Friday, 2010-02-26

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greg-gword to your mother14:32
augustinasIs there a way to check how looks cc license translation live ?14:32
greg-ghmmm, nkinkade would be the best person to ask.14:33
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nkinkadeaugustinas: Are you referring to
augustinasnkinkade jep15:49
nkinkadeIf so, you need to go into "Show editing functions" then click Commit15:49
nkinkadeOnce you do that, the translations should be visible at URLs like:15:50
nkinkadeaugustinas: ^^15:50
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Looks like Deeds on staging aren't being served up as UTF-8.15:53
nkinkadeIt may be an Apache thing.15:53
augustinasnkinkade I don't see a commit button :}15:53
nkinkadeBut it seems we should be declaring a Character-encoding in the <head> somewhere, too.15:53
nkinkadeaugustinas: Did I give you translate rights for LT?15:54
nkinkadeI thought I had, but I'll check now.15:54
augustinasjep, you did15:54
nkinkadeSo when you go here:
nkinkadeYou don't see "Show Editing Functions" near the top ... and when you click it you don't see a "Commit' option near the middle-right of the page?15:56
augustinasand then "Show Editing Functions"15:56
nkinkadeaugustinas: Check again.15:57
nkinkadeI just gave you Commit privs.15:57
augustinasok, works now15:57
paroneayeankinkade: hm16:04
nkinkadeparoneayea: Are you seeing that?16:04
nkinkadeIn that Deed there are all sorts of screwy chars .. the encoding the browser is using is ISO-8859-116:05
paroneayeayeah I'm not sure why this happens, considering it is working here:
nkinkadeWell, I'm pretty sure that on the live site we are forcing the default encoding to UTF-816:05
paroneayeayeah, I see that16:05
nkinkadeMaybe we're not doing that on staging?16:05
paroneayeaI'll do taht here16:05
paroneayeawell you are, for:16:05
paroneayea<Location /licenses>16:05
paroneayeaDirectoryIndex deed16:05
paroneayeaDefaultType text/html16:05
paroneayeaAddDefaultCharset utf-816:05
paroneayeabut I guess sometimes that doesn't happen during the proxying?16:06
nkinkadea7:~$ cat /etc/apache2/conf.d/charset16:06
nkinkadeSomeone commented out the line in that file that makes the default charset UTF-8.  Who, when and why, I have no idea.16:06
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'd rather do it at the server level, as a default, that based on path.16:07
paroneayeaokay, that works for me16:07
nkinkadeIn a perfect world, we'd never, ever publish anything that wasn't encoded as UTF-8.16:07
nkinkadeparoneayea: Before we change that value in the file I referenced, we might want to ask NRY or Alex if there's a reason it was commented out.16:08
paroneayeaI'll send an email to both16:08
nkinkadeparoneayea: But even beyond that, we should also be declaring the character encoding in the <head>.16:09
nkinkadeCurrently we don't, and currently those Deeds fail to validate.16:09
nkinkadeIt's also sad that is declared as XHTML 1.0 Strict, yet it isn't.16:10
nkinkadeIt's bad form for CC to be touting we standards like RDFa, etc, and yet our own web pages fail to follow standards.16:11
augustinasi can't commit :(16:16
nkinkadeaugustinas: It works, just be patient.  You may even get errors, but usually it still goes through.16:20
nkinkadeOur translations platform is woefully old.  We are going to be moving to something else in the near future.16:21
nkinkadeIf a Commit doesn't work, then perhaps try it again.16:21
augustinasyeah try again later ;]]16:22
augustinasnkinkade could you add pjurcys to 'lt'16:26
nkinkadeaugustinas: Sure.  One sec.16:26
nkinkadeaugustinas: Better yet, I'm just going to give you admin rights for LT, then you can assign or take away perms for anyone you want.16:26
nkinkadeaugustinas: You should now be able to here to give/take rights to any Pootle user who has Lithuanian marked as one of their languages:
nkinkadeI'll let you add pjurcys yourself. :-)16:28
augustinasthanks ;]16:28
augustinasoh btw is there any cms for cc.org16:34
augustinasi mean like creativecommons.nl16:34
augustinasor it's just same template16:35
augustinasI'm thinking about running wordpress :|16:37
paroneayeaJED3: ping17:03
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mralexakozak: yeah, i saw that18:00
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akozakthought i had a scoop on my hands18:01
mralexakozak: luke w is the web forms master too.18:01
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akozakgood to know. i need to learn a lot more about form design.18:02
mralexi kepe meaning to buy his book, but haven't gotten around to it18:02
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JED3paroneayea, you there?19:44
paroneayeaJED3: yeah19:44
JED3was your earlier ping's intention addressed by your last email to me?19:44
paroneayeaone of the things was :)19:45
paroneayeathe other thing is, where did you end up putting that locale fallback method you showed me yesterday?19:45
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JED3oh, its in metadata_scraper/i18n_support.py19:46
paroneayeathat's in the api?19:46
paroneayeaer, the rest api package19:47
JED3yeah after talking to you about i18n yesterday, i realized the rest api probably won't need any i18n of the sort since i think most/if-not-all will be handled in cc.license19:47
JED3paroneayea, no, its just in the metadata_scraper19:47
JED3which is a project in of itself19:47
JED3in svn19:48
paroneayeaah okay19:48
JED3its what we use to display referrer information on the deeds19:48
JED3and also as a wsgi app thats modular enough to use in projects that need to scrape url's for RDFa triples19:48
JED3(like the CC Network for instance)19:49
paroneayeagotcha.. cool19:54
akozaki really dislike the "retrieved from" link at the bottom of wiki pages20:16
akozakmralex, any objection to removing that from the CC wiki?20:18
akozak.printfooter { display:none }20:18
akozakI can do it in-wiki20:19
mralexwhat the, i thought i killed that already20:19
akozakwell I got rid of it20:19
JED3curry anyone?20:20
akozakJED3, no thanks, gonna get a marinara toaster oven sandwich w/ avocado20:21
akozakwhich is amazing btw20:21
JED3sounds it :)20:21
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akozakmralex, re: my odepo email, I've updated the main ODEPO page
akozaklooks much better22:09
mralexturn off the center text align on the left column22:10
mralexthe first letter bolding of o..d..e..p..o.. is unnecessary22:10
akozakok changed22:11
mralexturn off the padding-left; and make padding-right: 30px;22:12
mralexmm, whitespace.22:12
mralexakozak: also, i think Browse the db should go at the top, more people want information than to provide information22:14
akozakmralex, ah ok. i was hoping to change that fact :)22:14
akozakbut that makes sense22:14
akozakcool thanks mralex22:17
akozakhmm, lowercase...22:19
akozakhaha ok22:19
JED3paroneayea, ping22:31
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JED3paroneayea, is there a way to get the description for an enum of a Question's answer?22:42
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akozakmralex, is a good rule of thumb "more important form fields go at the top"?22:46
mralexit can help22:46
mralexakozak: as it is right now, your odepo form isn't *too* bad22:47
mralexakozak: have you asked what the vital form items are and determined if any info can be left and added later?22:48
paroneayeaJED3: oops, missed your question22:48
akozakmralex, cool, currently editing too22:48
mralexakozak: also "Tags" input has "http://" in it.. that looks like an error.22:49
akozakthat's... odd22:49
akozakmralex, do you mean to say that i could probably remove some lesser-important fields and then just depend on people to fill that in manually?22:50
akozakor maybe with a partial form?22:50
paroneayeaJED3: do you have context for this question?22:51
mralexakozak: my only "beef" is "Organization Type" is a little too freeform and vague, IMO. if you can make that a dropdown with an Other option.22:51
paroneayeathat question conused me; I don't know what you mean by enum I think22:51
akozakmralex, it's been freeform historically. ahrash and i went around and around on that and I was converted to his way of thinking22:51
JED3>>> q = cc.license.selectors.choose('standard').questions()22:52
JED3>>> q[0].answers()22:52
JED3[('Yes', 'y'), ('No', 'n')]22:52
mralexakozak: i'm curious what his way of thinking was22:52
akozakit has auto-complete which is helpful22:52
JED3so for the "Yes" enum it would have the description "The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, including for commercial purposes."22:52
paroneayeaJED3: I think the sad answer is that I haven't dealt with this part of the API because I simply ported over the zope code in cc.engine22:54
JED3ohh okay22:55
paroneayeaiirc cc.engine's display, both in zope and in the current iteration, has those questions hardcoded :X22:55
JED3paroneayea, hmm23:07
JED3so I guess i will have to fetch messages form the catalog after all23:12
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JED3paroneayea, you have a sec?23:35
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