Friday, 2010-01-22

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akozakmralex, just clicked on the new cc store image, got an "access denied"00:33
mralexit works for me...00:34
akozakmralex, nvm, i think it was because i was logged in to civicrm00:34
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JED3mralex: ping01:06
mralexJED3: hola01:06
JED3mralex: were you here in the days when cc:commercialLicense was a valid rdf property for a licensed work?01:08
mralexit's familiar01:09
mralexthe idea was tossed around a few years ago, if i recall01:09
JED3hmm okay01:14
JED3i havent been able to find out much about it01:14
JED3wasn't sure if it was the deprecated version of CCPlus's cc:morePermissions01:15
mralexyeah, i dunno01:16
JED3 yay for nyergler's good commit messages, this is all I've been able to find01:17
mralex2007 :)01:17
mralexoh, it's CC0 related01:17
mralexso possibly related to cc:morePermissions01:18
mralexthat's all i can give you, after a quick search through email archives01:19
JED3ahh okay, thx01:20
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aspiditessilly question: is a work considered altered if you perform lossless compression on it?02:25
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lotiafolks, plural of "y'all"? any suggestions.20:05
lotiagreg-g suggests "yalls"20:05
mralexy'all is plural. but "y'alls" isn't out of the question.20:05
JED3y'all is plural isn't it?20:06
lotiatwo southerners have said "all yall"20:06
cassihaines23y'all is plural20:06
mralex"all you all" them folks talk funny.20:06
JED3grew up in NC my whole life ;) i vote for "y'all"20:06
cassihaines23you're talking about more than one person20:06
mralexi've heard all y'all before20:06
mralexit's a manner of speaking more than it is correct language20:07
lotiamralex: a social linguist would have a bunch of stuff to say about "correct" language20:09
greg-gI'm sticking with y'all and y'alls20:09
mralexlotia: i imagine a social linguist would insist there's no such thing :)20:09
lotiamralex: precisely. i read a bunch of literature on south-asian english for a class.20:11
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paroneayea          .---.21:17
paroneayea   .\\\  /  ~ ~\21:17
paroneayea  / --/ ( G   V/21:17
paroneayea / /    /  /oooo\  YEEEEEEEAH!!!21:17
paroneayea/ /____/  \`--'/21:17
paroneayea\  /   \  /'--'    SPORTS TEEEEEAMMM!!!21:17
paroneayea \/#    --  \21:17
paroneayea |#        .'|     GO! GO! GO!!!!!!21:17
paroneayea/         /  |21:17
paroneayeahappy fries-day every121:17
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