Sunday, 2010-03-14

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Samus_Arandoes anyone know how CC NC licensed music relates to being distributed with a GPL software package ?  as in, if it's allowed.  you're allowed to charge money for GPL software, but not for CC NC03:41
Samus_Arane.g. if it's allowed to distribute CC NC content as a part of a system that you charge to set up, but aren't charging for the CC NC content03:44
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l4oh, thamks greg-g04:15
greg-gSamus_Aran: they are considered incompatible licenses and should not be used together04:55
Samus_Aranit isn't a part of the project, just distributed with the whole system04:56
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greg-gSamus_Aran: example? can you point me to something I can see?05:38
Samus_Arangreg-g: it's a GNU+Linux distro, comprised of all the usual open source apps of various licenses.  along with that is a menu system (application launcher) that I have made which is GPL v3.  a background process plays music from a directory, e.g. when in the app menu or using apps that don't have their own music05:40
greg-gWell, no GNU/Linux distro will ship a CC:BY-NC licensed song, so I wouldn't do it05:45
greg-gBY-NC does not meet the DFSG05:45
Samus_Aranand what about if the user clicks a button to download the songs ?05:53
Samus_AranI'm not really understanding the NC license05:53
greg-gthat could be ok05:56
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greg-gsorry, it is pretty past my bedtime, I'm going to bed. Feel free to email the CC mailing lists (search google or the site)05:56
Samus_Aranand this is different from the user sticking a DVD in the drive and clicking a button ?05:56
Samus_Arane.g. can all the NC music be put onto a supplimental DVD ?  the whole thing seems like a dirty-hack/workaround05:57
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luisvso is the right place to ask a question about the international licenses?16:22
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swoodyIs there any copy-left alternatives to flickr/picasa? Maybe something tied into Creative Commons?20:51
swoodylike similar to how is an alternative to twitter20:51
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paroneayeaswoody: unfortunately, not that I know of :(21:49
paroneayeaI too would like such an alternative though21:49
swoodyparoneayea: yeah, I really haven't come across any info yet :/21:49
swoodyit does seem like a niche that would get a good amount of interest21:49
paulproteusI agree, swoody.21:50
paroneayeaswoody: you might be interested in joining #autonomous :)21:50
swoodyparoneayea: oh? What's that about then?21:50 is a channel for discussing independence and personal autonomy with regard to online services.21:51
swoodyah, very nice :)21:51
paroneayeaswoody: also of interest
paroneayeathere's also a mailing list21:51
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