Monday, 2009-12-14

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JED3paroneayea, ping?04:39
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paroneayeagreg-g: I was showing nathany that I was connected to erc in emacsclient over ssh on my phone, mashed a bunch of keys16:46
paroneayeathen I hit enter instead of backspace :)16:46
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greg-gparoneayea: :)16:58
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paroneayeallllllunch? ;o20:08
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toemazhi guys22:08
toemazI'm looking for an os js script for selecting a CC license22:09
toemazwhich should be added in an OS desktop app22:09
toemazI found
toemazok, will look into licensechooser22:09
toemazit's meant to be added in MuseScore22:10
greg-git is the same thing, it was just renamed to LicenseChooser to be most descriptive of what it actually does22:10
toemazopen source music notation software22:10
toemaz1000 downloads a day22:10
toemazso it can make a difference22:10
greg-gthere is also liblicense, which can read and write license metadata to the file:
toemazto help push CC in the market22:10
toemazwe can either add it in core22:11
toemazor either with a plugin (QTScript)22:11
toemazwill look around a little more22:11
greg-gyeah, and feel free to ask questions here or on
toemazcan I report it somewhere once it's in?22:12
greg-gemail that list with the news, we would love it hear it22:12
toemazfor promotional purposes22:12
toemazok great22:12
toemazwell, thanks a lot for the quick feedback22:12
greg-gand the list might be the better place for questions, just to make sure people see the question22:12
greg-gno problem, good luck!22:13
greg-g(but I'm obviously watching this channel, so questions in here are also fine :) )22:13
toemazthanks for the pointers Greg22:14
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