Monday, 2010-04-05

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rizzo0917hey just had a couple questions about GSoC17:05
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paroneayeaTraceback (most recent call last):19:57
paroneayea  File "/tmp/tmpZVvmv6/zc.buildout-1.4.3-py2.5.egg/zc/buildout/", line 1660, in main19:57
paroneayea  File "/tmp/tmpZVvmv6/zc.buildout-1.4.3-py2.5.egg/zc/buildout/", line 394, in install19:57
paroneayea  File "/tmp/tmpZVvmv6/zc.buildout-1.4.3-py2.5.egg/zc/buildout/", line 634, in _develop19:57
paroneayea  File "/tmp/tmpZVvmv6/zc.buildout-1.4.3-py2.5.egg/zc/buildout/", line 895, in develop19:57
paroneayeaoops, shoulda pastebin'ed that19:57
paroneayearegardless, I hate when setuptools writes scripts it generates to temporary files and then deletes them after it gives me a traceback19:58
paroneayeais there an option like19:58
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paroneayeaJED3: poing20:31
JED3paroneayea: hi20:32
paroneayeaso say I had a parent buildout directory like cc.engine_stage/20:34
paroneayeahm, maybe I should jump to the point :)20:34
paroneayeacould you look at this directory on
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JED3./there *20:35
paroneayeahm, let me adjust permissions quick so you can mess with it20:36
paroneayeaso try ./bin/buildout20:37
paroneayeaand look at buildout.cfg20:37
paroneayeafor some reason I figured it should be installing the dependencies from the checked out cc.i18npkg and cc.engine20:38
paroneayeabut it isn't20:38
paroneayeaany idea why?20:38
JED3paroneayea: looking now20:39
JED3wow on my 3rd different buildout error now heh20:41
JED3paroneayea: what error were you experiencing?20:46
JED3i had to chown the and cc.engine_stage to get buildout to do anything20:47
paroneayeaoh, hm20:47
JED3now its choking on "warning: no files found matching '*.po' under directory 'cc/i18npkg/i18n/'" is that what you were seeing?20:47
paroneayeawell I wasn't getting an error20:47
paroneayeathe issue was that I don't understand how development eggs work I guess20:47
paroneayeaI would think that since cc.engine and cc.i18npkg subdirectories have a, and are listed under the develop= line20:48
paroneayeathat their dependencies would have been downloaded and installed into eggs/20:48
paroneayeabut when I run it nothing seems to happen, though it says:20:48
paroneayeaDevelop: '/var/www/'20:49
paroneayeaDevelop: '/var/www/'20:49
paroneayeawarning: no files found matching '*.po' under directory 'cc/i18npkg/i18n/'20:49
paroneayeaso I would think if it were really running develop on those directories20:49
paroneayeathat it would install their dependencies20:49
JED3paroneayea: i think you need to add them to the eggs list as well in buildout.cfg20:50
JED3paroneayea: try adding a buildout section for [cc.engine]20:52
JED3with "eggs = cc.i18npkg"20:52
JED3paroneayea: also what happened to the in cc.engine_stage?20:53
paroneayeaI guess I am approaching buildout with too much of a virtualenv perspective :)20:54
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paroneayeadidn't think of putting a inside of cc.engine_stage itself20:55
paroneayeasince it's not really an egg20:55
JED3paroneayea: ahh20:57
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JED3paroneayea: ping21:20
paroneayeaJED3: prong21:27
JED3so i'm trying to update the cc.license and license.rdf for
JED3so I revved up both of those eggs to your directory on a921:29
paroneayeaheh ok21:29
JED3rm the eggs in my api buildout and re built the package, it got the 2 latest eggs but for some reason 'zero' is still being used for the selector title21:29
JED3but on my local machine i am running the same versions, but get the correct results for the selectors21:30
paroneayeawhen we gonna start using the GUHAED (Grand Unified Http Accessible Egg Directory)?21:30
paroneayeahm weird21:30
JED3doesn't make sense, am i missing something?21:31
paroneayeathe title of the selctor is in the license.rdf egg...21:31
JED3git pulled both cc.license license.rdf and built sdist eggs, then uploaded to your egg dir21:31
JED3does cc.i18npkg have any effect?21:31
paroneayeanot afaik21:31
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JED3yeah i just tried a fresh checkout of cc.api and it built with the same versions, but still using 'zero' for the selector21:32
JED3it must be cc.i18npkg21:32
paroneayeareally, you think so?21:34
paroneayeaoh hm21:34
paroneayea  <cc:LicenseSelector rdf:about="">21:36
paroneayea    <dc:title xml:lang="en">zero</dc:title>21:36
paroneayea    <cc:licenseCode>zero</cc:licenseCode>21:36
paroneayea  </cc:LicenseSelector>21:36
paroneayeawell it *should* be zero then?21:36
JED3 <cc:LicenseSelector rdf:about="">21:40
JED3    <dc:title xml:lang="en">CC0</dc:title>21:40
JED3    <cc:licenseCode>CC0</cc:licenseCode>21:40
JED3  </cc:LicenseSelector>21:40
JED3thats what I have21:40
JED3from cc.liceserdf-0.1.721:41
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paroneayeawell we are now at 0.1.10!21:42
paroneayeahold on21:43
paroneayeaso we should switch dc:title back to CC0 again as per that conversation21:44
paroneayeabut haven't yet :)21:44
paroneayeawant me to do it and release a new package?21:44
JED3paroneayea: thatd be great21:45
paroneayea0.1.11 released and uploaded21:53
JED3paroneayea: rad, thx21:59
JED3paroneayea: thx, that worked22:03
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paroneayeaJED3: :D22:22
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akozakmralex, additional issue: in chrome when the slider doesn't show up, the boxes are only in the left column22:32
akozaki.e. it doesn't default to the 2 column view22:32
mralexi find it odd chrome doesn't work, when safari does work.22:33
mralexand now chrome won't load… grr..22:33
akozakmralex, oh wait22:34
mralexin what way doesn't it work?22:34
akozakit only doesn't work with the ?utm_campaign=cc10q2&utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=ccedu22:34
akozakmy bad22:34
mralexworks fine for me with the GA markup22:34
akozakfor me works fine without it, but not with it.22:35
mralexthat text doesn't interact with the page at all, unless you have something set up that blocks google analytics (some ad blocker?) and it's fucking up any other JS on the page...22:36
akozakonly extension i have is firebig lite for chrome. let me try disabling that22:37
akozakdidnt fix it. let me dig around in firebug.22:39
mralexare the next/prev buttons not responding?22:39
akozaknot its not even showing up. I just get the 2 column div with all the elements in the left column22:40
mralexweird, that indicates the script didn't run22:41
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mralexone of these days i'll get focus-follows-eyes22:42
akozakmralex, i get different stuff looking at the DOM tab in firebug between the two pages22:43
mralexyou will22:43
akozakdont know how thatll help though :P22:43
mralexthe script modifies the dom ;)22:43
akozakah ok i thought it was the other way around22:43
mralexand now it's turned off so i can make sure webkit works properly22:43
mralexweird, layout is two column for me.22:44
mralexJED3: how does look for you in chrome?22:47
JED3JED3: looks fine to me22:47
JED3heh mralex ^22:47
JED3is the yellow/tan box around a common news item indicate some level of importancE?22:48
akozakman how was i still using chromium 4?22:50
mralexJED3: sorta. but it's currently not used.22:51
JED3oh okay22:51
akozakmralex, it works now.22:52
akozakthe script is back on right?22:52
mralexalthough i could ahve said no to fool with you22:52
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rizz0i am about to submit GSoC proposals, is there anyone I should talk to first?22:56
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