:15
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akila87Hi paroneayea,15:38
paroneayeahey akila8715:38
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akila87What should be the format for the license insertion dialog15:45
akila87something like a wizard?15:45
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paroneayeaakila87: hey, sorry for the time delay in responding.  A wizard is probably the most reasonable solution, yeah.17:03
paroneayeaI'm not sure I'm giving my best response here though because I'm kind of running a lot of errands this weekend.. I have some time blocked out on monday to review everything you've got so far and assess that with the goals of the GSOC project and stuff17:04
paroneayeasince sanity landed this week that should be easier17:04
akila87paroneayea sure I started working on adding a wizard.17:05
paroneayeaakila87: great :)17:05
akila87because i thought it will be easy with to add CC0 if we already have the front end wizard for the others.17:06
akila87getting RDF won't be that hard. But creating a wizard it some what time consuming. Because there is no GUI builder for this. So if we can make it first then we can do the adjustments later.17:08
akila87paroneayea btw i was able add picasa too.17:09
paroneayeaakila87: cool :)17:13
paroneayeaakila87: Hm, all of the creative commons options in the Insert menu are greyed out?17:14
akila87oh, what is the open office version you are using17:15
paroneayeaer, 3.1.117:16
akila87it worked for ooo 3.1 in windows17:16
akila87im using 3.2 in ubuntu.17:17
paroneayeaCould be something wrong on my end maybe...17:17
paroneayeaI'll look more on monday.17:18
akila87i'll also check on this.17:18
akila87sometimes that may be a problem with addons.xcu file17:19
akila87i'll ask some of my friends who are using 3.1 & 3.2 to test this.17:20
paroneayeaok, cool17:20
paroneayeajust checked against stable... I get the same problem when I install the stable version first, but then after restarting openoffice it works17:20
paroneayeain the new one it doesn't work after restarting still17:20
akila87i had the same problem with the old one. i fixed it by changing the addons.xcu file17:24
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