Friday, 2009-09-25

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pyraknathany, let me know when you get a chance to look at the ccsearch commit weirdness.  i've written the code to fix the security bug and to implement wikimedia commons search16:21
pyrakthough i don't have a tab image for WMC16:21
pyrakalex might want to do that.  or i can probs do it this weekend16:22
pyrakof course, it's also worth discussing better functionality for the remove-frame issue16:24
nathanypyrak: i thought nkinkade fixed the merge weirdness on the ccsearch16:25
pyrakthough if browsers _really_ don't want us to know what people are doing in iframes, i guess we have no options16:25
nathanypyrak: yes, we don't have any option for the iframe remover16:25
pyraknathany, he did.  i was talking about the PO file thing from yesterday16:25
nkinkadenathany: pyrak: The merge weirdness is over for me.16:25
nathanypyrak: oh, right16:25
nkinkadeI merged in a change a few days ago without any problem.16:25
nathanynkinkade: right, sorry to bother, this is something else :)16:26
nathanypyrak: i'll look now16:26
pyraknathany, k.  i'm off to class for now16:26
pyrakso no rush16:27
nathanypyrak: ok, thanks for the ping16:27
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:46
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nathanyparoneayea: reading commits, looks like the translation stuff is coming together16:57
nathanyone comment which you may have already addressed --16:57
paroneayeanathany: :)16:57
nathanyno need to limit yourself to dc:title on line 7116:57
paroneayeaah ok16:57
nathanythat's what we're translating now but no reason it couldn't be the dc:description for a license, etc16:57
nathanyparoneayea: oops, just realized i have unpulled commits; mea culpa if you've already fixed16:59
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paroneayeano, didn't fix that16:59
paroneayeabut I just did :)16:59
paroneayeaAttributeError: 'URIRef' object has no attribute 'language'16:59
paroneayeaI guess I should hasattr it?16:59
paroneayealet's see..17:01
paroneayeaok, yeah that works17:01
mralexnkinkade: is there a test pcp set up on Support yet? i want to make sure the picture upload works (and that the fault is only on zupport, for whatever reason)17:05
nkinkademralex: I'm not sure.  You can check at CiviCRM -> CiviContribute -> Personal Campaign Pages17:05
mralexnkinkade: where's the totally obvious, and i'm an idiot, way to create a new PCP? there's a bunch, but clearly i don't have access to edit.17:10
nkinkademralex: I created a Teamspace page.  Maybe you weren't copied on the email about it?17:10
mralexnkinkade: maybe, i thought i saw some instrcutions, but searching my email found nothing.17:11
nkinkadeEmail from Sept. 3, subject "personal campaign pages sample"17:12
nkinkademralex: ^^17:12
mralexnkinkade: ah, yeah, that's what I was thinking of. must have missed it in that long ass thread, just now.17:12
nkinkadeEasy to do.  That thread got a bit out of control.17:13
paroneayeait's that time17:13
paroneayeawhat to do for lunch17:13
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nkinkademralex: Just sent you an email with the notification about the PCP you created.17:18
mralexnkinkade: great. and picture uploads certainly work on Support.17:20
mralexnkinkade: so I guess i'll push my changes and do the final tweaks there.17:21
nkinkademralex: Yeah, I'm not 100% sure why images aren't working on zupport.17:21
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paroneayeaso close to being done with this18:18
paroneayeardf retooling stuff18:18
akozakparoneayea: what were you working on again? moving to a new translation schema?18:19
akozakoh I see, jurisdiction management18:19
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nkinkademralex: What do you know about the honor roll feature of PCPs?18:40
nkinkadeThat is, are we using it?  I just sent an email to you and dev.18:40
mralexnkinkade: i have it included in the template -- although, i'm not using a <marquee>. do you want to know how it works?18:41
mralexmelissa wanted me to keep it18:41
nkinkademralex: I'm wanting to know if we're going to use it at all.18:41
nkinkadeThe questions is whether is happens automatically or if it's opt-in.18:41
nkinkadeIf it's opt-in then that's yet another option we have to pass on to OneClick.18:41
mralexfrom the sql query, it looks automatic18:41
nkinkadeIt's optional in the default PCP setup, I thought.18:42
mralexit's optional to display it at all in the setup18:42
mralexbut you can't opt your name out of it, regardless18:42
nkinkadeif you look at a contribution with a PCP it has this:18:42
nkinkade"In Public Honor Roll?  No"'18:43
nkinkadeThat implies to me that it is opt-in.18:43
nkinkadeIt would be simplest if we just add every users name there, but I'm sure Mel will want it optional, so prepare to handle yet another variable.18:43
mralexnkinkade: do we allow people to opt out of having their names on /supporters?18:45
nkinkademralex: Yeah.18:45
mralexmake that two variables to add to oneclick18:45
mralexwill PCP donors appear on /supporters too? i assume yes18:46
nkinkademralex: Seems like we're juggling a lot of options behind the curtain.18:46
mralexnkinkade: indeed18:47
paroneayeanathany: ping18:54
nathanyparoneayea: pong18:54
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paroneayea    *  /bin/license add --all --launched -j pr -v 3.018:55
paroneayeawhat is --launched supposed to do in this case?18:55
paroneayeaI don't see any assertions in the license rdf files that state whether or not they are launched18:55
nathanyparoneayea: what page is that on?18:55
nathanyparoneayea: found it18:56
nathanyparoneayea: one of two things:18:56
nathanyeither i spaced out and overzealously copied/pasted18:57
nathanya hypothetical use case where we add a launched flag and use that to control things on staging v. productoin18:57
nathanycan you just edit the wiki page ( and remove that flag and add a note indicating we may do something like that in the future18:57
nathany(so we have a stake in the ground, so to speak)18:57
nkinkademralex: So Melissa says that it should be opt-out.18:59
mralexnkinkade: yep18:59
nkinkadeI had been thinking opt-in, but it's all the same from a code perspective.19:00
paroneayeanathany: awesome, I think that means I've ticked off all my todo items on my list then?19:03
paroneayeafor jurisdiction deployment19:03
nathanyparoneayea: awesome!19:04
nathanyparoneayea: at least one maintenance task -- we'll need to add the dc:title[i18n] assertions to the existing jurisdictions19:05
nathanyprobably a one-off to walk the graph, look @ the jurisdiction code, and add the country.xx assertion based on that19:05
nathanydoes that make sense?19:06
nkinkademralex: "If this option is checked, an "honor roll" will be displayed with the names (or nicknames) of the people who donated through your fundraising page. (Donors will have the option to remain anonymous. Their names will NOT be listed.)"19:09
nkinkadeYet it's not clear to me where the option is to remain anonymous.  I tried it and nothing showed up.19:09
greg-ghaha, tobia is on the CC store relaunched blog post19:09
nkinkadeI guess it doesn't really matter, as we'll be handling ourselves.19:09
paroneayeanathany: yeah19:09
paroneayeamakes sense19:09
paroneayeaI can write a script to do that19:10
nkinkademralex: How about the variable name "hr"?19:10
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nathanyparoneayea: we should plan to talk monday AM19:10
nkinkadehr=0 means not in honor roll.  hr=1 means in honor roll.19:10
nathanyi'm a little too fried today to talk coherently19:10
nkinkadenathany: ContributionProcessor.php now supports recurring contributions and I submitted patches to CiviCRM.19:11
nathanynkinkade: awesome19:11
nkinkadeWe're now just needing to finish this idea of honor roll.19:11
nkinkadeI think this is pretty much ready to go.19:11
nathanygreat, glad to hear that19:11
nkinkadenathany: How about a Monday launch?19:11
nkinkadeI don't like Friday rollouts.19:11
nathanynkinkade: that sounds perfect19:11
nathanyneither do i19:11
nkinkademralex: Do you think you can handle the honor roll stuff on your end by morning to mid day on Monday so that we can launch mid day Monday?19:12
nkinkadeAlso, unless you say otherwise, let's go with the variable scheme I mention above.19:12
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paroneayeanathany: yeah, just let me know whenever on monday19:17
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nathanyparoneayea: will do19:18
nathanyparoneayea: if i haven't pinged you by mid-morning, a reminder would be helpful :)19:18
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nathanynkinkade: store/cart seems to be broken19:52
nkinkadenathany: Let me see.19:52
nathanyi just confirmed19:52
paroneayeanathany: so it's cool that I'm using subcommands like `./bin/license add --foo` instead of `./bin/license --add --foo` then?19:53
nathanyalso, why do we ask for billing info if we're doing paypal19:53
nathanyparoneayea: yes19:53
nathanyplease update the wiki if you do that19:53
paroneayeawell I'm going to update the wiki to19:53
paroneayeadoing that now19:53
nathanynkinkade: (the billing thing is less important, just noticed it)19:53
nkinkadeI'm not sure that it's broken necessarily, but there must be a shipping quote.19:53
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nkinkadeThere may be a number of reasons why it won't give a shipping quote.19:54
nkinkadenathany: What do you mean billing?19:54
nathanynkinkade: when you review the cart it asks for your billing address19:54
nkinkadeIt bases the shipping quote on the shipping address.19:54
nkinkadeI suppose if someone enters an address that the USPS can't figure out then it might fail.19:55
nathanybut if you enter your shipping address it doesn't actually pull any shipping info19:55
nathanyit failed fo rme19:55
nathanynkinkade: does my billing comment make sense now?19:55
nkinkadeNumbers purchases worked over the past few days.  let me try.19:55
nkinkadeYes, your billing comment makes sense now.19:55
paroneayeabtw, out of curiosity,
paroneayeaany reason cc hasn't made a human readable deed for 3.0?19:56
paroneayeaprobably not getting around to it? :)19:56
nathanynkinkade: yeah, trying a couple different addresses -- doesn't seem to pull shipping info when i click the calculate button19:56
nathanyparoneayea: because we want to stop doing that19:56
nkinkadenathany: My immediate guess is that the USPS server is fucked.19:57
nathanypeople keep talking about the "CC GPL" which others interpret as us squatting on FSF licenses19:57
nathanyparoneayea: ^^ and it's most appropriate for FSF to publish metadata, etc since they're the license publisher19:58
nathanyparoneayea: and FSF is now publishing metadata for 3.0 licenses19:58
nathany(although not advertising it as much)19:58
paroneayeaah, gotcha19:58
nathanyfwiw we need to deal with our software license "strategy" overall19:58
nkinkademralex: You say you are able to get a shipping quote intermittently??20:09
mralexnkinkade: it worked once. now i'm getting an xml response dump20:10
nkinkadeI added the XML dump.20:10
nkinkadeIt appears to be a response from the USPS, which looks fairly normal.20:11
nkinkadeMakes me wonder if there was an API change.20:11
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nathanynkinkade: ping21:03
nathanyare you looking @ a7?21:03
nathanyi just saw the email + texts21:03
nkinkadeI rebooted it.21:03
nathanynkinkade: great, thanks21:04
nkinkadeAnd it just came back up.21:04
nathanynkinkade: presumably services are still coming back up?21:04
nkinkadeEarlier I was SSHing in and got the motd, but no shell.  Then in light of the store issue I just said Fuck It All and rebooted it.21:04
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nkinkadenathany: Do you get a shipping quote now?21:13
nathanynkinkade: checking21:14
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nathanynkinkade: yes21:14
nathanydid we fix anything?21:14
nathanynkinkade: just saw your email21:15
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nkinkademralex: Where do you stand on the hr=[0,1] stuff?21:21
mralexnkinkade: pending21:22
mralexnkinkade: if  you can go ahead and add the option for honor roll AND /supporters list opt-[in, out], then that would be fine and wouldn't block me at all anyway21:23
mralexhmm, could the opt-in stuff be handled like the mailing lists setting?21:24
mralex"optin=honor:supporters" for instance21:24
nkinkademralex: Do you mean optout?21:25
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nkinkadeBut yeah, that sounds reasonable to me.  optout=pcproll:supporters21:26
nkinkadeHow about that?21:26
mralexsounds good21:26
mralexso if it's set, then names won't appear on the selected?21:26
nkinkademralex: Right.  Melissa wants the default to be in.21:27
mralexnkinkade: got it21:27
nkinkadeSo I'll make the script look for an optout= parameter.21:27
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mralexnkinkade: unrelated thing mel just asked me about... when somebody donates to a PCP, can Civi send an email to the PCP owner notifying them of the donation?21:30
mralexcan and/or does21:30
nkinkademralex: I'm sure it's possible.21:33
nkinkadeIf she wants that feature, tell her to file an issue or something.21:33
nkinkadeI think that may even be a default feature.21:38
nkinkademralex: ^^21:38
nkinkadeAnyway, I'm off a bit early today.21:38
nkinkadeWe can wrap up these loose ends over the weekend or early on Monday.21:38
mralexyeah, i'll be owrking on stuff tomorrow21:38
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