Friday, 2010-04-30

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akila87Hello nkinkade14:02
nkinkadeHi akila87.14:03
akila87I have a little problem with my the SVN access14:03
akila87I reinstalled my OS now I cannot commit to SVN using the old key14:04
akila87Can I get a new key?14:04
paroneayeaohnoes, I had this channel open in a separate emacs frame and didn't get that people messaged me14:06
nkinkadeakila87: Sure.  Just send me your new public key.14:07
akila87Thanks nkinkade14:07
akila87nkinkade: and im designing a new API for getting CC license images from wikimedia currently it is hosted in a free site.  I want to know your idea about hosting it in cc. Will it be possible?14:10
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nkinkadeakila87: No problem.  Just tell me what to name the repo and I'll set it up for you.14:11
nkinkadeAnd whether you want it to be git or subversion.14:11
akila87no it is PHP code it uses the exsisting API and extract data from it an reformat and send them14:12
akila87it was originally design by Magnus Manske here is the original page i did some modifications to speedup the query14:15
akila87Hello paroneayea14:17
akila87paroneayea: I'm Akila. I think you are the mentor assigned for my project :)14:18
paroneayeahey akila87 :)14:18
paroneayeaI haven't gotten to reply to your email yet, sorry :X14:19
paroneayeabut I did get it :)14:19
akila87oh!! its fine :)14:19
paroneayeaI'll respond to it today14:19
paroneayeagood to recognize your username though :)14:19
paroneayeaalso appreciate that you are being proactive14:19
akila87Then I will send you mail on my current progress so we can start working from there.14:21
paroneayeagreat :)14:21
akila87and a good news; RDF support for OOO wont be that hard, the new 3.2 sdk supports RDF. But currently it is only for writer documents.14:23
nkinkadeakila87: Try subversion again.  I just installed your new key.15:04
akila87thanks nkinkade15:04
akila87Now its working thanks nkinkade15:12
paroneayeankinkade: I'm going to mark as resolved... it seems making that info box a separate tab/window would be a separate issue15:48
paroneayeawould you like to / like me to make that issue?15:48
nkinkadeparoneayea: Are we on the same page?15:49
nkinkadeI wasn't saying make the info box a separate tab/window, but just make the link in it open in a separate tab/window.15:49
nkinkadeI guess it could open in the same window, but people are there for a reason and it seems odd to send them away just for information, such that they will surely be hitting the back button.15:50
nkinkadeNobody else replied, so I figure that either nobody else really cared one way or the other, or the silently agreed.15:50
nkinkadeI think Mike and/or NRY would have spoken up if they disagreed.15:51
nkinkadeparoneayea: So the changes won't be rolled out to the live site until you roll out all your changes to cc.engine?15:51
nkinkadeparoneayea: What is the time frame on that?15:52
paroneayeait should happen next week I think15:53
paroneayeawell, that depends on responses I get from the CCi list15:53
paroneayeaI'd also like to add a few more unit tests first but I think there's some pressure to get this released15:54
paroneayeathe unit tests could happen afterward15:54
nkinkadeparoneayea: Can you keep that ticket open until it's deployed on the live site?15:54
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erlehmannnkinkade, the file you need is ~/.ssh/ ?17:13
nkinkadeerlehmann: Yup.17:14
nkinkadeYou can paste it into an email, or even this channel.17:14
nkinkadeerlehmann: Are you going to be working with git or subversion?17:14
erlehmannssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA3hZTVUV4xdD5rOs7ZFOWAB7k14WBMZWYdg+GDjLOKmUdNwqw92529eY7tPYou46cbL3zephgOu0HCZKTzHfJLPMME/P4GxyK5RP9eSBwL5LE2ZsdGRiY4pOmWsC4FqBKN4LDy59Fyv6I+WN/1KvsY0Wsc1HnHRR2uUSUv+p0dlvlZ0X6UPgGqLnIveZwZkadrJwMvsUgEbJLwMQV80j682bCJh0XZ0XCv9fYbKiFlYGEuD9dwkX1hzvS4oXvspKS1MNHCJdF22z3FLpzWuM80WeP/lQIuJfR1sLmhi1mQIQP59wzrWXDDnYQ8S2d8JoMlRqbvgGXLFrEqGejV0xB7Q==
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erlehmannnkinkade, i mailed you the rest.17:18
nkinkadeerlehmann: Any ideas of a name for this repository?17:19
nkinkadewpLicense is the existing one, in our subversion repo.17:20
nkinkadeI guess more to the point is do you have an idea for the plugin name, for I guess we'd name the repo after it.17:20
erlehmanncc-license-integration ?17:22
erlehmannbetter: wordpress-cc-plugin17:24
nkinkadeJust found that plugin, too.17:24
nkinkadeerlehmann: I'll go with the second one.  It's just for the git repo anyway, and we can always change it later.17:25
erlehmannfine then17:26
erlehmannthis was my motivation for the proposal. a german blogger saying wpLicense isn't so great
nkinkadeerlehmann: The repo is set up.  You should be able to create a local project, then add the following remote and push to it.17:30
erlehmannnkinkade, but alas, i have no code, as of today17:31
nkinkadeerlehmann: That's alright. :-)17:31
erlehmannnkinkade, "git remote add creativecommons" is correct ?17:37
erlehmannsorry, i only used github till today17:37
nkinkadeerlehmann: That looks right to me.17:37
nkinkadeerlehmann: I created a user for you on the Labs blog, you should have received an email.17:39
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erlehmannnkinkade, want to tell me the fingerprint of the remote system over a secure channel ? or should i disregard the ssh warning ? ;)17:42
nkinkadeerlehmann: ^^17:44
erlehmannIRC, the best-secured medium of all :P17:44
nkinkadeWell, I don't think the fingerprint is really a secret.17:44
nkinkadeIn fact, it probably wouldn't hurt if we published them somewhere on the CC site.17:45
erlehmannnkinkade, i pushed a README. is there a web interface for git ?17:46
nkinkadeThe project may take a few minutes to show up.17:47
nkinkadeWe use cgit for the web interface but the list of repos doesn't update dynamically like with gitweb ... so we update it with a cron job.17:47
nkinkadeI can update it manually now, though.17:47
erlehmanni first time for me, blogging on some other blog17:49
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JED3igorlukanin: hello17:59
igorlukaninJED3: Hello, John!18:00
JED3igorlukanin: thanks for getting back to me so quickly, i'm adding your key to our repo right now18:00
JED3which brings me to 2 points, I'll need the user@hostname of the machine you plan to be developing from and second have you given any thought as to what you would like to call your project?18:01
JED3fwiw, we would prefer to elude the "MozCC" title as much as possible :)18:02
igorlukaninOkay :) Then let it be "cc-fx-ext" for now as the name of the repo, I'll think of more convenient ("pronounceable") name for the futher docs18:06
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igorlukaninAnd to the second point: I'll work as "igorlukanin@igorlukanin-laptop"18:07
JED3igorlukanin: awesome, i'll get you set up this afternoon then and follow up with an email containing the specifics18:08
igorlukaninJED3: Thanks a lot. I'll wait to hearing from you18:10
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* paroneayea yawns20:39
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paulproteusecho drop database oercloud  | mysql -uroot  ; echo create database oercloud | mysql -uroot ; ant   -buildfile ccbuild.xml cc_test21:24
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nathanynkinkade, is there a way to get around abusefilter's belief that i'm injecting bbcode into a page?22:01
nkinkadenathany: Not that I know of, but I admittedly know very little about AbuseFilter.22:01
nkinkadeHave you looked at the rule?22:01
nathanyno, i was just hoping there was a way to get around it and say "no, really,it's not that"22:02
nathanywhere do those rules live, nkinkade?22:02
nkinkadeI suppose you could disable the rule, add, then re-enable.22:03
nathanynkinkade, thanks, figured it out :)22:06
nkinkadenathany: What was your solution?22:06
mattlnathany: quit spamming, man22:06
nathanynkinkade, i initially disabled-edited-reenabled, then realized that any time i tried to edit it in the future, it'd fail22:13
nkinkadeSo you used HTML entities?22:13
nathanynkinkade, so i just looked at the rule and made a change to avoid the filter22:13
nkinkadeWill wikitext allow you to use HTML entities?22:14
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nathanynkinkade, no idea; it turned out to be a small change22:23
nathanypaulproteus, any objection to me renaming ccbuild.xml to dedbuild.xml? (just thinking about trying to generalize naming where possible)22:26
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paulproteusnathany: Sure, rock it.23:08
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