Thursday, 2009-10-08

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akozakthis is crazy:
nkinkadeI know I was just this minute looking in the logs.17:24
nkinkadeI'm looking at the donation from Paulette Banks to see when it was.17:25
paulproteusakozak, Yes it is.17:33
paulproteusHumorously (?) the site isn't backed by MW.17:34
akozakthey should have based it on git somehow17:36
nkinkademralex: Are all the images on /about/downloads BY 3.0?17:40
nkinkadenotwithstanding trademark issues17:40
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mralexnkinkade: yes17:46
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mralexnkinkade: good news, you can include html in the ubercart image desc/title18:35
akozakAny mediawiki gurus around know of a way to parse URLs? So if someone entered a URL with a form, I could parse out just the domain info and use that as the alternate link text, for example.18:50
akozakI'm trying to avoid writing my own URL parser with Parser Functions...18:51
nkinkademralex: Nice.  Does this mean that you're working on the attribution stuff?19:02
nkinkadeIf so, will you let me know when it's up and running so I can notify the guy?19:02
mralexnkinkade: yep, will do19:10
JED3akozak: i'm not horribly proficient in mediawiki, but thats trivial to do in php, can you insert php snippets into the form template?19:27
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akozak JED3: re: php snippets, you can't insert them, but it's fairly easy to write an extension to do it21:46
akozakif you could ever find time to write that code, i could probably wrap it into a mw extension21:46
akozaki already gave it a shot21:46
mralexakozak: we're in the green room, yo21:46
akozakmralex: oh damn21:47
akozakmralex: one of our prev. brainstorms lead to this:
mralexakozak: is that page unfinished? None of the links lead anywhere22:05
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akozakmralex: yes, unfinished22:08
akozakmralex: was sort of a mockup of how it might look22:08
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nkinkademralex: What template have you been editing for the PCP pages?22:24
mralexnkinkade: i was using "sites/default/civicrm_templates/" (sites/default/civicrm_php/) -- because there was no default set. but it appears zupport has been reset to using "sites/default/modules/civicrm/custom_templates"22:27
nkinkademralex: This is the template I would expect:22:28
nkinkadeIs it not that one?22:28
mralexare you looking at zupport or support?22:29
nkinkademralex: support.22:29
nkinkadeDoes that mean you also changed the place CiviCRM looks for custom templates in the database?22:30
mralexmodules/civicrm/templates/CRM/Contribute/Page/PCPInfo.tpl is the stock one. i haven't been modifying that one. i've been using an overridden version.22:30
mralexsites/default/civicrm_templates/CRM/Contribute/Page/PCPInfo.tpl is the CC specific one22:31
nkinkademralex: But in order for CiviCRM to be able to use it you would have had to change the setting for the directory in the CiviCRM global settings.22:32
nkinkadeThe old custom template directory was sites/default/modules/civicrm/custom_templates.22:32
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nkinkadeThere were custom templates in that old directory.  If you changed the directory then you should have moved over the old ones to the new location.22:33
nkinkadeAs it turns out there is nothing critical in there now because most of the customization related to contribution pages, which we don't use anymore, but there was at least one template that we want.22:33
nkinkademralex: ^^^22:33
mralexnkinkade: ah. i did not.22:34
nkinkadeThat's bizarre.  I guess it could have been one of the CiviCRM devs.22:34
nkinkadeA few weeks back I gave one of them temporary access to check on a bug/problem we were having.22:34
nkinkadeIf they did that, that sucks.22:35
mralexwell i can move my customizations back to the proper location22:35
nkinkademralex: Actually, the currently location is more proper, according to the Civi devs.22:35
mralexi'm sure when i set it on zupport there was no pre-defined location22:35
nkinkadeLet's leave it where it is.22:35
mralexso which is correct?22:36
nkinkadeThere probably wasn't on zupport.  That is really shocking and sad if the dev that went into our CRM install changed a crucial setting on our production site without asking me.22:36
mralexnkinkade: relatedly; i finally have the time to nail down the last oneclick popup issue on PCP22:45
nkinkademralex: What issues is that?22:45
nkinkadeOh, so that the popup happens on the PCP.22:45
mralexnkinkade: from what i've determined, the version of jquery that ships with civi is older than the one i need to use with the popup.22:46
nkinkadeWhat solution do you suggest?  Upgrading Civi's jQuery install?22:46
mralexnkinkade: i hesitently want to test replacing it on zupport. not sure if that would break anything..22:46
nkinkadeI can't see that it would unless the API changed or isn't backward compatible.22:47
* ianweller thinks his $25 donation from two weeks ago should count towards the 2009 campaign. :)22:54
nkinkademralex: The campaign launched on Oct. 5, why is grabbing from Oct 1?22:55
mralexnkinkade: that's what melissa told me to use22:55
nkinkadeianweller: Send an email to  I'm sure they will work with you.22:55
nkinkadeI'll let sleeping dog lie on that one, mralex. :-)22:55
nkinkadeianweller: Sorry, I was thinking of something else ... a CC Network account, etc.22:56
ianwellernkinkade: i have a CC network account already, i just think it ought to count for the $50K22:56
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