Friday, 2010-04-23

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ajazzhello, can I translate tutorial that is licensed under ?16:12
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ajazzhello, can I translate tutorial that is licensed under ?16:51
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greg-gajazz: unfortunately not, translations are not allowed when the work is licensed under a no-derivatives license17:10
ajazz(( thanks17:11
Bovinityajazz: contact the tutorial's author, he may be inclined to let you translate it17:13
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ajazzI'll try17:13
greg-gajazz: yeah, and in doing so say "and by the way, if you license it as BY-NC (or BY-NC-SA) anyone could make a translation of this for you for FREE!" :)17:15
greg-g(kidding, kinda)17:15
ajazz:) good to know17:15
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KLWi question about the CC Public Domain Dedication21:20
KLWmore specifically about how refers to this when they refuse to delete single comments that users request21:21
KLWam i correct if i say that it has nothing to do with this particular cc license?21:22
KLWfollowing the same loging it seems they would be obligated to make digg and all its posts/comments accessible and available for all foreseeable future, which of course they are not?21:24
KLWloging = logic21:25
KLWidlers only channel? :)21:34
tantekKLW - I don't think public domain can actually obligate anyone to anything21:40
tantekthat's kind of the point21:40
KLWthat sounds reasonable21:41
tantekhence you can't assert any obligation logic21:41
KLWhere's what their faq says "You can edit or delete to your heart’s content — as long as you do so within five minutes of posting your comment. However, after those five minutes are up, your comment becomes dedicated to the public domain under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication available at and cannot be deleted unless it is in violation of our Terms of Use. See Section 6 of o21:42
KLWin an e-mail correspondance they refer to the comments being affected by cc0 and  therefor cannot be deleted21:43
KLWwhich is very weird to me21:43
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nkinkadeJED3: What URL do I post to on
JED3nkinkade: ^^22:17
JED3nkinkade: just updated with the code, not yet on production22:20
nkinkadeJED3: Good.  I'm going to run a few tests in a minute.22:21
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