Thursday, 2010-05-13

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wietsemorning, i have a question relating to the usage of some creative commons licenses combined with some copyrighted work. I've read through the FAQ twice, but can't quite seem to find an answer. Would this be a correct place to ask?07:11
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paroneayeankinkade: around?14:55
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Here.15:24
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paroneayeankinkade: hey, so15:34
paroneayeaif you look at those first 4 lines15:35
paroneayeafor some reason my rewrite rule, which is:15:35
paroneayeaRewriteRule ^/(license|licenses|choose|characteristic|publicdomain)/(.*) /ccengine-fcgi/$1/$2 [L]15:36
paroneayeait's rewriting to the right thing, /choose/ -> /ccengine-fcgi/choose/15:36
paroneayeabut it looks like it's treating it like a local directory instead of a the alias I set up15:36
paroneayea gives what's expected, but15:37
paroneayeainstead that rewrite rule says it's serving from /var/www/
nkinkadeparoneayea: Perhaps see the passthrough|PT flag?
nkinkade"This flag is just a hack to           enable post-processing of the output of           RewriteRule directives, using           Alias, ScriptAlias,           Redirect, and other directives from           various URI-to-filename translators."15:38
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paroneayeaokay... that works15:39
paroneayeaawesome! :D15:39
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paroneayeankinkade: you can re-enable those alerts now16:09
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yup.16:10
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JED3support -> zupport -> __upport -- what's a good name for the next level in that hierarchy?17:36
nyergleris this a Mensa question?17:38
nyergleridentify the next word in this sequence17:38
JED3heh i'm a fan of zapport17:40
nkinkadeJED3: Why is it that we really need another instance of zupport?17:44
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JED3nkinkade: i need a sandbox for the stuff we we're discussing yesterday17:45
nkinkadeIs the thought that your testing will utterly and totally destroy zupport to the point of being unusable?17:45
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JED3it'll be largely experimental and will probably destroy things at certain points17:45
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nkinkadeIf it's just a module, then it's hard to see how that would destroy anything.17:46
JED3nkinkade: its more than that17:46
nkinkadeWhat is it?17:46
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nyerglernkinkade, exploring the drupal - civi integration17:53
nyerglerarguably zupport and staging should be places where we prepare software for deployment to production, not where we develop things17:53
nkinkadenyergler: Should I raise questions or just sit back?17:53
nyerglernkinkade, i want your input, but i do think that we need to do a better job (generally) separating experiments/dev work and staging things for production17:54
nkinkadeI mean input on the idea in general, not the development.17:54
nyerglerthat's one of our problems with right now -- it had deviated from production because we were doing both there17:54
nyerglernkinkade, yes, on the idea would be helpful17:54
nkinkadenyergler: I think it's mostly that I have not the least idea what anyone has in mind for this Civi-Drupal integration.17:55
JED3nkinkade: what version of drupal are we running?17:56
nyerglernkinkade, sorry, right; i can send an email to webmaster momentarily that may (hopefully) help set the stage for things17:56
nkinkadeI'd just be curious to know what people envision for all this to allay any fears in my mind that this could become a time sink and boondoggle.17:56
nyerglernkinkade, got it17:56
nyergleri hope you'll be convinced that it reduces our boondoggle exposure overall :)17:57
mralexgotta keep those boondoggles down17:58
nkinkadeparoneayea: What's the possibility of bumping the git-svn pushes of i18n to happen more frequently?  Like every 15 minutes or so?18:03
nyerglernkinkade, it's just a cron job in sheeshcron18:04
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nkinkadeAh, it's the same all the mediawiki modules, etc.18:06
JED3nkinkade: have you heard any discussion around civicrm and drupal 7?18:07
nkinkadeJED3: Not much.  I got mentioned at CiviCon, and Lobo said that he didn't feel it would be all that much work to move CiviCRM to Drupal 7.18:07
JED3ahh okay, thx18:08
nkinkadenyergler: JED3: regarding /a/inivite/ we had talked about having the code email someone if the endpoint returned something other than status code of 200.  I'm now thinking that perhaps any emails or notifiers should probably be sent by the endpoint, not the Civi side.  Does that sound okay?18:20
nkinkadeThat way, warning don't go out unless someone really wants them to, whereas the Civi side can't know why it wasn't 200, or what the implications are of the failure, but the endpoint does know these things.18:21
paroneayeankinkade: do you want me to up the cronjob to be more frequent?18:22
nkinkadeparoneayea: If it's just the sheeshcron stuff, then I can tweak it myself if necessary.18:22
paroneayeaI figured as much18:22
paroneayeaI felt awkward not responding, since nyergler did :)18:22
nyerglernkinkade, i think that's fine18:23
JED3nkinkade: yeah, I can handle the error emails18:32
nkinkadeparoneayea: I just broke i18n out of paulproteus' git-svn scripts and it will push i18n every 15 minutes.18:46
nkinkadeAll the rest just daily.  Just FYI.18:47
paroneayeankinkade: cool :)18:47
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paroneayeaI think everything's good19:12
paroneayeaI'm gonna switch things over to the sanity stuff on live now19:13
paroneayeaHm.  It's working, but it's being slow..19:16
paroneayeaokay, it's faster now19:17
paulproteusWow, those are still in use! re: git-svn scripts19:17
paroneayea some of these are having encoding issues19:18
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paroneayeanyergler: nkinkade: JED3: sanity has landed (I think!)19:36
paroneayeacheck to see if things are working19:36
paroneayeaafaict things are working and not falling over19:36
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paroneayeahm, found a problem19:40
paroneayea /publicdomain & etc weren't redirecting to /publicdomain/, fixing that19:41
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paroneayeastaging doesn't appear to have anything different that would lead /publicdomain to redirect to /publicdomain/ there, but it is20:01
paulproteusparoneayea: Wow re: sanity20:03
paulproteusYou should tell ftobia.20:03
paroneayeaonce I figure out this url redirect thing it'll be true again ;)20:04
paroneayeait's true again! :)20:06
nyerglerparoneayea, awesome!20:14
paroneayea     *20:14
paroneayea    /\20:14
paroneayea   /o \      PARTY HATS20:14
paroneayea  /o  o\20:14
paroneayea ========_20:15
paroneayea  \____.--'20:15
paroneayea      o o o20:15
paroneayea     _|_|_|_20:15
paroneayea    |~~~~~~~|20:15
paroneayea    |~~~~~~~|20:15
paroneayea   -_________-20:15
paroneayea          .---.20:16
paroneayea   .\\\  /  ~ ~\20:16
paroneayea  / --/ ( G   V/20:16
paroneayea / /    /  /oooo\  YEEEEEEEAH!!!20:16
paroneayea/ /____/  \`--'/20:16
paroneayea\  /   \  /'--'    SANITY!!!20:16
paroneayea \/#    --  \20:16
paroneayea |#        .'|     GO! GO! GO!!!!!!20:17
paroneayea/         /  |20:17
paroneayeanyergler: and we have a but report20:24
paroneayeaer, bug report20:24
paroneayeathere seems to be a part of the partner interface I've missed20:24
paroneayeamaybe party hats were too early :)20:25
paroneayeaAh, I see what happened.20:27
paroneayeaso what happened is:20:28
paroneayeaused to redirect to:20:28
nyerglerparoneayea, figure it out?20:33
paroneayeaIt's an issue in the apache config actually20:33
nyerglerthere's also the POST-to-GET redirection, but for some reason I thought we talked about that20:33
paroneayeaokay, don't think I realized that one, hm20:33
paroneayeawell, reverted it briefly, I'll get it resolved20:33
nyergleriirc we had a method in the old chooser for /license that handled the redirect20:33
paroneayeaah okay20:34
nyerglerso that it worked for either POST or GET20:34
paroneayeait should be easy to fix regardless.... working on it20:34
nyerglerthat's probably why it't not in apache20:34
nyerglergreat, thanks20:34
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paroneayeafixed, and set back to sanity21:01
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nkinkadeMan, Transifex looks nice.  The interface is very clean.21:09
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nkinkadenyergler: I feel comfortable the new OneClick code is ready to launch.  I'll just wait for mralex to implement the oc_action=donate thing, and then coordinate with him to push the changes live.21:14
nyerglernkinkade, great21:15
mralexnkinkade: on it21:15
mralexnkinkade: is it safe to update references to OneClickDonate.php now, or should i hold off?21:16
nyerglerparoneayea, just saw your push, looks great21:16
nyergleryou may have already done so, but can you write a test for the redirect and POST-to-GET-ness?21:17
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paroneayeaI haven't done so but I'll do so21:18
nkinkademralex: I'll need to merge my changes to production before you change the references.  How about this: I'll merge them now, then you when I'm done you can simply make your changes and as soon as you do it will all be live?21:19
mralexnkinkade: right.21:19
nkinkadeSince there are no filename collisions this will work.  I'll ping you in a few.21:20
mralexsame path, yes? "/sites/default/modules/civicrm/bin/OneClick.php"21:20
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nkinkademralex: Yeah, same path, just dropping the "Donate" part of the file name.21:32
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nkinkadeJED3: Is /a/invite/ live?21:40
nkinkadeProbably within a few minutes it could be, if you wanted.21:41
JED3nkinkade: no its not live, but yeah i could pull on production to make it so21:42
nkinkadeJED3: I guess there's no hurry as your current cron job will still continue to work, but I'm about to launch the new process at which time you'll be free to implement that live when you want.21:43
JED3okay awesome21:43
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nkinkademralex: It's all set and I just ran a quick test.  Feel free to make those changes at will.22:02
mralexnkinkade: done; and it still works - although with some lag between hitting paypal button and it going there.22:03
mralexcould just be office connection22:03
nkinkademralex: How much lag?22:03
mralexah, it's just the connection.22:04
mralexthis time i got the "connecting to" message in my window22:04
mralexchrome is a bit lazy about showing statusbar messages22:04
nkinkademralex: I just tested with Google Checkout and there as a 3 - 4 delay between when I clicked the button and when I was at the PP.22:05
mralexgoogle checkout was near instant22:05
nkinkadeHmm.  I guess that's not too bad.  I wonder if part of that lag is simply the PP.22:05
nkinkadeThe OneClick stuff is pretty lightweight.22:05
nkinkademralex: Yeah, I think it's all transitory network stuff.  Just now GC loaded almost immediately.22:07
nyerglerparoneayea, looks like we have another bug22:14
nyerglerparoneayea, ping22:17
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paroneayeanyergler: pong22:30
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nyerglerparoneayea, sending an email now22:35
nyerglerjust turned the old chooser back on22:35
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nyerglerparoneayea, sent22:37
paroneayeanyergler: kk22:37
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