Monday, 2010-01-11

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paroneayeamornin #cc ;o16:56
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nkinkademralex: When you get a second could you poke around on staging to make sure things are working with 2.9.1?18:18
nkinkadeI've looked around and things seem okay, but you may know of some good tests.18:18
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mralexnkinkade: everything looks ok to me on staging19:04
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mralexanyone on firefox 3.6 yet?19:08
nkinkademralex: Cool.  I guess I'll push the updates to the live machine in a bit.19:11
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luisvmralex: I'm on the RC, why?19:15
timblSoory if this is a FAQ, but it is n't in the FAQ in the title.   SA licences must transfer to a work which "builds on" another work. Does  a slide show "build on" a slide in the show?19:18
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timblIf I give a talk with a series of images, do I have to avoid all SA licenses on the photos?19:19
luisvtimbl: (I'm not with CC, so take with a grain of salt)19:19
mralexluisv: wondering if it's stable enough for day to day use19:20
luisvtimbl: but my understanding is that CC's position is that a slide show doesn't 'build on' the individual pictures in the deck19:20
mralex(in relation to general firefox instability, of course)19:20
timblluisv:  That sould be great19:20
luisvmralex: IMHO, it is much, much improved over 3.519:20
luisv(and the meeting I'm in right now says we've fixed something like 219 crash-causing bugs in the past few months)19:21
timbllogger, pointer?19:21
luisvtimbl: for the ffox crash info, or for the license question? :)19:22
timblthe license q19:22
luisvdon't have one offhand19:23
luisv(tangentially: getting meaningful search results for CC issues is getting harder because so many people are using CC licenses)19:24
luisv(which is a good problem to have)19:24
luisvtimbl: CC tends to avoid making public statements about those sorts of things, because they might be construed as legal advice19:25
luisvwhich is probably why I'm having a hard time finding any statements on that one way or the other19:26
timblYes. I can understand that.19:26
luisv(I personally avoid using SA licenses in non-SA documents because I feel most people who use SA probably intend it to be fairly strong, even if legally it isn't actually that strong, if that distinction makes sense)19:27
timblBut clean defeinition like that would be useful -- or one could have specific sub-liceses which answer the question explicitly19:27
luisvyeah, I agree, and I think that is probably on the list of things that they'd like to address in 4.0, to the extent it can be (sort of like library linking with LGPL, there is only so much clarity you can get- lots of it really is the vagary of copyright law)19:27
nkinkadetimbl: Clear definitions in law seem rare to me.19:28
nkinkadeAt the end of the day it comes down to what someone can convince others of in a court.19:29
nkinkadetimbl: Do I assume you have already looked at the definitions in the license itself?  For example 1(a) and 1(b) of
luisvnkinkade: it is true that clear definitions are hard, but CC could help clarify the situation by addressing it in FAQs, etc., to help frame the discussion19:30
luisv(of course, lawyers hate actually doing that)19:30
luisv(disclaimer: IAAL)19:30
luisv(but I am not your lawyer)19:30
luisv(I need a button in my IRC and email clients that just automatically adds those strings)19:31
nkinkadetimbl: My personal view, for what it's worth, is that using an unaltered image in slideshow  is almost certainly in the "Collection" side of things.19:32
paroneayeaheh... IAAL, BIANYL19:33
paroneayeaBIANYL is a fun acronym to pronounce.19:33
paroneayeaoh, I guess IANYL is a common acronymn.  I hadn't heard it before.19:34
* paroneayea shuts up and gets back to programming19:35
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akozaknathany, did you get a chance to look at the ded page?21:22
nathanyakozak, i started, trying to wrap up now21:23
nathanyyou'll note there's a new link to a subpage in the last section21:23
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paroneayeaakozak: too bad topatoco stopped selling this shirt:
nathanyi'd totally buy thast21:29
akozaktrying to find a street sharks shirt with jawsome on it...21:30
nkinkademralex: I suppose we should remove the campaign thermometer from the CC Planet theme??21:31
mralexnkinkade: damnit…. yes.21:31
paroneayeaakozak: gorgeous21:31
akozakMaybe you're all too old to remember street sharks21:32
mralexi don't understand how that jaw works.21:32
paroneayeaI am in the appropriate age range to remember all teenage mutant ninja turtle knockoffs ever21:33
JED3paroneayea: :D21:33
mralexwhat about samurai pizza cats?21:33
akozakbefore my time...21:34
akozakI was still watching sesame street :P21:34
paroneayeaoh shit, apparently I was not in the age range for Extreme Dinosaurs, a Street Shark spinoff21:34
akozakhaha spinoff21:35
paroneayeaspinoff of a knockoff21:36
akozakthis. is. awesome.21:36
paroneayeaoh fuck21:36
paroneayeathat is pretty extreme21:36
mralexi bet it's more awesome in english21:38
paroneayeatime to close that tab, this is too extreme for my productivity21:39
JED3man, this is ridiculous21:41
JED3these dinosaurs are totally not to scale21:41
paroneayeaJED3: you should find addresses of the concept artists and animators and write letters to complain21:41
JED3I have half the mind to21:42
JED3what a travesty21:42
paroneayea"The dinosaurs in the short-lived animation series you put out ten years ago are not to scale, I am displeased and concerned about what you are teaching our children"21:42
JED3"I am also deeply disturbed by the presence of racism and violence seen at 1:12 - 1:16 in the opening shots of the "Out of Time" episode"21:46
* JED3 following paroneayea's lead by closing this tab21:46
mralexwe've come far since 199721:49
akozakexcept for the Dow21:50
mralex"Prince H: the fictional prince of England who sometimes helps the Extreme Dinosaurs with some missions. He keeps their secret too."21:50
mralexi, too, am outraged.21:50
akozakwhat the hell is their secret?21:55
akozakthat they're *extreme* dinosaurs?21:55
akozakDang, we raised so much the thermometer busted the div.22:00
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nkinkademralex: Just in case it wasn't obvious earlier the link to the forum was with regard to the thermometer tehre.22:19
mralexnkinkade: yeah22:19
nkinkadeSeems we've got to many damn themes to keep up with.22:19
nkinkadeHow nice would it be to unify them somehow?22:19
mralexvery nice22:20
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mralexnkinkade: themes updated.22:27
nkinkademralex: Cool.  Thanks.22:27
nkinkadeThere are probably some others lurking around out there. :-)22:27
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